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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kyorbg


kyorbg Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is an attempt to allow a Warwick to jungle without dragging down his team, by first speeding up his base jungling and then by directing him towards a tank late game. It's also built on the idea that with the right gear WW can turret dive and survive.

For the jungling part all of the runes are base versions, you want to speed through the jungle at level 1-5 (level 5 being the latest the dragon should be down). Using attack runes negates the need to buy any attack item off the bat instead allowing for armor. The armor glyphs give you the extra survivability that is needed. The arm pen quint is what I found to be the minimum amount of arm pen to get through the neutral mobs as fast as possible. The small amount of CD is all you'll need combined with the blue buff.

With this build you can with skill and some luck (from the razors) take out the dragon before you hit level 4 (though 4 is the optimal time to do so). Once the dragon is down you are freed up to assist on ganks and such.

Once you have the bloodrazors you can easily take down your opponents using duress and hungering strike. Though you don't have enough damage to nuke or enough survivability to do more than a 1v1. So the next step is the armor. You can continue to jungle through out the game to assist your team with dragon kills.

From the tanking side of things, if you have to buy Randuin's in pieces get the heart of gold first just to accelerate monetary production.

With both Randuin's and Force of nature you become quite the hard target to kill, add a bloodthirster and you jump from being tough to being near impossible, also at this point you should be able to solo baron without any difficulty which will allow your team to push or defend without needing to worry on the baron being stolen. Add a Soul Shroud for the mana regen(as by this point you should be sharing the blue buff with teammates), health, and CD reduction and you've got a tank with some nasty fangs.

It is important to mention as WW you have no taunt or any form of direct aggro. This is ignored due to the face that with bloodrazor and bloodthirster you can do some very quick devastating damage which makes you a target. With your team AttSpeed buff and suppression most teams will want you gone as quickly as possible. Which gives your team ample time to end them.

From the turret perspective, you should be able to have any turret down before you hit half health once you have Randuin's even better with Force and thirster. With all six items you can solo the nexus turrets without minions and back door if the game comes to that.

So now we need to get to the jungling order. This is very important as this build is made to get you to razors as fast as possible.
First kill should be the mini golems on your side of the map. Use your smite and 2 hungering strikes during this fight (one on each golem). You won't need to waste extra mana. Also upon killing the golems you'll level and you get hunter's call.
The next target are the wolves on your teams side of the map, while they don't level you they have a nice ability of letting you restore your health without using hungering strike, heal, or smite. Target the big one and pop hunter's call.
Now go for the enemies small golems and be careful not to be seen because you can use this for a gank attempt once the golems are down. Smite one, hunters call, and hungering strike the other. You should still have enough mana for another hungering strike and hunters call after you hit level 3.
At this point you should be sitting on about 600 gold, as you need 100 more you have choices. I always look to see if I can set up a gank. If not I go to the blue golem and clear out the small minions. I leave the blue golem standing so I don't waste time. Now you should have 700 gold.
Port back get razors and time for the fun to start. Get the red buff first remembering to take out the small minions then the Lizard elder, using smite during this fight is optimal.
After the lizard elder go to the prepped golem buff, and just let loose use hungering strike as much as possible, don't use smite or heal here.
While I said level 3 was possible you should be level 4 now. If you don't feel confident in your abilities then swing to the small golems by the dragon then go to the dragon.
When you get to the dragon just let loose, it should die with little effort.
After that you can either eat the opponents buffs to ensure that they stay below your team, or you can start assisting in a lane.
Grab your boots, finish bloodrazor, and keep an eye on the Dragon, golem, and Lizard elder. You'll be wanting to get these every chance possible until you finish your tank gear.
Once you've got your tanking gear start playing extremely aggressively remember you're going to be hard to kill and you can easily commit to a kill even if it means going by two or three turrets to finish the job.
Use smite on any minions you can to speed up lane cleaning, and push turrets down.
Once you have bloodthirster if baron is still up, get the blue and red buffs and go pay a visit to your favorite friend on the map. You can do this solo as early as you get the items. Spam hungering strike and thirster will take care of everything else.

Hope you liked my first build for this website. I took a lot of time to perfect it. This WW can play the part of the Main tank end game if your team needs one. He also plays great with a Karthas due to his ability to commit to a kill.