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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dangerdf

Kassadin, the immortal

Dangerdf Last updated on October 1, 2010
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How to play kassadin:
My style might be weird or lame atleast it works for me. With this way of playing i useally do not die more then 5 times in a fight. unless it is a totaly fck up.

The start:
Untill lvl 6 is the harse part. u don't have alot of mana, ur spells cost alot mana, u have low hp, u just got a few spells, and hard to kill champion(if you are alone) and no riftwalk to get away.
I am used to play with a corki. Tho every other ranged/meelee should be fine if they like to play your way. in the begin u should start by meeleeing the minions with nether blade. mostly i let this do by corki. as much times a s you can u use null sphere on an enemy champion. This way you let the fall back or better let them recall. if they aint u got ur first kill or assist cuz u can range them dead.(if there meelee). If they recall u are in front with leveling what is never bad and you can destroy there tower.
So you play like on cowerd more or likely. run in range use a spell run away. again and again untill he recalls or dies. Though watch your mana otherwise you might be dead. On this way u aint dieing and YOU controll THEM. The items u get are like this: you start with Amplifying Tome(for more AP), A potion would be nice aswell. you can buy this of your start money. when u reach 400g again u want to get Sapphire Crystal. more mana u need. after that you need Tear of the Goddess. How more spells u use how more mana u get of Tear of the Goddess. so FEEL FREE TO CAST:D.
Then get your boost. faster speed faster get away. Mejai's Soulstealer is your next item. More AP and AP boost when u kill people. Then u get ur better boots. This is all you need before you get your big items. This you should reach around lvl 10. doesn't matter so much.

Middel phase:
This phase is getting more fun. Still attack them with null sphere on ***** way. THought u may play more aggresive. force pulse is a good slower and nice damage. thought if you enter combat watch your mana an riftwalk cooldown. As long as you got riftwalk cooldown you might escape nearly every rape.. Just fool them. run into a dead end. and riftwalk past the edge. they need to run back and around. By that time u should be safe. If you got cleanse free your safe @ all. remove stun/slow and riftwalk away. If you practice long enough you will be able to get away from a whole team. Though i can't say it enough times: WATCH YOUR MANA AND COOLDOWNS. You might kill yourself with this.
Also riftwalk is also a damaging spell. it can be used as get away. But also as damaging abilitie. Or to get to an enemy slow him with force pulse and you/Your team kills it. Phase 2 is about getting kills, getting lvls, getting gold get your items and rock.

Phase 3:
This mostly the funniest phase. Only if you kamikaze/cleanse cd+ stunrape or you screw it up yourself you might die. Otherwise it is nearly impossible to die. Your null sphere and Forcepulse reached a high amount of damage and you don't got mana prolems(mostly). This is where you rule the game. @ this point you might go solo and kill people on a Agressive style. THough letting meelee champions hit you is still stupid. You could do it like this: start with a riftwalk on your enemy. First damage is done. Followed by a Force pulse to slow him and more damage. Null sphere for damage and silence. Run out of meelee range. If he flees You riftwalk to him. Seems the spell got around 3/4 secs CD only @ this phase. THough if you use it often fast behind each other it going to cost alot of mana. But the damage is increased. Though keep watching your mana.

End phase:
This is totaly done. If you reach all the items, you know the game is nearly finished. You might still get a lot of kills cuz your null sphere and force pulse hit for around 750+. This combinded with rfiftwalk your damage is pretty nice. You will have about 630/650 AP. And 2000+ mana. IF you don't get stunned till dead or kamikaza yourself dead you can't die.

Tips: Im used to play defensive and safe in the begin. If you feed Your enemy you will loose XP what u will repay with your life. IT mostly if this for me: Die in the begin. Get like 0/3/0 if you / your team **** it up. Your mostly screwed. THough you might come back. If you start well you mostly get a good score.

Summoners spell's":

Cleanse: For me a must. This spell can remove anyoing and deadly ulti's on you. Like AShe arrow, Warwick's ulti and more. You see 3 people getting to you.. You run, BOOOM ULTI. Cleanse and riftwalk away and your safe. For me this spell doesn't have a doubt.
Exhaust: a slow is usefull. You can slow them and kill them or slow them and get away. But you got already a spell to get away or slow them. Your call.
The other spell i use instead of Exhaust is
Clarity: For most people useless since you have Tear of the Goddess. But this spell make you continue to kill people in the first phase. Also when i get raped im mostly without mana. I use this spell and i teleport away. For me a life safer. It sounds strange but it works for me.

Champions: TO get against you it is nice to have meelee. Meelee without jumps/teleports to you. ranged that can't place a spell.(so you can attack from the bushes) And class that can't heal.
TO get against you what is anyoing is healable champions. THis because you attack them one spell by one. Also ranged that can place spells like ezreal are anyoing. Because you can't attack them from bushes since they will releaze it and shoot them there. Also ranged that got an unbelievable range are anoying. And ofcourse champions that can heal.

With this tactic my final test ended up with a 16/3/16 score.

Rate + if you like it(add in comment what u like). Rate - if you dislike it(also say why in comment so i can improve it.
Thank you for reading and waisting your time on my build.
Have fun and greetings,