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League of Legends Build Guide Author K1oud

Kassadin: AP Hybrid.

K1oud Last updated on April 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Item Choice

I thought this was the most important thing to explain because it probably has the biggest impact on your game. Dorans ring is probably the best start, because even though it doesnt build into anything later it will let you lane for the longest possible time with the most harassing capabillity. I know everyone likes to go for the crystal but you use that mana up in 2 spells. So the mana regeneration is really more useful in my own oppinion. Even if it is painfully slow(ish) and hp and ap is always useful while laning. Because lets face it, early game, Kassadin is squish. next you want to get your Sheen and Sorcerers Shoes (ASAP). Sheen is very handy for last hitting minnions to bring in the big bucks (use your nether blade often to maximize sheen's capability and gain charge for force pulse. Utilizing these skills properly will let you get 200+ minnion kills in 5s **** you not.). I usually buy the Sheen the same time i buy the first grade boots. Sometimes when im luckier to have gotten more cash I buy the Sorcerer Shoes right away as well.

Next! Getting AA (Archangels Staff) you want to make this your first big item. I generally buy blasting wand or totg to build up to it, but if you can lane long enough to get all 3000 go for it(now again using your nether blade often will help stack your mana on your AA staff so dont be afraid to over use it). After you get your hands on AA buy items to build up for lich bane. Lichbane will allow you to gain some speed and attack power for those highspeed ganks.

I cant stress this point enough though. When playing this Kassadin build you are not a elephant! Youre are not a tank! Youre like a glass Lion if you get caught by a silence or stun your pretty much dead. So you need to jump in close enough to use your spells then back off quick. Repeat this a couple times and then POUNCE and get your kill. Its also very important, as playing any character... DONT FEED. This build will do you absolutely no good if you have died 5+ times in the early game(before 30min). I usally have my AA staff up between 20-25 minutes in, if you dont your in a bit of trouble but you can still pull off some assists.

For your late game items I'm not going to give much of an explanation for But After lich bane Your going to want to build Rabadons Deathcap. After your stylish hat get w/e you want. Some good choices would be: Abyssal Scepter, Force of Nature, Zhyona's Hourglass, Void Staff, Frozen Heart, or Guinsoo's Rageblade. all of these have their own respective uses and play styles so choose wisely. (with all that AP and some bonus speed youre still like glass keep that in mind. SO let your tanks tank and you can come in for a couple devastating shots. NEVER try to rift walk into a crowd thinking you can take them. Unless youre absolutely sure 100%.)

Thankyou for reading!!!

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Runes and Masteries

The runes I chose: Flat AP Quints, Flat AP Glyphs, Magic Penetration Marks, and Health Regeneration Seals, take a big part in the early game for Kassadin except the seals which affect the late game. The Flat AP runes give you a bonus of 23 AP which is the equivalent of having an Amp tome. Which sounds like **** for late game but early game it really helps. Then the armour penetration runes just give you that little edge throughout the game (With your masteries runes and boots your armour pentration sits at 43%). Last of all of these are the health regeneration runes which up your hp regen from 15.5-33 during the late game. Giving you a bonus 17.5 health regen per 5 seconds or a bonus 3 per second.

The masteries I chose: 9 in offence 21 in utility take on the role of reducing your cooldowns by 9% raising your magic penatration as i said earlier and giving you a mana boost. All very effective choices for Kassadin.

Thank you for reading!!!

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Ignite are my 2 main choices. However these are honsetly very interchangeable. On 5v5 I like to use Ghost and Teleport more often than Ignite. 3v3 Ghost and Ignite or Ghost and Exhaust. As you may have noticed every choice Ive mentioned has Ghost. That is because Kassadin is not overly fast So its a nice boost during ganks. But your welcome to change it if you would prefer something else. My only suggestion is never get clarity or revive, they are the biggest waste.

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