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Kassadin Build Guide by Guest

Kassadin the ultimate hybrid

Kassadin the ultimate hybrid

Updated on September 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,850 Views 0 Comments
1,850 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kassadin Build Guide By Guest Updated on September 12, 2011
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I use attack speed, ability power, and health. But w/e.
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The boots early mostly because Kass starts off pretty slow and vulnerable. Movement becomes far less critical as he gets his ultimate, but prior to that lane survivability seems to be maximized with boots and pots. It also gives him some early ganking ability.

AFter that the build sequence is pretty set. Sheen/trinity are amazing for him and allow you to get that damage bonues over and over. Ionian boots for sure. Quick cooldowns make for more ability procs and the ultra imporant quick blink in, blink out move.

I put kages pick in the there for the same reason that gangplank gets it. Sure he does more ap damage, but crit is damn nice, and turns amazingly nice combined with sheen procs and infinity edge. This gives kass the possibility for some really huge melee hits. You also buy it early and greatly benefit from the gold/per.

I really like starks on Kass. The health regen is extremely handy, its fairly cheap, and its also going to get used a lot since kass is going to be in most all of the team fights with his great mobility. The lifesteal provides some durability plus opens up jungling. Kass is an outstanding jungler and can wipe out group mobs and single mobs really quickly once he getws a bit of gear. He is also excellent in terms of pulling off dangerous querrilla attempts on the small dragon. Starks/will of ancients is also superior to a zeal/bloodthirster combo you might see on a standard ad carry since kass really doesn't need any more movement rate after the first trinity is complete.

Rabadons is pretty much a no brainer and adds huge bite to the already significant spell output of will. Alternatively you could put in zonya's hourglass for significantly improved initiation ability.
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Summoner Spells

Cleanse and exhaust are just the superior choices. Cleanse is your basic escape initiator. Players should deeply memorize the cleanse teleport combo for escaping very bad situations. This level of escape ability is frankly greater than any other champion and allows kassadin to explore, initiate and jungle very aggressively.

Exhaust is primarily there for defensive purposes. Kass is a solid but by no means superior 1v1 player. Exhaust gives a big edge in the close ones and provides a nice slow as well.
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Skill Sequence

I really feel like they are all important. The goal is to get into melee range with the creeps and hold off the champions with spell blasts during early laning. We are meleeing to keep our mana pool maxxed out and will need some attack speed to acoomplish this.

Kass has a great mixture of skills in terms of aoe vs. single target, and is imo the most versatile hybrid in the game. I'm typically doing nearly even physical vs. magic damage. He can do well in teamfights with his solid aoe, and can do well in duels with his solid single target. and if you start getting in trouble. Poof blink away.

The silence on null sphere is an excellent initiator and allows you to walk into battle then quickly blink out if it gets too hot. The slow on force pulse is extremely versatile, has low cooldown, and can be quite useful for high aoe damage, preventing fleeing combatants. Even more importantly, Kass can very effectively use it to save fleeing party members under hot pursuit.

Netherblade damage does scale with ability power, and you are pretty much always going to have it up during melee combat. its for this reason I generally picked attack speed items over damage items. By the time you hit 300 ap you are going to be making very solid melee hits.
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Tactics and other general comments

I've played this setup at level 28 in general matches and done quite well so far. I've gotten a lot of really positive comments from my teammates about my performance with it. Kass is apparently getting a buff soon and i can't wait to see what its like. Probably the most remarkable thing has been a complete lack of dying. Like never. Yet still playing a really aggressive initiation/search + destroy style of play. I've also generally been either top or near top assist guy in each match.

The other thing Kass is really excellent at is setting up sight wards. Given his extreme ability to escape bad situations he can delve deeply into enemy terrain and put wards in.

For solo encounters he can do quite well blinking in, landing his exhaust, then start running through the ability tree. Its extremely important to allow the sheen/trinity proc to occur before activating the next ability.

Walking into the fray is also extremely important during hard battles, a quick blink in against multiple prepared foes is an almost certain death sentence. But, one can engage quite effectively and safely with a silence, slow, blink out combo. If you can safely get to melee you do have some staying power with your high levels of lifesteal and spell vamp. Almost nothing can survive 5 seconds of melee with you.
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Kassadin Guide
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Kassadin the ultimate hybrid

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