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Kassadin - Void ur enemies

Last updated on October 4, 2012
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Introduction: Why play Kassadin?

Kassadin is my personal favourite champion, and when played well he can be extremely effective against enemy mages/ap carries. Basically, he was made to defeat enemy mages, and he's a very good mage himself.

When to use Kassadin?:
- First of all, use Kassadin when the enemy team has a good mage, who can win his/her lane easily, or be a complete teamwrecker at the end of the match (Karthus for example, should be shut down, otherwise he'll do immense damage lategame). Since Kassadin counters all mages, he can very easily win his mid lane against a champion like Karthus.
- Second of all, if you are the only mage/ap carry in your team. Even if the enemy doesn't have a real threat going mid, still Kassadin is a very useful champion, for he still IS a good mage/assassin, capable of dealing lots of damage. If he is played well, he can wreck his enemies. He also makes for a good roamer/ganker.
- Thirdly..... simply because you might like him! I've had so many lanes in which I didn't have a serious advantage like Kassadin will have over most mages. But that doesn't mean you can't pick him! Besides, he's AWESOME, so of course you want to pick him :P

And there's a whole lot more reasons! Basically, he's just like any other LoL champion completely viable, and suitable for numerous roles. He's best in mid in my opinion, although he could jungle or go solo top.
Next I will tell about the Pros / Cons

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Pros / Cons

Kassadin has numerous pros and cons. I will try to tell you as many as I know, although some don't always apply in the same situation.


    He has amazing damage with his Q and E together (more about this in the 'abilities' section.
    He has great mobility with his Riftwalk, which has a 7-4 seconds cooldown and a bigger range than Flash!
    He is a good lategame farmer/pusher.
    His Silence is great for shutting down mages in teamfights and 1v1's.
    Huge AOE slow with high damage.
    Is a good midlaner, and he counter basically every other midlaner.
    Regenerates mana with his basic attacks once you get a point in your W.
    His passive makes him a lot more durable against magic damage than you would think.
    He's simply awesome :D and he has nice skins too!

    Can be rather squishy/easily focused.
    With Riftwalk and Flash on cooldown you can easily be killed.
    Earlygame weak.
    Most mages are ranged, while he's melee, putting you at a disadvantage.
    He gets his gapcloser at lvl 6, meaning that before that enemies will have no trouble keeping at a distance from you (they should).
    Difficult to farm with earlygame.
    He is countered just as hard as he counters others. Talon, Irelia, Sivir, they all counter him quite hard. If the enemies swap lanes you have a problem.

So that was basically the pros/cons list. I have to say, it might seem like a lot of cons, but in the end most of these won't apply to every match you will be playing.

Next I will talk about his abilities and summoner spells.

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Skill Sequence + Summoner Spells

For Kassadin I take Flash and Ignite:

Flash is the best summoner spell by far, and very versatile on Kassadin. This might seem strange, since you have a build-in low-cooldown superflash. Still, pre-6 you are very easily ganked, AND many people who know Kassadin will try their best to shut him down earlygame. This is where Flash comes in handy. With the enemy jungler regularly paying a gank-visit, Flash is your best friend for escaping. An alternative for this would be Ghost, although I like Flash more.

Ignite is the most awesome summoner spell in the game for getting kills. If you burst 500 of their 1200 hp, then next burst you won't get the kill right? they will be left with 200 HP right? WRONG! Because you just used Ignite, dealing a few hundred TRUE damage ( :D love true damage) to the enemy you want to kill. Amazing ability, and very useful for its damage. As you get lvl 6, you can win the lane and try to defeat the enemy champion (you want a kill of course). This is when Ignite adds just enough extra damage to finish that nastly enemy that kept harassing you for so long at first, but now fears you (for a good reason :D). I just love Ignite, also it reduces healing which works against Vladimir, or Swain, champions who basically rely on their healing.


Teleport is a good ability on Kassadin, for he has a weak earlygame. If you get harassed a lot, just go back, quickly teleport into lane again, so that you don't miss too much cs and experience, while also not getting yourself killed because you stayed with low HP.