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Kass for middle (summoner's rift)

Last updated on July 9, 2012
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This is an easy, and a cheap build for being a middle Kassadin. This is viable for summoner's rift, not dominion. That being said, this build will show you how to spec, build, and play Kassadin effectively.

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Pros / Cons.


-Huge burst after level 6, only comparable champs are LeBlanc and Annie.
-Very mobile because his teleport, people will waste a flash on you just to see you teleport away through a wall :D.
-Scales into late game very well, his combo's only get stronger.
-Has a silence, going mid this will mess up any mage champ. (very long)
-May hop in and out of team fights to leave unscathed only leaving behind dead bodies ;)


-Early game is very very weak unless you use harass correctly.
-Is a melee caster which isn't very bad later game, but early game Brand will have you turret hugging.
-Silence's range is not the longest, you really have to get up close.
-Gets banned ALL the time in ranked and draft... This is why ;)

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21-9. I go this because it's quite versatile, you might think "Why did he put 3 in ability power?" I do this because, ability power isn't ****, when you are dead. And keep in mind, you can tweak this to your liking, this is just what I use, and as you see by my track record, It doesn't fail ;)

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My rune choices are, Mark of insight, Seal of replenishment,Glyph of Force, and Quitessence of potency.
I chose these for the obvious reason of, Ability power, Mana regen, and More ability power, and don't forget, MAGIC PEN.

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Skill sequence.

Null sphere is a GREAT early harass. Force pulse, does AoE so you not only hit your target, you hit his friends too (And this is your main move, remember...) THERE IS ONE THING YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT KASSADIN... COMBOS... There is one deadly combo me and my friend use that at level 18 takes half to a three fourths of the targets health down, tank or not. This is... AT THREE STACKS OR FOUR STACKS OF FORCE PULSE,(at four) you TELEPORT>>NULL SHPERE>>FORCE PULSE>>NETHERBLADE. If done properly, this should deal a massive amount of damage, if not kill your advisory. Always remember, you need away out, DO NOT stack your teleport to 5+ then try to be all ninja about it. YOU WILL DIE.

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We rush Mejai's because well, 180 AP and 15% CDR at 20 stacks, we choose this over Rod of ages because we can get kills and assists, and lets be honest, there will always be that one person on your team that steals a kill or two... ;) For a new to play Kassadin, I would choose Rod over Mejai's. We build two faerie's charm out of the gate because not only does it keep you in lane longer, but as Kassadin your early game is straight harass with Null sphere. There is an alternative to starting with faerie charms, you can build Boots and three health pots for laning against champions like, Ahri. As you will see when you play, we buy the tear because of the amount of mana he uses for his combos. Sheen is the next buy, because of Mejai, it will be hitting for about 100-150 depending on stacks of Mejai and summoner's level. Chalice comes next, once you get Chalice, you can sell faerie's charm, obvious reasons, WAY MORE mana regen. Finish off Archmage's because mana=AP... Hextech is a no-brainer, you deal a massive amount of magic damage, therefore, massive amount of live back. Will of Ancients, 80 AP 20 spell vamp, argue that, other allied champs gain 30 AP and 20 spell vamp, virtually shutting down AD carry. By this point, you should be getting a lot of kills, it has everythig Kassadin needs. Lichbane is something sheen can be built into, and Rab's 800 AP mark, if not higher ;)

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Summoner spells.

Okay for all you guys thinking flash ignite out there. NO YOU STOP THAT **** RIGHT NOW! *Slap* Switch flash to heal, heal is a great way to recall bait an enemy, then heal, combo, and kill. Also it throws enemies off, thinking that you will flash away and recall. You end up healing, and DESTROY THEM! This will only hurt you under level 6. Ignite, obvious. Don't question it.

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Farming early game isn't great on Kassadin unless you can harass the enemy mage the whole time, it would be ideal for you to keep them behing their turret out of xp range but you will most likely have to turret hug and last hit like a boss. The best way to get the killing blows with a turret is to attack a melee creep after the turret shoots it twice and a mage creep after the turret hits it once this is just common know how every summoner should know.

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Team Work

He is great at nuking, he can get in and out very easily. Have the tank initiate then COMBO it will drop 1 or 2 champs health low enough to let the range ad KS you or kill them yourself. He is great for ganking and KSing. :D Other then this just try not to be to reckless with him because he is very squishy, never initiate unless there is only 1 or 2 champs let the tank TANK.

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Unique Skills

TELEPORTATION! Flash every few seconds = win.

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Ranked Play.

Screw ranked play, Kassadin gets banned every game.

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Don't. Jungle. EVER.
Creeping hide in a bush and use THE COMBO.

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If you follow this guide it will improve your playing with Kassadin Detrimentally. Goodluck <3 Have fun and remember the ALMIGHTY COMBO. also play AI games first... ;)