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Kassadin Build Guide by Hyxios

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hyxios

Kassadin DoD - Dominator of Dominion

Hyxios Last updated on May 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys, this is my first guide I've ever made but I'm sure it will please you guys because it will help u to be a top player in Domination... as Kassadin! I have seen so many Kass's players on Dom, they usually use the builds in Summoner Rift, which isn't good at all.
Some of you might ask why should you play Kass in Dom, here's the answer bros:
-Great burst damage output.
-Awesome Ultimate that make him almost impossible to catch as well as being caught!((Imagine you 1v1 Kog'maw, you nuked him die, you had about 90 hp left, Kog's body chased you, you ulted away, guess who's mad now? XD)
-He's really fun to play. I'm serious man, I used to not like Kass much but now I'm super addicted to him. =3

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Pros / Cons

-Awesome nukes
-His ultimate which make him a decent champ to be able to move across the map super fast. And that makes him a beast in disrupting the enemies, as well as chasing the low hp ones.
-You can somewhat troll as him lol. (Ult in and out to taunt them)
-Squishy. Yup, without def items he's definitely a first to target one.
-His ultimate is tricky to use. Yup I'll explain this one later on.
-A couple of CC can take him down easily.( If u get stunned, and then silenced, then you are pretty much dead lol)

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-My runes setup are pretty much for decent AP champions. I take MP Marks, Scaling Mana regen Seals, Scaling AP Glyphs, and Flat AP Quintessences. these Runes will help you the couple of first levels, since you don't have items for nuking the enemies.
-Optionally, you can use "Greater Glyph of Celerity"(-0.05% cooldowns per level) instead of "Greater Glyph of Force"(+0.17 AP per level), though I think Kass CD on the skills are good enough.

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I choose the 9/0/21 setup since its staple for every AP champions. I used to take 3 points at Perseverence but realized that it's a really low tier mastery, I take 3 points in Good hands and only 1 for Perseverence. Basically that's all I should mention in the Masteries tree.

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- I'm pretty sure this section will cause lots of arguments. Some people will tell me why I'm not getting Tear first for its Passive. Well first of all you don't really have lots of skills to spam (you're not Karthus bro. =D) and second of all getting a Wand somewhat give you more power early game, just like I said, Kass is weak before he hit lv6.
- You should be asking your allies to spam skills so that your E is ready to use(It doesn't hurt anyone) then claim mid.
-After the fight for Windmill, you should be able to buy a Sapphire. If you get a kill or two you can even buy a Tear so tell someone to def the Windmill if you guys successful capture it, if not then it's ok. Just go back to heal and get a Sapphire.
-If the enemies are smart enough to buy magic resist then you should rush Void Staff first, then Deathcap after.
- And remember this guys: Do not get baited! I know that you are Kass you can instant flash away but if you are too cocky and just chase them and get in the brush and you will pretty much get facerolled by 3 other enemies champions. So please no chasing when you are not sure where the enemies are.
-The other thing is you can also bait your enemies. Yes instead of you chasing them let they chase you. In this situation you have to be very focus, because if you ult away they might just give up. So maybe just let them chase you for a while, wait for your Q and E to be on use then kill them back by nuke the shiet outta them! @.@
-Optional Items: I would strongly recommend Zhonya's Hourglass if the enemies have Vamp and Lifesteal. Some champs that you should not 1v1 them are Master Yi, Tryndamere, Graves, Caitlyn, and maybe even Akali.

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Skill Sequence

-Begin the match you should have 2 points on Q and 1 on E. Though for some of you, if you like W just go ahead and use 1 point for W. Just remember to use it to stack your E, if your teammates are dumb enough to not cast their skills (which I had before lol). Then after capturing mid, you should head top asap. You should be able to lv another point soon so I would recommend lv up E if you have 2Q,1E or lv up Q if you have 1Q,1W,1E. So rush top, stay behind your allies. If the enemies chase your teammates then Q them.
-Remember to use E as effective as possible. What I mean here is try to cast your E on most of your enemy, then backed out, waiting for ur friends to engage. And this is why I wait to lv up W after, though I would have more nuke on my E. Some people will ask me E is AOE so why don't I max it out before Q. Well it is because E need stacks to be able to cast. You will need 6 skills spammed around you (that includes yourself) so that you can cast E, and ya know, Silence > Slow. With Q at higher level, silence's duration increases so you would be able to stop the enemies to flash or use skills to escape for a while when E should be use for team fight and ganks.

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Summoner Spells

-Ignite is really good in a couple of first team fights. It helps you finish the enemies off as well as some addition damage later on.
-Flash is really good since it helps you escape, as well as chasing the low hp ones. Who says that double blinks isn't good?
Optional: Some others Summoner Spells are really good as well, for instant:
-Ghost: I prefer Flash more but if u want some low CD spells then this one is your choice. For chasing and running away purposes.
-Exhaust: Another good spell for chasing and escaping. This one is to counter heavy AD champs like Master Yi, Graves, etc. but uhm, I would let my AD teammates pick this one, because it's not very effective on Kass to be honest.

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Laning in Dominion

-The main point in Dom is to know where to go, when to go and what to do. I usually ask to go mid at the beginning since I don't use Ghost and I need the money for stuffs. So at the beginning just get a Staff, a pair of boots and a pot. It's your choice here, if you don't like pots, you don't have to buy them, but I might as well get one in case they chase you. So if you take mid capture mid. After that catch up with your allies at top. Remember to stay behind the tankiest one on your team. After some pokes from both team you can try to move toward their team, cast Q on the squishiest, cast E on all of them, but keep in mind that you still keep your distance between you and your enemies, and you should be close to your allies, let's say you are behind your teammates, you move to the enemies, cast Q and E then move back to the old spot. If, your teammates are good and they actually can focus someone, Then just go ahead and Spam skills on them, even Ignite if you think you can get the kill or they might get a away. If enemies are about 100 hp and they try to run away flash in and get him/her. Its obvious that in this mode killing is not the key but you don't want them to escape and come back to the lane after you and your friends wasted bunch of stuffs on them. But in the case the enemies are really smart that they stick together to guard the low hp one then flash over to kill is not really a good idea. Now assuming that they have top, u haven't died but some of your teammate are then you should be looking around the map. Look for the weakest enemy at the moment. Go there gank them, you night as well get a kill. Here's how I handle some specific situations:
-If all of them leave top and push your mid then DO NOT go top to capture it, it's just stupid because you wont be able to get the Capture Point and you could get yourself killed.
-If there is one guy left at top and they are near dead( this case is pretty rare) then slay him/her!.
-If they are in group and def at top, then go gank bot.

-Also try to get Storm Shield(Greater Relic) as soon as they pop up. Kass is squishy so having some extra shield is really nice, plus the nuke on the shield can help you get kils easier. at some points around this you should be level 6 now. If they try to capture mid or bot then ult in Q and E them( It takes practice to learn your dmg deal to your enemies) If they are not def at some places then go with ur friend bd it (though I DON'T RECOMMEND to bd with Kass since hes really busy ganking people). With your Ult available you are the beast now because you will mostly jump out of nowhere to help your allies kill the enemies, or killing the one trying to capture, or even kill the stubborn ones that think they are safe when they are at their mid/bot.
-Don't be scared when you get ganked by a group of champs. Stay calm, look around for an opening exist then Ult there. Some key places to ult to: Speed Shrines, Health Relics.
-Mastering your Ult can be difficult at first but if you can use it properly then you your the beast. My way to engage a fight with somebody is to Ult in, Q, E then W+ auto attack. Not dead? => Ignite Q Ult maybe E if its charged up.
-1 nice tip for Kassadin player: if the enemy try to go to the health pack ult there to steal it!!! Yeah that a pretty dirty move but ya know, it's a game, so yeah heehee! =D

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The picture above shows the scores that I got playing several matches( sorry for the random Akali I had to choose her because the other guy picked Kass lol). So yeah, play a couple of matches using him, I'm sure that when you are used to him, you will be an awesome carry in your team, and maybe someday, Kass will be your main champion. Don't forget to vote me if you find this guide helps you! ^^
P/S: I'm still updating this guide, if what I write can offense anyone just give me a comment I'll fix it. And I'm not a decent English writer so you might sometimes find my sentences are stupid - well in a funny way lol, just forgive me bros! ;)