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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lonewolf323

Katarina AD for all

Lonewolf323 Last updated on November 6, 2010
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Right, this is my first build, so if you see any flaws, pls tell me. So, this is my insane nuke type or AD-support-chasser type for Katarina. Exhaust is useful after Shunpo to place in a good Death Lotus (wich I will be naming DT), and Ghost is good when chasing or after being ganked in middle of a DT. For the runes, all of Katarina's attaks inflict magic penetration.
Then, for the items sequence (the best part) your gonna want too start of with Boots of speed and a health potion, this will allow a good survivability at the beginning of the game. Then, if youve made 2 kills or more, get Sword of the occult and rack up those kills. If youve died 2 times or more, try getting guardian angel, itll really annoy anyone that killed you in the middle of a DT. Then, get the boots of switness, since they work bot way (too run and chase). If youre still up the kills, get Bloodthirster, even more bonuses. After is the great phantom dancer, but if your really spammming with DT, get Sword of the Divines, since it's passive work also with DT (+ 100 DMG for every 4th dagger really gets any tanker). If your really raking up kills and your this far into the game, get Infinite edge and kill off any turret-super minion(s). And if your still not winning, fnish it off with an other Bloodthirster for maximum AD.

Few, that was a mouthful! Now for the skills (no, I wont be so long)

Bouncing Blade: Spam this one, its just great. If another champion is just trying to run, throw this to the fartest minin and make those last DMGs. Watch out thougt, when trown, it can bounce onto the turret, meening it will target YOU, wich is a bad thing¸

Killer Instincts: Great skill, try using this before a Shunpo too inflict max Dmg before using Kat's DT. Or, us it to inflict more DMG before throwing a last-hitting Buncing Blade.

Shunpo: Great skill, but only lv it a the end, since it dosent inflict great Dmg. Very useful if your hiding and then casting a sudden DT, or even for fleeing, since you can usr it on allied minions. CAREFUL, Shunpo seems to have a certain "taunt" effect on turrets, so look at youre health before charging an opponent next to a turret. Notice: in 3vs3, id=f you use Shunpo on the dragon, minions that are crossing will see you, because you are appearing behind it, try to lure him away before.

Death Lotus (DT): The only skill Katarina LIVES for, very strong, very annoying, Very damaging with this build. Use it after Shunpo. Careful, many opponents have a disable, so try to get an allies to lure those spells out before you rush in. Also,dont DT more than 2 tankers at a time, you'll inflict aproximitly 2000-3000 dmg plus Shunpo and bouncing blade too an opponents, so 2 tankers usealy have over 2500 hp, some even have 4000hp, chose carefully, take your time.

There, first build, I hope it work for most of you. Sorry i couldnt get the images in!