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Jungle Yi - Master the Jungle

Last updated on December 10, 2011
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Master Yi is a very viable jungler, yet many people prefer to lane with him oddly enough. In my opinion, jungling brings more pros then cons. First off, your team has 2 solo lanes, which would allow your teammates to be higher leveled then your opponents. Secondly, jungling ensures that your early game will be constant and hard to mess up by the opposing team. Thirdly, with the new Volibear patch, it has become much easier to sustain in the jungle (though the exp and gold gain at start is decreased). So why not give jungling a go?

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Marks of Desolation: Armor penetration for easier creep kills and champion kills, what else to say?
Seals of Resilience: Flat armor for easier jungling at start.
Glyphs of Shielding: Magic resist for better survivablity.
Quints of Desolation: Same as Marks.

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Vampiric Scepter: This item is the best to start of jungling in my opinion because it is cost efficient - no gold wasted to buy health potions - and it can be upgraded into an early Bloodthirster.
Zeal: Gives you all you need early game. Attack speed, crit. chance, movespeed. Can also be upgraded into Phantom Dancer.
Berserker's Greaves: Provides attack speed which is never more than enough for you. Mercury's Treads can be considered against a strong AP team.
Bloodthirster: Damage and more lifesteal, easy upgrade from Vampiric Scepter. Get early to max bonuses earlier.
Infinity Edge: More damage and 2.5x Crit. damage. The best dps item in the whole game.
Phage: Slow procs to help with the chasing of enemies. Health and damage boosts useful too. If you find yourself dying alot then take Giant's Belt instead of Phage.
Phantom Dancer: 55 Attack speed, 30 Crit. chance, 15 Movespeed. What more could you ask for???
Frozen Mallet: Lots of health and 40% slow for all your attacks. Amazing item.
Black Cleaver: Attack speed, damage, armor penetration. Usually the game should have ended by the time you get your Frozen Mallet or earlier.

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Skill Sequence

Wuju Style is taken early for the extra damage to help with jungling.
Alpha Strike is taken next for chasing and farming.
Meditate is taken at level 7 because that is when I take the blue buff and use it to help stay in jungle or lane without going back to base unnecessarily, which would mean losing out on exp and gold.
Highlander is taken whenever possible. It is what make Master Yi so powerful mid-late game. The cooldown reset is awesome, allowing you to focus on one champion without worrying about needing to save your ultimate. Just take them down one by one.

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Start with Vampiric Scepter.
Head to mini-golems. At 1.40 attack the smaller one once then smite it. Cast Wuju Style after your 1st hit on the bigger golem.
Walk to wraith camp. Wait for Wuju Style to be ready. Start by killing 2 smaller wraiths. Cast Wuju Style after 1st hit on 2nd small wraith. Attack the big wraith next and end off with the last small wraith.
Walk to wolf camp. Alpha Strike a small wolf. Kill the small wolves, then the big wolf.
The next step depends on your mid lane. Check if the enemy at mid is low on health or if your mid teammate is ready for a gank. If he is, hide in the brush and then gank. It doesn't really matter if you do not get a kill. Just make sure you are alive as you would have at least scared the enemy back to their base, giving your teammate free farm at mid. *DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG FOR A GANK. IF YOU FIND YOURSELF WAITING TOO LONG, GO OUT AND SCARE YOUR OPPONENT OR CONTINUE TO JUNGLE. TIME IS PRECIOUS!!!*
If you do not gank, or after you ganked, head to the enemy wraith camp. Smite the big one then Alpha Strike and finish off the rest. If your opponent has a jungler, leave one small wraith alive as a present :D and head back to your jungle.
If they do not have a jungler, good for you! You can continue to farm in their jungle and maybe help the side lane you are nearer to. Go for the mini-golems killing the small one first. You should be around level 3-4.
Go back to your wolf camp, killing the small ones first again.
After this point what camp you farm on or which lane to gank is up to you to decide. Just make sure you are always either farming or ganking. DO NOT WASTE TIME WAITING TOO LONG. Once you have farmed 1.5k gold, recall back to get your Zeal and Boots and maybe a health pot.
You can get the dragon alone at around level 13-15 depending on how early you get your Bloodthirster.
After that just keep on killing and farming your Infinity Edge. By the time you get it, you would be owning the other team's *** off. :D
Then get the rest of the items. When you finish your Phantom Dancer, try to end the game. Master Yi is an amazing pusher. Just activate your Wuju Style and the turret will be down before you know it.
*Never initiate a team fight! You are squishy and going in first means instant death. Always go from behind and aim their squishiest hero first.
*Use your ulti whenever you gank. The cooldown reset feature is amazing, and even if you did not get the kill, the cooldown will halved from the assist.

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Hope this helps anyone out their trying to play Master Yi, preferably as a jungler! :D