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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exonerate7

Katarina Crazy DPS

Exonerate7 Last updated on June 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First off i just want to say this is my way that i play katarina and it isnt a set in stone build by any meanswhen i am playing her. depending on the group composition of the opposing team it may vary at the players discretion but This build does seem to work well for most group comps.

Summoner Spells
Ignite: For pretty obvious reason i choose ignite. Ignite of course is useful for getting that little bit of extra DOT damage in to get a kill early to mid game when you might not have enough AP to take down an enemy, or they run out of Death Lotus' range. It also helps to throw on the opposing teams healer then KI,Shunpo, BB, DL.

Exhaust: Quite the amazing spell in offense and defense. It helps us keep them slowed after the initial KI,Shunpo,DL spin(throw a BB in there when you see fit). Also can be used to get away from that enemy champ that sneaks up to try and gank you while seemingly helpless in your lane (ie: exhaust,KI, Shunpo the front out of there.)

Skill Order:
Many Katarina builds you see out there, most in fact, have you pick shunpo first. However the way i play her is slightly different at level one. I choose BB first always and here is why. BB at level one is very good for harrasing and dealing damage little by little until you hit level two then you should be able to get a first blood kill for your team with nice shunpo, Ignite, Exhaust then BB combo. It is also good for getting last hit on minions if you are going against two heavy melee hitters or a good ranged early game. The skill order is one of the few things that i rarely change up, as this skill order works perfectly.

Try and get mid if you can. even though your group may not like it very much it will actually be very beneficial for them in the long run(once you are fed). you should (if you follow the previous suggestions) be able to get an early game kill if not first blood and get yourself on the way to being epic AP DPS.Your first items you should buy should be bootsand 2 health potsyou can buy 3 if you think you will need them but usually 2 is enough. Once you have enough gold your next item should be Mejai's Soulstealer. At this point you should be able to bounce between lanes ganking the enemy unawares and get quite a few kills. The next item you should get as soon as you have enough money isthen Rylai's Crystal Scepter. The scepter is so good for kat with the health bonus plus AP PLUS spells slow the target. such a good weapon. Now you should be able to do some serious damage. Your enemy team at this point will most likely be focusing you to knock you out of your ultimate making you much less effective at melting their faces. so what i would suggest is if this is the case change up the item order to getnext. The health increase is very nice plus the fist enemy spell cast on you every 30 seconds is negated the next item in the list as it increases magic penetration and gives you more AP. You can also swap this item out forif your team doesnt already have one and you need the magic resist(again gauge the enemy team). Your final item if you havn't already won or made them rage quit at this point is.

So as you can see this build is really not very effective at pushing towers really. keep in mind this build is for kat to help keep the battlefield clear so your pusher can take out the tower thus winning the game. It is a team game and this build is made for a specific role to play.

I welcome any comments and constructive feedback you may have to help make this build a little better. Enjoy!