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Build Guide by jaaymes

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jaaymes

Kassadin - DarthWho?

jaaymes Last updated on October 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is my first build. So please be have mercy whit me if I do some mistakes and excuse my bad english . There will be many different opinions about this build, but I like to play this way and im quite successful whit Kassadin.

1. Kassadins ability
2. Summoner skills
3. Runes
4. Item choise
5. Early-Game
6. Mid-Game
7. Late-Game
8. Tips

1. Kassadins ability
(passiv) Weapon Mastery: Its simple an 15% damage reduce to magical spells, forget about the bonus attack speed.

(Q) Null Sphere: This is the Spell u will haras in early/mid-game. Also in End-Game it does a lot of damage and silence the target about 2.6 sec. Its great against Caster! If Fiddlesticks channeling ulti, SILENCE! If Ezrael want to escape whit this teleport, SILENCE! This is the Spell you will spam the whole game.

(W) Nether Blade: I use this Spell only to stack my Force Pulse spell, forgett about the Mana steal. This ability is just bad.

(E) Force Pulse: To use this ability, u will need 6 Stacks. You will gain this stacks, if nearly enemy champions or team mates are casting. This spell also makes a lot of AOE damage and has also AOE slow.

(R) Riftwalk: This is your ulti. This allows you to teleport Kassadin like the Summomer Spell "Flash". Riftwalk does as well damage and has a verly low cooldown. With each of the Riftwalk are you doing within 7 seconds, it increases the damage AND the costs. You can jump to champions and nuke them, or you can use Riftwalk to escape. It makes you incredibly mobile!

2. Summoner Skills
I play whit Ignite and Flash.

Why Ignite?
Because i like in early/mid-game to harras and if an enemy drops low i try to kill him whit a Combo: Riftwalk or Flash > NullSphere > ForcePulse > Ignite. Whit Ignite it should be an 100% kill.

Why Flash?
Kassadin uses a lot of mana, especially if he pursues opposing. And i hate to get out of Mana and can not finish an enemy champion who is running away. So i use Flash instead the Riftwalk. Also its an great spell to escape.

3. Runes
Red: Greater Mark of Insight - +0,95 magic penetration.
Simply because magic penetration > ability power.

Yellow: Greater Seal of Vitality - +1.08 health per level (+19.44 at champion level 18)
Kassadin is very squishie, its not mutch, but it helps sometimes.

Blue: Greater Glyph of Clarity - Greater Glyph of Clarity +0.08 mana regen / 5 sec. per level (+1.44 at champion level 18)
In order to counteract the mana problems.

Quintessence: Greater Quintessence of Insight - +1.89 magic penetration
Same as by Red.

4. Iten Choise
First i start whit Meki Pendant and 2 heal posions, i can harass the whole time whit Null Sphere and can stay a long time at my lane.
If i got some money i pick the Sorcerers Shoes and maybe another heal posion.
If it works good, i buy first the items of Rod of Ages. It is not so good, i buy first Fiendish Codex.
Then follows, if u die a lot, Rylais Crystal Scepter. It makes you less squishies.
If you do very well, buy Zhonyas Ring to gank them more efficient.
Fiendish Codex upgrad to Nashors Tooth and buy a Void Staff or maybe Abyssal Scepter.

This item build will gives you enough AP and magic penetration, good cooldown reduction, and a lot of Healthpoints.

5. Early Game:
As mentioned, i harass a lot. Try to get some champion low and pull out my Combo. (Flash or Riftwalk > Null Sphere > Force Pulse > Ignite)
Kassadin is not the strongest Hero in Early-Game, be carefull. You can play him mid solo, but evry Ashe, Heimedinger or Karthus is there still better.

6. Mid-Game:
Now this is your turn. Kassadin is a amazing Ganker in Mid-Game. Pop out of the jungle whit Riftwalk, silence the enemy, slow him whit Force Pulse and whit coordination and decent team mates you will get your kills.

7. Late-Game:
Whit this Item Build you will do some Tschernobyl! Squishies champions like Ashe will simply get down in 1-2 Sec. Also your Kassadin will not any more die after a Riftwalk into a teamfight. But still, try to get some kills and get the hell out of there. Wait for the cooldowns and kill again someone. After the fight, make some tower diving. Also remember, whit Riftwalk and Flash, no one can escape from you.

8. Tips:
- Tower diving is a great thing whit Kassadin.
- Never ever Riftwalk into an bush, if there waits some champions, you cant escape.
- Kassadin is one of the strongest 1v1 champions.
- Try to controlle the Blue-Buff, the Manareg. and the Cooldownreduction makes Kassadin incredible strong.

Thank you for understanding and reading this Guide. I try to frapsing the next days/weeks some Games and upload it here. I hope I could give an insight of Kassadin. This Champion is not easy to handle, but whit enough practice Kassadin can be unstoppable.

About constructive criticism im very happy, rly.

Greetings - jaaymes