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Kassadin - OM NOM NOM

Last updated on August 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build on mobafire. After experimenting a lot with a stictly AP Kassadin, I've found that a hybrid build is the by far the best for him. For this build you need A LOT of farm. Always be farming. Always. It's best to solo top lane if you have a jungler but with his silence, Kassadin can be a viable solo mid option, not the best for you though. The idea of this build is to become a decent early/mid game farmer and then dominate the mid/late game phase. I know this is a rough build, any comments are helpful and appreciated.

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The best runes that I've found are MP marks, Mark of Insight, AS seals, Seal of Alacrity, and the CD of the glyph of celerity. For quintessences it's best to go with either flat AP or AS. Why all the AS? Because you need the extra help in farming and landing your AA after a Rift Walk.

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See the item sequence above. Start with a sapphire crystal and two health pots. First time back buy the Tear of the Goddess and your basic boots. Second time back you should have enough for the Sheen and your Sorcerers Shoes. Hextech Revolver, Malady and Hextech Gunblade should be purchased in order as soon as possible. The Malady gives you all of the AS needed with your runes and in early/mid game the AP from the Revolver should help you get some easy ganks. After you upgrade to the Gunblade, upgrade the Sheen to a Lich Bane for an added AP boost and the movement speed doesn't hurt either. Finish off the build with a Rabadon's and a Void Staff or a Black Cleaver, depends on if other team is building MR or armor.

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Skill Sequence

Always level your Null Sphere [Q] when possible and then your Force Pulse [E]. The only exception is at level 4 when a single point in Nether Blade [W] is necessary to help offset the mana cost of your abilities. Obviously level Rift Walk [R] whenever possible. Only use Rift Walk to escape or get in range for Null Sphere, it's not a damage dealing ult!

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Summoner Spells

Kassadin in one of the few champions that absolutely requires 2 summoner spells. Cleanse and Teleport. Cleanse because CC is the death of Kassadin. Pop a cleanse and then Rift Walk to safety. Teleport is mainly needed to return to your lane and continue farming or to pull a surprise gank. Other options would be... these are the only real options.

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Early game silence your opponent with Null Sphere whenever the start to get close. And LAST HIT LAST HIT LAST HIT. You will not believe how bad a farmer Kassadin is, he needs every minion possible. Mid game look for an easy gank, use Rift Walk like a flash, Silence them, slow them with Force Pulse, AA and then Null Sphere again for an easy kill or two. Late game target any enemy that is alone, you should be able to kill anyone 1 v 1 with your silence and chase ability. In team fights sit outside the fight and silence their AP carries and then try to slow their whole team if it starts to turn your way.