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Kha'Zix Build Guide by xadakex

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xadakex

Kah zix the jungler mantis-monster

xadakex Last updated on October 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Hello everyone :D This is my first build on mobafire so it might miss some things, but feel free to comment and criticise as long as you have a nice attitude ^^
I am also not from usa or any other english talking country so i might spell some words wrong etc.

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Now to the runes. I pick 9x armor penetration since kah zix is a purely ad based champ and because of that it is for me an absolute pick. The reason i take 9 greater glyph of warding and 9 greater seal of resiliance is because i find it more efficient to have a bit better resistance early game because it is easier to jungle without sustaining to much dmg and it will also feel a bit safer when you gank a lane and get straight up the enemy champs faces. The quintences i pick is 3 greater seal of streanght for a bit boosted dmg early game since you dont start of with any dmg items.

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The masteries is 21/9/0 and i dont know what to say about them but it gives u the jungler masteries, armor, and the extra armor penetreation etc, that will boost your early gank power.

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Pros / Cons

good jungler
his Q is awesome
his evolution passive let you adapt to your playstyle
can leap over walls
gains extra dmg when unseen

not very good sustain early game
need kills or farm to be of use

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Now the items:
I build kah zix as an tanky like ad carry with a good sustain and damage output.
I start off with the basic jungler items, cloth armor and 5x healt pots, and then go straigt for wriggels lantern. I then go for the boots to get the movement speed to chase down enemy champs. After that i tend to get the bf sword to greatly boost your damage, and most of you will probably think that it takes to long to gather that sum of gold, but if you jungle and gank you will get it faster then you thougt. I then take sheen because of the extra dmg u get after skills and also for the mana, because i think that kah zix mana "hunger" tends to get in the way. I then take phage to get dmg and som nice extra health. Now i pick bloodthirster instead of trinity force the reason for this is that by now the enemy team can dish out alot of dmg and you need to be able to dish out as much and still survive and the bloodthirster provides you with a nice lifesteal that is also boosted by sheen. After that i get trinity force. I then take Mercury treads to get extra movement speed and magic resist and decreased debuff durations. Now you might wonder why i pick warmogs out of the blue whan he is said to be built purely ad. I pick Warmogs because you will need healt late game because kah zix is increadibly good in teamfights because he wears down the enemy teams carrys quickly with his ulti to dissapear and appear behind them and kill them, but to do that he need sustain and warmogs is the perfect otion for that. After warmogs i get Infinity edge to get extra dmg and crit. After that i sell wriggels and get phantom dancers to compleate the half ad carry build. So to sum things up because i havent foudf the fancy icons and i bet this has or
looks like to be a pain in the *** to read.
1. basic jungler items cloth armor, healtpots and then wriggels lantern
2. boots of speed
3. bf swrod to dish out a reasonable amount of dmg
4. sheen for solvin mana issues and get extra dmg
5. phage for healt and damage + a slow effekt
6. bloodthirster for dmg and a nice life steal boosted by sheen
7. trinity force
8. mercurys tread for magic resist, speed and decreased stun etc.
9. warmogs for sustain in teamfights and so on
10. infinity edge for crit and dmg
11. sell wriggels and het phantom dancers for complete ad carry item.

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Skill Sequence

Here i dont know how to write so i will just explain the leveling process of his evolution skills. I pick evolve wings at lv 6 so be able to gank more efficencly, chase down enemies and it also makes a good escape tool. At lv 11 i pick evolve camoflage so taht i get the nice extra 40% decreased dmg and it is a must because there will be an increased amount of teamfights when u reach that lvl and yyou need to be able to survive. At lvl 15 i either evolve claws or spikes but the choice is pretty much up to what you prefere. If you want to dish out dmg by only mele you evolve claws or if you fell you aint regenerating enough or enemies is escaping from you healt you pick evolve spikes to get extra heal and slow when used .

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Summoner Spells

I pick smite because i think it is a must if you jungle. Now the decision is up to you to take but i recommend that you either take flash or exhaust. If you think you dont get good ganks because they run away and escape you can pick exhaust, but that is the only benefit i can see with it except for decreasin attack speed on an ad carry.

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So yeah this is my first build here and i bet that all of you is annoyed on that i dont have any icons or whatever these pictures of items are, but i dont know how to get them yet but when i do i will change them. i dont know what to say more but what ever i hope you can get at least somthings out of this build even if you think it is a piece of **** you at least know how not to build him ^^ so well bye