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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnholYNinJa

Kage's Lucky Evelynn

UnholYNinJa Last updated on January 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my Guide (Kage's Lucky Evelynn)

First of all, let me congratulate you for choosing such a good Champ like this, Evelynn is one of the most fun Champions to play with, and in the hands of a pro, it can turn the tides of a battle.

Evelynn is a Champ that must be played (most of times) as hit and run, your job is to obliterate those pesky carries, dpsers that are a pain in the *ss. With this build, you are going to see how to have a good gold income, and at the same time, some great nuke capabilities. The bad side is that early, mid game you are going to be very mana hungry, but thats not a bad thing, because you want to go to the base as much as you can until you have all the needed Kage's Lucky Pick.

Evelynn is a stealth Champ, but dont get annoyied about those wards or oracles, because you can still play like a normal Champ and push, and if you see someone wich you cant take, just pop Shadow Walk and get out of there!

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Pros / Cons


-Great damage output if played as a nuker
-Great mobility and map control
-Good when ganking priority target as Dps'ers
-Fun to Play


-Mana Hungry
-Sometimes bad at teamfigths after Shadow Walk is gone
-Item dependant

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I really dont give much importance to the runes because runes are made accordingly to your gameplay. These runes are just a idea of what you should have to get a good early/mid game!
Still my idea in this runes, are to have some decent Ability power at the begining of the game, and, having some extra magic penetration is always a good thing.

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My Masteries Tree build goes 9/0/21 because it give all the possible bonuses we want for Eve to be a good ganker. The bonus Magic Penetration, Improved Ghost, Quickness, etc are really good for Eve. Surelly its not the first time you see this build, its because it helps Eve a lot!
If you want to have even more Ability Power, go on and put a point in the Burning Embers, because you want to have all possible Ability power early game.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells to Have:

Ignite is perfect for that low hp enemy that is running away. I always take this spell with Eve because it helps a lot in early, mid game ganks.

Ghost is a great spell to chase that running away enemy, to get to the heat of a battle, or even to help some ally. Map control with Eve is very important. Now sum this spell with Agony's Embrace and Boots of Mobility and even Lich Bane, you will get anywere in no time.

Summoner Spells that are okay:

Flash, this spell is awesome, but not so for Eve, you want flash to escape ganks or to give that last hit, or even to escape this scene, but guess what, they can have Flash too. I go with Ghost instead of Flash anytime.

Clarity isn't the best summoner spell for this build because you want to go to base as much as possible when you got the rigth amount of money. Its okay to get it, but with that you arent going with the best this guide as to offer.

Exhaust is great to slow that run away enemy or even to escape ganks. Take this spell at your own discretion.

Summoner Spells not to take:

Heal isnt the best spell for you because you are like a glass cannon, very very squishy, the major part of the time you will be ganking, so any damage you take, is healed by a major part in the Agony's Embrace. If you are in trouble just pop Ghost or Shadow Walk.

Teleport Dont ever take teleport, by the simple fact that can ruin your element of suprise. You are a stealth character, if they see you coming using Teleport, they will just start playing defensive.

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Skill Sequence

: This passive lets you take out your targets where they think they are safe. 50% less damage from minions is very good, but dont abuse it.

: Put your first point in this skill because you want to farm until level 4 with this skill. After that, this skill is part of the role when chasing low hp enemies, because its cooldown/damage is very good in later levels plus your AP.

: Your second point goes into this skill. before level 4/5 use it to give a scare to your enemy in your lane, it will make them retreat to the back of your minions. Since the patch reduced the first level from 20 to 10 seconds in stealth I dont think its a good skill to be the first one, but still is your choice.

: You must have this spell in level 3, when you are at level 5. This is the most important skill in ganks. Also it is ranged so it is good to take out those enemies who are running away.

: This ult is amazing, it gives you a great mobility speed, amazing attack speed, and the passive lets you regain health after each kill, its perfect for ganks! I usually use it if i see they have good escape mechanisms or if i want to take my target down quikcly. It also can be used to reach places at the fastest speed, or even to run away from someone.

Skill Build
Level1: Hate Spike
Level2: Shadow Walk
Level3 Ravage
Level4: Ravage
Level5: Ravage
Level6: Agony's Embrace


When you get level 4, go and take out your first target. My combo in this level is:
- Shadow Walk
- Ignite
- Ravage
- Hate Spike
This should get your first kill.

After you got Ult go:
- Shadow Walk
- Agony's Embrace
- Ravage
- Hate Spike
- Ignite (if needed...)


Dont even try to gank tanks, if you are sure you can take them go, but its not advised!

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The main part of my Build. If you take the this itemization to is fullest you will rock in early/mid and of course late/game.


Step 1:
Start with a Doran's Ring and a Health Potion. Doran's Ring is perfect because it gives you the needed AP, health and the Mana Regen you are lacking.

Step 2:
When you got 1115 gold, recall back and buy a kage's lucky pick and Boots of Speed. If you got some extra money, buy some pots, and lane again.

Step 3:
Now you should have some kills and more money. When you have about 765, recall back and buy the other kage's lucky pick. If possible, buy 2, and the first main part is done!

Step 4:
Now when you have all the kage's lucky pick, you must buy Boots of Mobility and then rush Lich Bane, starting with Sheen. This item is very important for Evelynn.

Step 5:
By now you should have your Needlessly Large Rod and almost finishing Rabadon's Deathcap

Step 6:
Ok now in this last part you should get Mejai's Soulstealer and the Abyssal Mask
And maybe the game as already finished, if not just fill your Mejai's Soulstealer and keep on ganking!

Note on the what boots to choose:
If you want to have that extra damage output I recommend going with Sorcerer's Shoes, otherwise, if you want a speed bonus to travel the map with ease, go with Boots of Mobility. Personally I choose Boots of Mobility because of the speed bonus, and lets me take out priority targets in no time. Still this is a personal choice.

DONT FORGET: the important is to get the kage's Lucky pick the rest of the items are purely situacional.

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This Build is not Finished, i will add the following contents later:
-Eve vs Champs
Also: Changed the vote to comentaries, since people his voting down without explaning

Hope You Like My First Guide!