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Karma:Once you go black, you never go back.

Last updated on June 29, 2011
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Hello this is Buddhakingpen and I will be telling you how I play karma. First and Foremost without at least a decent team, KARMA WILL NOT SUCCEED. its proven. karma can kinda sorta carry, but I mean really, if u need to carry a team with a tanky ap nuke support...your just using the wrong champ. try sona or even janna for that matter. My karma focuses on always having the mana to support for those REALLY lengthy teamfights full of pokes and no definite initiation, low cooldowns to provide constant harrass and support, and being able to take a few hits should u get in a tight spot. hope u enjoy!

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My rune selection is pretty self explanitory. get that mpen for when its nuke time,flat mana regen for easier laning (more mp equals more harrass, more protection),

I get cdr per level glyphs because early game u wont really be RELYING on your mantra. its kinda just a luxury. its nice to heal and nuke with a sheild, but endgame, you will want that extra 8 percent cooldown.

then flat ap quints round it out for extra sheild damage and protection, and more heal on your q early game.

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since supports are all about utility...why would u not want utility? I use 9/0/21. I'm all about having as much mana as possible, and having as much mana regen as possible. I like to spam my skills. I basically put a point in everything a karma needs. period. u dont need clarity, because this build focuses on ALWAYS having tthe mana to do your job, u dont need increased buff time, because u dont need buffs (endgame your cooldowns should be actually OVER 40%. is it wasted stats? I dont think so, becasue u have to think about game progression. u wont be in the endgame scenario all game!) karma has a natural speedbuff from her w, so u dont need quickness...get my point?

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NOW for the meat of all guides. the ITEM BUILDS.

I play kinda weird. most ppl dont get it. but it works. so try it. if u dont like it. then go back to playing your op sona ^_^

I will explain each item I buy, when and why.

I start with a regrowth pendant and a mana pot. BUT WHY BK?!?!?! KARMA"S Q HEALZ! I understand this. but really. early game u'll be healing for what, like 10 percent life, and at level 1 an auto attack can nuke 1/5 of ur exactly how much sense does it make to invest say...a dorans ring for extra ap, when all u should be focusing on now is last hitting? regrowth pendant will keep u in the lane, while allowing u to protect urself or a lanemate AND harrass with your mantra e. if u run low on mana, you still have a pot, on top of that, u have your seals and masteries to do their job. you'll be back up in no time. I'd much rather have health than mana.

AS SOON as you get your first 1000. b, and get tears of the goddess. a lot hate this item. a lot love it. I'm a part of the later. u can still lane while making your health grow more and more, plus expanded mind proc's off of it. so by endgame, your mana pool will never be a problem.

next item that you want to get asap is philostone. because 1. I'm greedy as *** and want meh moneh. and 2. at this point, your health should never go low unless your ganked, and your mana regen is through the roof. and 3. it builds into shurelyias reverie. which u want later.

then FINALLY u get boots...I know I wait a long time, but I usually dont need them laning since I have my w.

next up is glacial shroud. extra mana, armor, and THE ALMIGHTY COOLDOWN REDUCTION. at this point, with your runes, masteries, and glacial, ur cdr should be about 29 percent. 9% from masteries, about 5 percent from runes depending on level, and 15 from this. thats sick!

by now lanes are pushed, on either side, and teamfights are starting on a serious level. so you want ap to pull your support role better. get that archangels all that mana u got from ur items is about to have a big effect on the teamfights after this point.

now, I usually buy my merc treads (no boots of lucidity, already stated u will be OVER 40 percent cdr) to give you that defense against mages and cc plus a speed boost to help keep u beyond up to speed (never forget your w)

directly after that I get quicksilver sash why not banshees you say? becasue I hate that item. any spell can knock off your bubble,and then u can get cc'ed and killed. I'd rather CHOOSE when i get to use my cleanse. plus extra mres means mages wont touch you. esp with your sheild in hand

this is the same concept as ryze almost. buying a frozen heart on karma. you still get more mana, which means more ap. plus defense, and enough cdr to make it for at least 35 percent at this point. also the lovely thing is, u can tank turrets :). her sheild, combined with the cooldown of the sheild, combined with this lovely things armor, means that as long as no other champs are around, turrets can literally never hurt you. and if they do. it only makes your sheild stronger for when it cools down. I love karma ^_^

at this point I get my shurelya's reverie. I love this item on karma. give it to her. and yi will never run away again. activate this, mantra spirit bond your dps champ, and go to town. I've gotten well over 500 speed with this. maybe more.

then i finish it off with a rabbadons just to give everything an extra boost.

if the game is still going, I get a lich bane and just backdoor the turrets lol

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Skill Sequence

nothing out of the ordinary from how everyone else does karma. except I give a point to spirit bond at 5, just to have it, then one at 7, because thats usually the times I need an extra boost in damage, or more speed to get away from a gank. because remember. spirit bond is her highest damage move, and cooldown on it goes down as u level it. so 2 is better than 1 for how I use it.

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Summoner Spells

honestly there is no other option for how I build karma. those instances i wanna assassinate someone flash into them mantra sheild, heavenly wave, spirit bond anything else so that the tether hits them. combined with exhausts mastery bonus, the extra damage FAR outweighs an ignite, clarity is unnecessary with this build...I could see someone using heal maybe if ur not a fan of assassinations. clairvoyance is good too. since your team may get cocky and chase, or u may decide you need to backdoor endgame. but exhaust/flash gives me those few kills I like for a money boost, on top of all the assists u can rack up.

if you prefer ghost with this build...ummm....what? mantra tether AND shurelya's AND ghost? lol that would be trollworthy though

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all in all, ur making a WELL ROUNDED karma. not a specialist. she wont be able to nuke like an annie, combo like ryze, tank like rammus, or support like janna. but she can do them all. and she does them all well. leave comments, suggestions, but plz no trolling. tell me how I can improve.