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Jungle Yi From the Trees

Last updated on March 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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When jungling, I suggest starting out with a V Scepter, With ruins you will be able to make up for the 2% life steal nerf that happened in the lulu patch. On your first back, get Boots of speed and try if possible madred's razor, if not then get boots,Sword, and Cloth armor if you can, in order or priority ^^. Do not sell your wriggles till your about to hit full build because it allows you to have a LIMITED a sense. I'll touch up more on that later. Should start a blue, try to kill wolves if you have someone who knows what there doing and is willing to help you, but with the incompetent players i've seen lately...Just have them leash blue. Your Route is, Blue, Wolves, Wraiths, Golems, Red, Wraiths. Which will get you to level 4 faster then anyone else at level 4 you should pick up meditate weather or not you are low on health, because it will help you dive for the first blood if needed. Rinse and repeat, continue on with you jungling as normal... Counter jungle if you feel comfortable with it. I usually take dragon at 8 or 9 or when ever I can complete both my Wriggles Lantern and Berserk er Greaves

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So this is my experiment semi tanky build with yi based off my success with fiora. For the longest time I have used an AD Glass Cannon build for yi which works wonders for 90% of the games I go into. But lately I've been having a problem with this build because as I ecounter Highter Elo play, a majority of my games lead into late game were Yi tends to plain out as far as carries go. As and AD glass cannon, He was very easly countered with Thornmails and CC, He would hop into a team fight(after his team initiates first of course) and he would just get eaten alive 60% of the time. I cant stand AP Yi's for the same reason and, I dont like tank yi because It takes the joy out of killing ryze in 4 hits. So I asked myself, "is there a way to play a sturdy Yi that is hard to counter, and still fun?" So I tried many builds...they were all lacking to say the least...So I made one myself, and it works wonders.

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The reason for the ruins is to allow Yi to jungle efficiently with just a V scepter, And seeing that 40-50% of your damage is going to based off of the on hit effects of your Wit's End and Madred's Blood Razor, Attack Speed is a must. Armor/ and magic per level glyphs and seals...well thats just a normality within jungling builds nothing special there just gives that tankiness for sustain in the jungle.

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This is just a standard Jungle Sustain build. Why no deadliness and Lethality? This yi isnt build for critting all day it's built to deal consistent damage to every single person on the opposite team and be a pain in the *** to kill...This is a game based off of TEAM WORK. Your job is to deal enough damage to distract the enemy team from your Ad range and AP Carrys. It may look like an Off tank build, but it's a wolf in sheep's clothing. You may be undermined in the first team fight, but after that teams aced...they'll be confused on weather to buy madreds. or thornmail or FoN because your playing a role as all three AD/AP/Tanky sustain? YA! Either way...Your a ***** in there armor. ANYWAYS...The mysteries Just kinda solidifies you in that role... the 10% magic pen in the long run gives you more damage then the crit and 9 flat damage

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Summoner spells

Okay, So I KNOW, that the smite ghost combo doesnt seem as effective as Smite flash, but you need to understand...Yi does no intiate. Therefore...75% of his flashes are going to be used to escape... And as the jungler, your counter jungling is your biggest threat of danger so lets say you have that lulu slowing your *** down...her team mates from bot are coming to rape your ********* you have no chance right? Wrong...As yi you have an ability known as Alpha strike...which has a pretty large range for an AD melee carry, which will pretty much teleport you to any living enemy target including or course neutral monsters. You also have Wriggles lantern which gives you a ward every three minutes... last i checked...flash was around a 3 minute cooldown what I like to do is run to a wall, through my lantern onto the other side of that wall to grant visability of the neutral creeps, and use alpha strike to tele over the wall. Now I know this is a bit risky for there might not be any creeps on the other side of that wall, but, I'd rather have a flash that works 75% of the time and a ghost(which allows for really easy early game ganks and helps with catching enemies and escaping through out the game) Then a flash with 100% of reliance, but no speed boost.

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So this is my first guide I know it's Crude, but I feel that there are too many people thinking yi is a noob character, when in reality hes one of the most versatile able to fill any role needed. And in my opinion the funnest jungler in all the game. He is a Champion that is easy to learn, but still takes time to master, but either way can serve as an effective allie. So I hope that you guys wont destroy my ********* with dislikes, and try out to the build to see if it fits your play style. Im GeezerTeaser, and I hope you have fun.