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Katarina - Shunpo That

Last updated on August 22, 2010
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Well guys, i thought i would remake my build since things have changed from when i made my old one. I thought i would include pictures because it seems to have helped people understand. Thanks DEWO for that idea.

So, Katarina has to be one of the most lethal and best characters when played with the correct team. Any stuns or slows paired with Katarina is a lethal combination. Now, why AP you ask. Well, on a decent attack build, the most attack you were able to get would probably be somewhere around 3-400 including base damage. Well ok, now take that and multiply the 50% ratio.. so about 150-200 damage per dagger.

Ok now consider AP, with this build, you have 334 AP, not counting stacks and percentage. Already above attack. Now add the 8*20 for the mejai's (if you are a decent player and can get stacks) thats another 160 (times 1.25 for the ring) so..another 160 (334+160 = 494) then that multiplied by 1.25 for the ring percentage... you end up with, 617.5 AP.. Oh boy. Now, consider your ult is 30% of your AP.. 617.5*.3 = 187.5 damage per dagger.. Woah. So same as attack?? Wow go figure, and guess what, your ultimate, and your shunpo, and your dagger slows. This is because you got that handy rylai's sceptre. Go figure? Now shunpo damage. 210 base at lvl 5. plus 75% of the 617.5.. well thats, 463 + 210. So your shunpo is hitting 670? woah, you can probably 2-3 hit a squishy character with that, with a 35% slow for 2.5 seconds?? HOLY ****.

So lets talk about gameplay.


First items you are supposed to get is:

and 2x

.. With these items, PLEASE for the love of god try to get mid, people will mock you but say F them and move on, because honestly, unless you run into a MORTEKAISER, most tanks dont lane mid, your exhaust and ignite, combined with shunpo and your dagger, with the ap from your book, should get you an early kill (level 3 maybe) if not first blood.

The next item you get is the mejai's soulstealer (you should be able to get it after 2 kills or level 4-5. 6 if its a slow game),

then after that work on either mercury treads or ninja tabi. If they have disables get mercury treads, if not get the Ninja Tabifor dodge chance. If their team just sucks, go for mobility boots, they help you get around.

At level 6 help ganking top and bottom, your exhaust and ignite should be up, and you should be at 4-6 stacks. To use everything properly, Killer instincts > shunpo > exhaust > Spin > Dagger/ignite (or both if that's what it takes to kill). That is a ****ton of damage.. if they dont drop, they are probably one hell of a beefy tank. You may be able to pick off two of them if your team knows what you are doing.

You should soon be able to get the Rylai's Scepter. Wow, is this the greatest thing ever for kat or what. Imagine, not only does your shunpo slow, or your dagger, but your ulti does as well, keeping them in it for as long as possible. Hmm, so now if you dont have exhaust, shunpo does the same thing, but guess what, it does a tanky amount of damage.. if you can get stacks, you should be at either max or very close (15-16 stacks, if you died you should be at about 10). Well yeah, thats pretty beefy damage, also the Rylai's gives health, so you can take more damage. I would team up with stunners and start popping people with ulti, tell the stunner to stun 1 person, you shunpo to slow the other, then spin and kill both. On my profile i have the stats with kat of 2 doublekills per game, and 1 triplekill every 2 of 3 games. That is pretty nuts. Thats not counting my 1 quadrakill every 4 games or so? Wow, lethal.

Next item is the zonya's ring. I get this for the AP% boost, and for the 2 second invuln. Thats all you may need in the middle of a fight to stay alive, and just long enough for that essential cooldown to run out on shunpo/ult. It has saved my life since it came out enough times. Plus that AP boost that isnt included in this site quite yet is a huge help.. The more AP the better.

Well, now i get the void stafffor 40% magic penetration, that is about it, then top it off with a nashors Tooth, for more cooldown reduction. the 15% from the mejais and 25% from nashors is 40% cooldown reduction. If you get a doublekill with your ult, 3 seconds and it's back up, well if you are getting hit, zonyas for that 3 seconds and you are ready to kill some more.

Summoner Spells:

What to look for:

Exhaust: Compliments your ult early and helps you shunpo to catch up, i love it

Ignite: It is great when that person has that little scrape of health left after your ult, that scrape is so annoying

Teleport: I would put this instead of your ignite if you have a teemo or something on your team. Tell him to lay a shroom behind the enemy and teleport there, free kills, also, you can go up to enemies, tele right in front of them, shunpo so they are slowed, then ult. I prefer ignite but it is your choice.

What NOT go get:

Heal: You should never be in the position to need it, especially with zonya's

Flash: It can seem useful but if you are skilled, dont get into fights without something to shunpo to.

Ghost: Well, if you can throw your dagger to slow them why ghost? just throw it on your way out.. if it is a yi, well ghost wont save you anyway, best chance is to Killer Instincts, shunpo/spin, and exhaust if you have it, he should drop FAST


Who you want to lane against (solo):

Squishy chars:

Teemo, Ashe (my favorite), Yi, Karthas (sometimes), twitch, Cho (early game), Warwick, or any other, non high dmg char. DPS characters are fun early on :) if they dont get fed it is game over.

Who NOT to lane against: Defensive/Disable chars:

Ex: Ryze!, Heimerdinger (his turrets eat you alive), Annie (even though its fairly easy), Chogath (he is easy until level 6 when he is feasting as well), Mortekaiser (i hate soloing mort, his rage sucks in my whole shunpo, or most of it)

Who to lane with:

Stuns/Disables: Malphite, Twisted Fate, Ryze, Shaco, Nasus (that slow is killer)

Who not to lane with:

DPS/Casters: Yi, twitch, teemo, trynd (in most cases), anivia, plank.

Runes: that bonus AP from runes really helps early game, severely. That will make your shunpo strong early and probably switch the ult from base damage to AP after 2 stacks or so on your mejai's. Sounds good

My best record with this (and i have screenshot if needed) was 43-1-3 while the rest of my team had negative scores (only the eve was positive with 6-5-10, rest were: 0-7-2, 0-6-3, 2-11-1.)

EDIT************ I give the option now to pick up an Abyssal Scepterinstead of the void staffbecause of the magic resist and extra AP.

I also have considered the option of filling that spot with a Lich Bane but getting it after a Nashors, and if you feel the game will last a while, substitute the void staff for either of those items******************/EDIT

Best of luck!
- HeAt