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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xeathan

Karthus The Requiem Nuker

Xeathan Last updated on August 8, 2010
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This is my first build and the reason why I started with Karthus just happens to be because i just finished a Ladder game with 10/0/6 score

This build is meant to be used with people who are familiar with Karthus and know when to use his ultimate and how to acquire kills.

This build's core item is mostly mejai's soul stealer. Because of the cooldown reduction runes and masteries you should be able to fire off your ultimate a lot late game with golem buff, however if you feel the need to spam it even more, you can add a frozen heart for your last item. The reason why i left the 6th item out is because usually the game is over by the time i reach my void staff. With this build you wont have 1000 ap or something like but close to 800. Your ultimate should do around 1000 dmg because of your magic penetration. Your cooldown should be somewhere near the 90's i believe for your ultimate.

These are the scenarios for your last item if the game gets dragged out far enough:

2nd Zhonya: This is when you are just digging graves for the other team and you decided that req bombing aint enough, you just want to nuke the **** outta it.

Guardian Angel: When the enemy team gets smart and targets you first and uses everything to kill you and drop your stacks

Frozen Heart: When you just need the armor and the cooldown reduction is a plus

Deathfire Grasp: this is for the added ap and the cooldown reduction

My recommended: 2nd AA staff: That extra AP and mana will help bringing your ap to around 700~800 i beleive depending on the amount of stacks and your mana but i never tested it out because ive never had a game gone that long.

This is theoretical, but If someone tried the hextech gunblade with karthus' ultimate with the spell vamp i wonder if you can just real in the health when your low.

The reason why i chose flash and clarity was because incase of a gank when your low on mana you can easily flash past them, use clarity, pop defile and wall and just run. The clarity i also spam so i can stay in the lane just a little bit longer to get the mejai early game.

Tips and tricks i found useful is telling your team before the game starts to mass ping the target when they want your req. I find this a lot better than when your team types to you. Once you hit 6, tell your team your ulti is up, look around the map to see if someone is low enough to kill them. Most likely there is going to be someone who has very low hp so tell your team to drop him a little bit and then cast req (clarity is also useful when you need to req and your oom)

Anyway good luck, remember to go mid and if an ashe says she wants it over you go tell her to uninstall -_-

Please rate and comment. feedbacks are welcome good or bad but dont be a duche :D