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Just Skarnered On Your Face And Left A Crystal Scar

Last updated on September 21, 2011
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Hello, this is my first build on Mobafire and decided to make a Skarner one. He is a champion I enjoy playing and I rarely see him in games. If I do they are usually bad and build him overly tanky which doesn't work for me. Figured I would give a Skarner a good guide for players to follow. Again, this is my first guide so don't be too hard and its 5 in the morning

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The runes I use are the ones I use for junglers. I found they worked for my hybrid Skarner build. Feel free to build around your strengths and weaknesses. If need be switch the AS marks for more Armor Pen Marks or Magic pen. Same thing for the Quints if you want to go full Armor Pen Marks change the Quints to AP. Overall your preference

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I use a 9/21/0 Mastery build just to add some tankiness to Skarner. But don't be overconfident I don't build my Skarner tanky enough, if you get focused hardcore you might not survive. Feel free to play around with what suits you best. If you have a hard time leveling up or maybe want to try jungling I recommend taking 9 in utility over offensive

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Start off by getting a Mana Sapphirefirst and two Health Pots. After you accumulated 595gfinsh off Tears of the Goddess. Then buy your Merc treads If heavy ap or CC team and Ninja Tabi if they heavy AD and little to moderate hard CC. In between buying first boot and upgrading to second boot, I'd buy either another Mana Sapphireor Amplifying Tometo start on Sheen After getting your upgraded boots and Sheencontinue to upgrade to Trinity Force. Do this because upgrading to Manamune isn't a super huge boost right away. Right before you finish off Manamune build a Hextech Revolver. Then finish your Hextech Gunblade, which I like to keep in the first item slot to press 1 for the active. Then onto your Nashor's Tooth and lastly your Rabadon's Deathcap. A few notes by the time you're lvl 18 and maxed out Tears of the goddess you should have 290 AD and 420 Ap, Not sure if mobafire doesn't calculate the bonuses of Deathcap and Manamune. Some other item suggestions would be Sword of the Divineif you want to be a little more AD focused You can Try Guinsoo's Rageblade But i'm not a fan of that item. Wit's End and Malady can be Situational.

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Skill Sequences:

I like to put 1 point in fracture at first to get some ranged. But if you really want to skip that you can. I say put 3 points into Crystal Slash before level 6. But if you aren't doing so hot and getting harassed hard put 2 into Crystal Slash and 2 into Crystalline Exoskeleton. Definitely max out Crystal Slashfirst. Afterwards Max out Crystalline Exoskeleton. Put Points in Impale at level 6,11 and 16. By level 18 your Crystal Slash should let you stick to people like Glue.

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Summoner Spells:

I use 1 Defensive ability and 1 Offensive ability. I personally like Ignite and Flash. Flash can help you get away nicely and Ignite can help you get those pesky runaways with a sliver of health. Some other suggestions are Teleport or Exhaust which is helpful early game, but i feel mid to late game Skarner can stick to people with his Crystal Slash slow. The only other two i would suggest is Ghostbut i feel his Crystalline Exoskeleton helps with that and you should have high MS with this build. Lastly Cleanse Since he can get Kited pretty easily but i wouldn't recommend it, you'd be taking a hit in other areas.

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Well we have finally made it to the end and hoped you enjoyed what you read. I would appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism of my build and guide writing techniques. *Might Add a Jungling Section and Update if the guide does well enough and I try Jungle Skarner a bit more.* Thanks for reading and can't wait to see this build on the Field of Justice.