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League of Legends Build Guide Author CVDash

Kassadin Jungle with 40% CDR.

CVDash Last updated on October 17, 2015
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As his ult has a pretty small cooldown,and this can be improved with 40% CDR and some mana,Kassadin jungle is pretty viable atm with squishy tops,mids and ADCs.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Insane late game.
Ult that scales with mana.
Can interrupt channelings.
Strong against squishy champions.
Strong ganks post lvl 6.
Mana efficient with his Nether Blade.
Insane mobility with 1,2 sec cooldown on his ult at max level.

Cons: Weak pre-6.
Can't gank properly pre-6.
Can be counterjungled easily early.
Weak against tanks.
Force Pulse won't be available so much early.
Can be considered as a trollpick.
High skill cap.

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Creeping / Jungling

Most of the time you should start at Gromp,then Blue,Wolves and if you have enough health,take the Raptors too,then go to base,take Ranger's Trailblazer and Boots of Speed if you have enough gold,then do Red,Krugs and try to get lvl 6 as soon as possible.Try to get the Dragon before 10 mins.

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You can gank pre-6 if you have your E active,but otherwise don't try as most of the time you will not catch the target in time.
Try ganking post-6 as much as possible,communicate with your teammates to help you and take the kills if necessary.


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