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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bodomire

Katarina - The way to Domination

Bodomire Last updated on December 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my guide for Katarina and i highly recommend this to everyone who have problems at dealing damage or just fail horribly with her and dont know how to build her succesful. I have been using this build since the patch where Katarina became hybrid and this is the way i dominate the enemy team with her. Feel free to discuss about the guide on comments section. If you vote down please comment why because feedback is always good.

Starting item build which i use is: Boots of Movement speed + 3 health potions or Doran's Blade and 1 Health Potion. You can always mix some consumables in which you prefer ( Boots of speed + 1 health potion + 1 sight ward etc ) Next i upgrade my boots to spell penetration and buy Hextech Revolver and start trying to harass enemy team as much as possible. Farming Katarina is not the way to go ever, Katarina is a great assassin and you live for the kills. Jungling is also very slow on her so only get red buff and dragon but never jungle in order to farm it is waste of time. Then i get my Hextech Gunblade and after that if im rich enough i get Zhonyas Ring but if i had problems with gold i go for Mejajs Soulstealer. After that Rylais for little survivability and slow to boost your ulti. The last items i get is buy all elixirs and buy either Void staff for damage or if enemy is heavy magic dmg i get abyssal scepter. But usually game is over before you get the last item.

Just try it, you wont regret. You can also use flash because you are a real threat magnet because of your ulti. For Quintesses you can also use magic penetration. Remember that Katarina is very easily aimed down so you MUST wait for the tanks to take the aggro and then attack else you're dead.

For items you can always mix example if enemy has very strong magic dmg and you're having hard times staying alive just build Abyssal Scepter instead of Mejajs Soulstealer but spell penetration boots is the only way to go so dont even consider other boots as you're there to deal damage anyways and not to take it.

Katarina needs a Galio / Amumu or any other crowd control champion to hold the opponents still for your ulti. And without a tank in your team the game will simply suck for you. So if you're for serious arranged team you will need crowd control in it.

In 5v5 teamfights you should wait for the opponents unleash their ultis and stuns on others then just activate killer instinct and shunpo in and ulti them to death *PENTAKILL*. Early game you should harass enemy champions with your daggers and lasthit with shunpo / autoattack. When you've got enemy low hp with your bouncing blades wait for cooldowns to refresh and if you face something like mundo use W + Q + E but if anything else always use W + E + Q. Hope this guide helps you to understand Katarina better.

~ few tips ~
If you face hidden opponents like Teemo, twitch, akali etc your ulti will be activate even they are invisible so example if Akali is low hp she will throw invisible on herself and giggle how you can do **** about it but no that is wrong! Press 'R' and she will cry.

And another tip i would recommend is: Use the damn fog of war! Example if you are being chased by a Taric quickly dive inside the closest bush or corner of the trees and activate your ulti you can possibly take him down and laugh out loud.

If you want to have a cool escape mechanism use wards. Example you see that a warwick was going for dragon go throw a ward a bit further from yourself and if you find yourself in trouble just shunpo to the ward and run. Most of the time they wont bother to chase longer. ( You can also shunpo on allied champions and creeps )

Also if you failed to kill anyone with your ulti and you have completed your Zhonyas Ring and they start to focus you just activate it and you get few more seconds to possibly refresh cooldowns and manage to kill / escape.

For Hextech gunblade i would recommend to use its activate on fleeing champions or before teamfight throw it on a morgana or such because of its slow so your ulti gets more hits on her because she moves like a snail now.