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Karthus destroying mid

Last updated on August 7, 2011
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This is my karthus build. I don't found any guides on mobadire that rly worked for me, so I did one myself, and its working great. This build focuses to get much ap fast, so u can do more dmg. You shouldn't rly think about surivability cause if u get focused u gonna die, and u can still do dmg when u r dead.

Pls don't blame me for spelling or gramatic mistakes, cause english ain't my main language

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huge dmg
can get fed on other lanes without leaving his lane
Rly nice slow
Great Aoe
can cast while he is dead


rly Squishy
gets focussed a lot
not that easy to learn

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PLaying style

Early game

You should go mid lane in order to get lvl 6 fast(this chapter only describes mid laning). Just play passive and try to get some dmg on your enemy with your q-skill. ALways try to stay on max range. You can decide yourself if u wanna get last hits with your auto attack or use your q-skill for that. When u get lvl 4 and your enemy has low hp, (but ain't tower hugging) you can try to place your w-skill in front of him (or on him), then turn on your e-skill, and keep spamming your q-skill. Once u get ult always look at bot and top lane for some easy kills. Your ult should do 200 dmg at lvl 6. Don't think it does 250, cause your enemies have Magic Resist, that lowers the dmg. I use tp instead of clarity, cause if u r oom or missing life u can simply recall and tp back, thats better than clarity(Ok, I do think that).

Mid Game

The first teamfights should begin, always let your tank iniciate and then move in with your e-skil turned on. Keep spamming your q-skill. Only use your w-skill in teamfights when u r sure u gonna die. Else u can use it later to prevent enemies from escaping or to get away yourself.

Late Game

Now you should be full with your items, and you should have the hourglass. Just run in to the enemies in a teamfight, turn your e-skill on, use the hourglass and u do some nice dmg without getting any dmg. U can use your ult before a teamfight(to lower the enemies hp) or when u r dead(to get the lucky ones who try to get away.

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The runes r just my main mage runes, feel free to change, but I would recomend getting the hp Quints(cause some extra hp is good on squishies at atart) and the MP reds(cause you have some more MP which u will rly need with that much ap you should get). I think mayby its a good idea to chnange the yellows to flat Armor or flat Magic Resist and mayby the blue ones to ap.

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You should start with a saphire crystal, cause u should get an early tear of godness. A dorans ring would just be waste of money, and u need your money in early game. After Tear of godness get a mejais for some early ap. U need your mejais, cause mostly u end up with a good amount of kill even when u r loosing. And it rly helps u in throughout the whole game. After Mejais get Rabadons, cause u will need much ap, and rabadons is the right item for that. After Rabadons I get Zhonyas, cause the enemies might srart to see that u do some good dmg. They gonna focus u and when u get atacked hard just pop your hourglass and u r save 2 secs. At the end I finish my Tear of godness to a Archangel staff and Get a Voidstaff for some MP. If U face heavy caster teams u can pick A Abyssal Scepter for some more MR.

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Summoner Spells

I use flash and teleport cause u will need teleport in early game, and its always nice to prevent backdoring later. Flash can save your life very often so get it.
If u don't think flash is that great get ghost instead. I wouldn't pick clarity instead of teleport, cause teleport has so much more uses.I won't recomend thinking about any other summoner spells.

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I hope u enyoyed my guide and r able to understand karthus better now, pls don't just downvote without reading the guide.