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League of Legends Build Guide Author LEGIONxOVxCHAOS

Kassadin - Rift Assassin

LEGIONxOVxCHAOS Last updated on August 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 21

-Kassadin's Pros:
Super strong mid to late game
Deals insane amounts of damage
Teleports at will
Awesome silencer
Can escape easily
Great solo mid or laning with a teammate
FUN to play

-Kassadin's Cons:
Very weak early game
Low Hp (a somewhat glass cannon)
Skill intensive (harder to master than say... Ryze)

Early Game (Solo):

Grab Sapphire (and pots if you want them), Go to lane.
Be really careful early game! Kassadin is very weak and squishy. Try to stay back and get last hits using Null Sphere when you can. Just play it safe, you'll have plenty of time to kick *** in mid/late game.

The minute you get 925 gold, port back to base and get Catalyst and then port back to your lane. Don't try anything too cute until level 8-9.

-Early Game (with Partner)-

The only thing different about laning with a teammate is to have a little bit higher sense of urgency. You do not have the comfort of being the highest level. You have to make stuff happen with your laning teammate earlier (level 6-7). Get some kills, don't die, get the tower.

-Mid Game-

So once you hit level 7-9, mid game begins. Try to get Mejai's as soon as possible so you can start getting stacks on it. If you're mid solo, teleport to another lane and quick grab a kill with your 2 teammates. Push that tower if you can and then go back to mid. Be on the lookout for enemy stragglers. You can start to be more and more aggressive as you get higher level. By level 12-14, you should be roaming the map looking for kills (but still try and get some creep last hits.) If you get in trouble, cleanse/rift walk out, because (as sad as this is) better to let your teammates die than you because you don't want to lose stacks and you can carry them late game*.

About this time you can start going in the jungle and trying to find people to kill. Check the enemies' golem and lizard spots often and you might just get a free kill out of it. Use teleport to join team battles. Use teleport to defend turrets.

*when you play as Kassadin you have to be merciless. It is better for your allies to die than you (although it would be best if none of your team died). Kassadin plays by different rules than other heroes because when the battle starts to turn ugly, port away! It will be worth it if you can live and get really strong and dominate late game.

Late Game:

During late game you are probably the strongest hero on your team. Fight in team battles, protect your turrets, destroy the enemy turrets. Constantly be on the lookout for squishy mages and dpsers that you can kill with a 1-2-3(-4-5) combo (Rift Walk, Null Sphere, Force Pulse, Rift Walk, Null Sphere).

-What to do in Mid/Late Team Battles-

Stay on the outskirts. DO NOT use your melee attack. Rift Walk into the battle (outskirts if you can) and Null Sphere/Force Pulse the squishy mages. DO NOT use Null Sphere on the tanks (unless you really need to silence one of them.) Try to split off a squishy and kill him with your spells and if one of their tank/fighters comes up to you to smack you, Rift Walk back behind your tanks. Do NOT let yourself get sucked into the fray. Kassadin works above the battle. He assassinates the dspers that would kill his allies. And again, if the battle starts to look bad, book it out of there. If you can kill a mage/dpser in a team battle, you'll have done your part. If you can get two, you're a god!

-A Couple Things To Watch Out For-

CAREFUL when cleanse is on cooldown, even at late game you don't have a lot of HP. If you get stunned and you can't rift away, you are dead.
WATCH your mana levels. If they get too low, go back! Because without mana, Kassadin is a nice little snack for someone to munch on.
WATCH out for ignite! Kassadin makes a living escaping from battles with 2 HP left. Ignite isn't wiped away by cleanse! So, watch out for heroes with ignite.