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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khadice

Katarina: Spin and Win

Khadice Last updated on December 8, 2010
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Alright, let me start by saying this is my first guide for LoL. That being said, I guess I'll get right to it!

I started playing Kat as soon as I had enough IP to unlock a new character. Something about a ninja-type chick whooping people up and down the street sounded pretty awesome to me. About 250 games later, I'm still playing her.

Why? Because she's a badass, plain and simple. Now, a little more about the character.

Katarina is a vicious, vicious champion. I take pride in the fact that if an enemy oversteps their bounds for a split second, they die, without exception.

-Arguably the best passive in the game.
-Easily gets in, or out, of teamfights.
-Kills 3 enemy champions as fast as she kills 1 (which is exceedingly fast).
-Has nice curves. XD

-If her ulti is down, her damage output is limited.
-Very reliant on early game kills.
-Almost impossible to do well against a CC-heavy team.
-Isn't real. :( Her curves will never be mine. XD

I tend to play very, very agressively, which is a very workable playstyle for Kat. I'll admit that I do get cocky at times, jumping into 3-4 enemies alone. But, of course, that's when you've stacked your Soulstealer in the early game. That being said, you MUST BE PATIENT! Wait for for enemy to make a mistake, then make them suffer for it. Don't overextend.

Skills: Here's an explanation of which skills I take, and why.
Shunpo: Max this first. It's your initiator, your escape mechanism, and your defensive skill when coupled with...

Killer Instincts: The second skill you max. Why? Because it gives you damage mitigation. Feel like diving a turret to kill that annoying ranged carry? This'll let you do it, then escape with relative ease.

Bouncing Blades: One point at level two. Good for last-hitting minions and champions. Combined with Killer Instincts, it gives a 50% health regen debuff, which can be useful if you can land it on someone like Mundo, or (in early game) your enemy when he's using a potion.

Death Lotus: Use it. A lot. The cooldown is very, very low. Use it when you think you might get a kill, use it when you know you won't get one but think you can make your enemy run and clear the lane for farming.A very useful tip: Your ulti is only able to activate if there's an enemy champion near you. Even if they're invisible. Most Twitch players think it's funny to sneak up right behind someone and pop Spray and Pray... In this case, guess who gets the last laugh?

_______The Early Game_______
Alright, folks. Here's where it gets to the actual playing. You've seen the items, masteries, all that jazz, but now it's time to apply them!
Pick up your Amplifying Tome and Health pot and head to the middle lane, or to the solo lane. The only difference between 2v1 and 1v1 is that you get 2 kills early instead of 1, if you play well. The very first skill you pick up is Shunpo, which is pretty much your bread and butter. Not only is it your initiator, it's also your escape mechanism, as well as your defensive skill when combined with Killer Instincts.
We'll assume you've taken the mid lane in this guide. Kat is a very strong mid. There's only a few people who will give you trouble, all the rest will cower before you.

The one you don't want to mid against: Mord, for obvious reasons. And... That's about it. Honestly, you should be able to dominate most others.

Now, back to the process: last hitting isn't as important for Kat as it is for most others, but don't go out of your way to avoid them, obviously. If a hero gets too close, make them pay. Killer Instincts + Shunpo + Bouncing Blades will take a nice chunk of their hp away, but be sure to run away quickly if they start to fight back. A couple of these, followed by an exhaust/ignite combo is sure to get you a kill.

At this point in the game, you shouldn't be auto attacking at all. You should be staying behind your creep line. Use your skills for last hits, when you're not punishing your enemy for getting a single step out of line.

Once you hit 6, if you haven't gotten a kill yet, you should now. Shunpo, Death Lotus, Exhaust, then profit. Likely you'll be fairly low on health after this, so pop your blue pill and head back to the base. If you've been doing well, you should be able to buy not only your Soulstealer, but also your basic boots and a blue elixir. Once you've done all that, it's time to start ganking.

In any given game, it's not uncommon for me to have 4-5 stacks on my Soulstealer right after purchasing it. Along with your blue elixir, your AP is pretty beefy right now, and it only gets higher.

______The Mid Game______
Gank. That's it. You should be ganking anyone and everyone that isn't dead. Gank until your eyes bleed, or better, your opponents' eyes bleed.

At this point, your team will be trying to push towers. Let me make this perfectly clear:

So, while you're doing all of your not-pushing, guess what you -are- doing? Defending turrets. Or...? Yep. Ganking. And once you've completed a gank, leave the lane. Let other champs more suited to pushing do it, while you go murder more of the enemy team.
______The Late Game______
Ohhhhhh baby. Finally. You're in the late game. You've got your soulstealer stacked up, your Rylai's completed, and are proceeding to stomp face. This is the phase where teamfights are constant, and you can really, really shine. Remember how I said to be patient? This is where it kicks is. A good Kat player will wait until the big AoE taunts/stuns have been used, a great Kat player will wait until all possible ways for her ulti to be cancelled have been used. It does take some getting used to, because your first instinct is to jump in and help your team, but -trust me- patience is a virtue, and will lead to high kills, and low deaths.

So, teamfight starts, You wait until their stuns and silences are on CD, then you activate Killer Instincts, Shunpo in, and pop Death Lotus. Next... Wait. Teamfight's over. Yes. Really.

A little more about the items: Rylai's Scepter is the single most important item in your arsenal. The slow will keep people in your ulti's range, or even let you escape if you throw a shuriken and run.
You'll notice there's only 4 core items listed, and that's for a good reason. If you find that someone, say a Pantheon, is saving his stun for you in every teamfight, buy a Banshee's Veil. Sure, it stops only a single spell, but if there's only one person targeting you with a stun/silence, it's invaluable.
Other good items include things like Will of the Ancients, spell vamp is a great, great tool for you, considering all of your abilities deal magic damage.
Got a tank stacking nothing but magic resist? Void Staff. 40% Magic penetration, on top of your marks, quints, and boots, and you'll see a signifigant increase in damage.
Lichbane is another great item for you. Extra movespeed, and a nice increase in damage for an attack. Love it.

The Elixir of Brilliance: I love, love, LOVE this item. Personally, I always keep myself stacked with one. It puts you a step ahead of everyone else, especially in the early game. Buy it, use it, love it... Then buy another one. XD

Alright! So! This is the end of my guide. If you're going to downrate it, please give me some constructive criticism so as to improve it. If you like it, rate it up for me!
I'll be adding additional information as I think of it, along with, probably, a cosmetic re-vamp soon.