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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Chubster

Junglesticks es #1

The Chubster Last updated on December 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Aight man first off I gotta start with my honest opinions on Junglesticks. In all seriousnuss, he is the most under rated champ of any game I've ever played, including Runescape. This guy is so OPed in the right hands, or left hands if you're left handed, but that's besides the point. When using this build, and with an extremely competent team, you are guarunteed to get rape scores. On average my rape games are around 5/3/8 or somewhere around 9/8/13. With an asset like Fiddlesticks, you get so much IP from winning games that it feels like you actually bought an IP boost for every game he's on your team. If you're going to use Junglesticks, make sure to auto-lock him at champion selection screen or you might lose the chance at getting him because he's one of the fewest played champs in LoL.

Ok, first off, you probly see that I havn't put a point into the smite mastery. You know why? Cause Junglesticks don't even need it brah. He goes so hard in the paint when he jungles, smite aint even necessary. I just stick with the extra crit chance mastery because that extra .001% crit chnace shows up a lot more than you actually think it do. Go with points in ultility with extra exp gain, buff duration because you need blue to last longer whilst you own the jungle, you can even own both teams jungle if you pro enuff. Movespeed helps your ulti in the long run so just go with that too.

For my runes I go with the magic pen rojos cause they're just good, flat health quintos because they're expensive and make you look good, abilitiy power/level amarillos because nothing else really helps you, and cooldown reduction/level azules so you can have your ulti more often because that's really the only point you have in this game being Fiddlesticks at all.

YOU MUST START with that tome book thats an ingredient for void staff and a health potion because if those aren't your start items, you do not survive the opening blue buff battle, which then makes you pointless for about another 8 minutes. Grab Mejai's on your first trip back so when you progank with your ulti, you start stackin so that you rape faster. Grab a catalyst so that you stay with more health in jungle with more mana to spam drain. ROA as soon as possible for survivability because you're not the tank that you should be yet this early in game. Zhonya's for the massive AP along with the ACTIVE which keeps you alive while everyone focuses you (I didn't realize items had actives until I was lvl 30 lul). Take Void Staff so that your turrible ratioed ulti might actually do something to the enemy team. Get Rylai's for the slow so that people stay in your ulti longer which always helps. Boots are situational so that up to you, usually go mercs because fiddles is tank-like. (QUICK NOTE- never buy wards. Leave it up to your team to waste their money on them to keep you alive. your gold is too precious to waste on such a small glowing orb(also if you didn't know, wards are in the consumable category)).

Drain must be starting skill or you can't kill blue buff at lvl 1. Next take dark wind for farming. You must have at minimum 2 points in drain in order to get dragon at level 4 (this is what makes Junglesticks mandatory to any team). An extra 240 gold at lvl 4??? that's like an extra 6 health potions which you dont need!! Level your drak wind whenever possible aswell as your ulti. Terrify before drain so that you can help CC the enemy while your team kills him because you're a nuke that cannot nuke.

Jungle Route
Amp tome health potion start, take drain, start blue. Start draining blue then health pot as soon as the first drain is up. Continue draining until he's dead. Then move to wolf camp below. Next to wraiths. Then to red buff. Hit the golems then rush to dragon ASAP. Make sure you have two points in Drain and you must still have blue buff or you wont survive due to lack of mana. Once you get dragon, recall and get majai's or go take their blue buff if you're daring enough, then continue to jungle. Constantly check lanes for chance to gank to help your team and to gain your stacks.

Summoner Spells
Even though im Junglesticks, I don't take smite because he does not need it. I'd rather take ghost and flash in order to make my ultimate more useful for myself and my team, but mainly myself, becuase carry Junglesticks is only Junglesticks.

Laning Partners
People you want to lane with- yourself

People you don't want to lane with - everyone but yourself, you jungle you don't need a partner, and never double jungle with an idiot Udyr.

All in all this Champ with this build with these massive skills will net you an average KDR of about 5:1. It is humanly impossible to not do welly with Junglesticks due to his his synergy he has with every team in this game, and by that I mean, you pretty much have no role in any game except giving your team the ability to have two solo lanes and two or 3 over leveled champs. Your role is to flash ulti skill yourself into team fights and last hit all champs like the Great Janitor that Junglesticks is. L2janitor and you will see many a penta-kills on your screen.