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Jungling Fiddle the Ganktastic way

Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Hello everyone this is my first guide ever. I have played over 400 game with Fiddlestix and have been playing him since I downloaded the game. This is a Jungling/Early game strategy with Fiddle that builds into an unstoppable force endgame.

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Pretty standard rune choices except for the CDR Quints. I choice the CDR Quints because having your ult once every about minute of the game will make your opponents cry.

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Sorcerers Shoes- DUH! Fiddle doing more damage equals more crying from opponents.

Archangels staff- Start with building the Tear of the Goddess and then finish it

Will of the Ancients- This is were my build starts to differ from other Fiddle builds but stay with me. Fiddle always gets focused and seems to explode when he pops in with his ult during a team fight; So spell vamp with his ult doing its insane amount damage will keep him alive even if 3-5 people start whacking him like Master Yi's. Plus it makes drain heal you even more!

Radadon's Deathcap- AP! The more damage Fiddle does the longer he stays alive. Nuh said.

Spirit Visage- This like Will of the Ancients lets Fiddle stay alive longer. This items makes Will of the Ancients spell vamp increase making drain even more OP.

Abyssal Specter- When your in a team fight and your opponents have their MR reduced by 30 for you just standing there that's not very fair is it?

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Creeping / Jungling+Summoner Spells

SMITE IS A MUST WHEN JUNGLING! I know that Fiddle can jungle without problems if he doesn't take smite but he will fall behind in levels of the solo lanes and maybe even the duo lanes if he doesn't take smite. Now i will give you the secret of jungling so fast that you can out level solo mid and everyone on the field!

If you noticed the starting items of Elixir of Brilliance, Sight ward, 1 Hp potion and 2 Mana Potions they all have a time to be used to allow fiddle to be the fastest jungler in the game.

How to:

When you spawn at level one get your starting items and head over to the enemy's Blue Golem buff or where you can easily place your sight ward seeing the golem. Now wait until either 1:30-1:35 and throw down the sight ward in vision range of the golem. If there is an enemy jungle and both teams have a level 1 clash before 1:30 feel free to place it earlier but be aware of that fact.

Run fiddle over to your team's blue buff pop the Elixer of Brilliance and bring down the Golem with Smite. The golem dies to smite after exactly 2 full drains if you are new to jungling pop your HP potion right after your first drain for no chance of dying. Finish the camp and you will be level 2 learn dark wind and head to the wolf camp.

Jungling wars NOTE!!!
If the enemy jungle pops up at your sight ward anytime during this teleport to your ward and either smite steal the golem or use drain use drain for an easy kill. Either way you will be ahead of him in exp and gold and might have made it impossible for him to keep jungling.

If no ememy jungle is present then just kill the wolves with one dark wind to start the fight, Drain he big wolf, one Auto attack on the lower health wolf, drain the full health blue wolf and then drain the last wolf. After this camp pop an MP potion.

Check your ward to see how much time there is left on it when walking from the wolves to the wraiths to see if you need to skip the wraiths to be able to teleport to it in time.

If there is about 60-80 seconds on ward.
Continue to the Wraith camp do it like the wolf camp Dark wind then drain, drain, dark wind, drain.

If there is 30-40 second left on ward skip the wraiths and go straight to the Red Lizard buff
Kill the lizard with Dark wind, Drain, Drain, Dark wind, SMITE! Finish this camp if your ward has enough time left on it and then teleport to your ward if the Blue buff is still there.

Steal the ememies Blue Buff!!! And finish the camp and you should be level 4 now it is time for one quick gank of either mid or the lane closest to the enemies blue buff.

If there is no gank to be had you can either rush to dragon and kill it because your Elixir of brilliance still has enough time on it to kill dragon!

Or you can blue pill home and buy your Sorcerers Boots and maybe even the Tear or the mana sapphire if you were called to lane for a bit or ganking was successful.

By this time you should be level 6 and have your all powerful Gankstactic Ultimate and should leave the jungle and just gank from now on. Whenever a Blue buff appears on the map either teleport close to it or run to it because the Cooldown and pretty much infinite mana you get from the buff makes Fiddle able to spam all his spells without having to ever return home.