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Katarina Blade throwing style

Last updated on June 23, 2011
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OK so i made this Guide since i noticed no one has posted a similar one you could say its a very un-orthodox way to play kat but from what i see one of the most effective this built focuses on the use of bouncing blade with killer instinct early on.
Now please read the rest of the guide before starting the shunpo worshiping shunpo is indeed the quintessential kat skill but its real use as damage is MID-LATE GAME at which point im usually itemized enough to not mind the 1-2 lower level on with the explanations.

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About runes i go with the obvious mrpen marks health per level seals or dodge sometimes according to mood and flat mr resist yes mr resist cd might indeed be better but the difference is very low and if you get a ap nuker in mid (annie vlad etc.) they are VERY helpfull last i use 1 mrpen quint to have a flat 10 and 30 after sorceress + 15% from the mastery.

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for Masteries i go utility for better cooldowns (i dont take runes remember) more movement speed which is very overlooked and is very helpfull especially at the first 6-7 levels since i start with boots and for lower summoners cooldowns also the neuteral duration is nice if i kill someone with golems or lizards and of course the lower death timer and regen yes the regen is not to be under estimated since if you're staying at mid tower hugging and blade last hitting mobs for that extra 100g you need it comes in handy.

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The item choices is pretty obvious id like to believe i rush revolver after tier 1 boots cause at level 9 1 bouncing blade plus killer instinct deals 200+12+(44-45)/0.35 x 6 and returns 5% from each damage making it *mumble* *mumble* OVER NINE THOUSAND jokes aside its actually 11 lets say 12 times 6 considering you have a lot of mrpen that's a 70 hp heal every time you cast bouncing blade plus a 20-30 form each shunpo and that if you are careful enough not to get hit by the enemy nothing too hard for a good kat means you can heal back up and harass and creep if aimed correctly all in one package, after revolver i finish sorceress making my mrpen 30+ which is usually how much most mid carry's got (Annie again Ashe etc.) you can always make Ionian or even mercury threads if needs arise heck if not for the much needed mr pen i was making swiftness when i started this build for the extra crazy you cant escape kata after boots i rush rylais as fast as possible since the slow is really needed for some of those hard to get kills taking always belt first for the extra survivability and then finish gun blade hopefully by 24-25 mins if i farm ok on some cases i have made both by under 20 afterwards i make the rabadons and if the game draws longer finish up with hourglass and abyssal for the extra resistances and ap after rabadons i believe kat has a lot of damage so you can actually go in a variety of way i like to make sunfire from time to time if i feel extra tanky plus it helps with your aoe damage or in rare cases guardian angel (nothing is more annoying then a dead kat coming back to life and instant nuking you for around 800 damage) i don't like soulstealer or other snowball items for the simple reason that you get too greedy for kills many a times backfiring on you and the return many times is not so great for kat.

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Skill Sequence

now the part with likely the most questions why i max blades and then instinct.
You see the chain shots as i like to call them have target priority according to order of coming into sight of the champ in other words if i see the enemy creep wave coming and i see first the 3 melee mobs then the enemy champ then the 3 ranged and i blade the closest melee minion normally them blade will hit the 3 melee the champ and the 2 ranged i saw first according to level that means that many times when you are with creeps at the opponents tower and the other wave arrives you can go for a blade the enemy chap most likely will pull back but with enough levels in bouncing blades you can be almost certain to hit him and if you got killers its a full damage blow to him and all creeps too plus the lovely healing regen reduction (god i love wasting their potions like that) and you dont suffer too many problems from shunpos relatively low damage and cd as usually youre slowly harassing with blades and only use it for the kill and if needs be there is always flash and ignite and by the time you reach level 13-14 u usualy have finished gunblade and rylais + and elixir = 200+ap so no prolems in damage there plus killer instinct adds the damage to all the hits of ulty and bouncing blade making it crazy good for team fights where shunpo only gets 1 increase.

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Summoner Spells

for summoner spells i favor flash ignite for that distinct high mobility hit and run game play katarina loves so sometimes i can fb as soon as level 2 if the other mid is a bit noobish or has no cc abilities exhaust and ghost are always valid alternatives but quite not so appealing exhaust however is a 50-50 swap with ignite but i usually prefer ignites pure damage crazy helpful to bring down low life tanks like ali in ult.

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this seems to have dragged on a bit more then i intended seeing as this is my first guide and im not generally too accustomed to how to make an elaborate guide please forgive the lack of screenshots and youtube links etc(yes i know how to post a damn link) finally id like to ad some game play hints first of all youre free to experiment with this built but there is on e important think you must remember about kat she has some of the best mobility in game mainly cause of her small hitbox she is easy to slip through creeps do quick bade shunpo hits and then run rinse and repeat and can very successful troll the skillshots of your enemies (yes ez you're so gonna hit me with that q).

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Pros / Cons

+high survivability and mobility
+short cool downs on summoners abilities making ignite available most of the time
+higher xp even if a little since even 1 level counts in mid
+very promising mid-end game
+very high creep kills cause of maining bouncing blade

-a bit lower early game damage then shunpo built
-higher shunpo cool down
-lacks some of the early durability of the prot tree shunpo built so ulty must be used with more thinking
-all the usual problems kat has (susceptible to interrupts not consistent damage yada yada yada)

(+) also sine i played both builds very thoroughly i find this one more enjoyable to play :)

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Some creep farming tips
at level 9 1 bouncing blade powered by killer instinct hits an entire creep wave if melee have not distanced too much from ranged and brings melee to 50% and ranged to about 15%
also after 9 if you do have a revolver you can 1 shot the wraith camp with blade and instinct and shunpo on the big wraith and can 1 shot it again at re spawn if at least level 11
Katharina does not have some great way to deal damage to big minions (dragon baron golem lizard) so soloing golem should better be done after you have both gunblade and rylais
gunblade also boosts katas auto attack plus the killer instinct making it hit for 160+lifesteal making auto attacks a semi-valid way to heal up if you have no opponents in sight
generally since she has no costs spamm away your skills into minions usually you should aim for about 60-80 minions per 15 minutes most of the time i have around 120-140 at minute 20 if i have farmed well
and never forget that katas passive gives extra gold on assists too and since you are a carry its not completely outrageous to *cough*steal*cough* a couple of kills

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Team Work

lastly id like to add that kata is a very easy character to get used for teamwork especially if you have some premade friend always tell them to be in shunpo range it saves lives and many times just the sight of a dominant kat is enough to send pursuers running
also if enemy team is heavily ganging on you do not hesitate to stick to your team no one can keep his stun interrupt forever waiting for you to shunpo ulty in (in the rare cases they do most of the time it works in your favor since they become somewhat useless in the team fight
and lastly id like to address the matter of positioning kata should be positioned as you would a ranged ad carry and then shunpo into preferably their ranged champions and pull a garen on their faces (spin to win:) )

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Singing off

well as this is my first guide please don't be too harsh and id love some constructive commenting and suggestions also if possible id prefer not to get nuked by grammar Nazis since i think its pretty obvious English is not my native language(god you should have seen this guide before the auto correction on spelling)