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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Kayle: (clever title here)

Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Why Play Kayle?

For most of LoL's history Kayle has been an otherwise totally underwhelming champion with an extremely effective supporting ult. Good play with Kayle has always been, and still is synonomous with effective utilization of her ultimate. I personally found her to have always been fun, and to be rewarding of good team play, which is why I wrote this guide. Of course the real reason I find her to be fun is how aggravating good use of Intervention can be to opposing players.

To demonstrate this point I quote Elementz's post on a message board following a number of games against my Kayle (I had to censor a couple parts):
"This kid is half *@#$%^& &@(!$@*#. He played Kayle 350 games... and think's he's somehow good... Anywho.. Think he might be a @(#*&^% *@(%(!)#$ or some @(#!*$#% @#^$ like that cause he acts like quite the @(#*(# 24/7. I feel bad for anyone who gets matched vs him because the experience is very unenjoyable. Playing vs) him (or it) feels like im watching two @#$%!$@(#*& !*#^%!*#$^* rip each others inte(s)tines !(#*$^%# out through their mouth(s)."

Disclaimer: While I have played alot of games as Kayle, I haven't played 350 :(

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Guide Mission Statement

This guide is intended to provide a concise and definite starting point for someone interested in playing Kayle. Rather than obfuscate the setup, build, strategy with all sorts of possible options and tangential tips I have tried to create an outline of the most general way to play her. My goal is that you can get the information you actually need to start playing quickly, then close my guide and get your own feel for playing her.

The build here is for a Kayle starting on bottom lane who goes for the supporting side of the champion. Kayle is now relatively flexible and you can adapt this build to a solo-lane start, but her use as a dual-lane starting support is where she really excels. This guide will work in any game with a high enough level of play for her Intervention's strength in teamfights to be of use.

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Picking Kayle

One of the most important parts of using Kayle effectively is knowing when to use her. Due to Intervention her effectiveness varies more than most champions depending on your team comp. A list of teams she works well with and against would over-simplify the issue. Instead just think through what each allied champion will be doing in a team fight, and how useful would the invunerability be to them. Her ultimate is most effective on champions who can deal sustained damage, while not being kited or crowd controlled.(AD carries will be your most common ult target) You must always consider both the friendly and enemy teams in their entirity. It is important that Kayle's team can keep in combat with the enemy team when you make your carry invunerable.

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Item Strategy

The flat magic damage on Righteous Fury (RF) is the main thing to consider when purchasing items to increase offensive capability. The AP ratios on it and divine blessing aren't that large, but the base damage is very good, and the cooldown and mana cost low. Since RF adds a large flat effect on each attack, attack speed is a very strong stat on Kayle. The AP ratio on reckoning is good, so even though building expressedly for huge amounts of ap isn't viable, items with both attack speed and ability power are quite strong.
Your early attack speed items will give you alot of extra damage, but due to the mediocre scaling on other stats you won't get as much bang for your buck as other damage dealing champions. As a result Kayle is a very good place for your team to get necessary aura items.

As far as cooldown reduction, its not an amazing stat for Kayle, but its helpful. Nashor's tooth, and the masteries will cap your CDR if you pop a blue elixir. Of note, you get 100% Righteous Fury uptime with 37.5% CDR, which you will be a little bit short of without the elixir(34%). If you don't care too much about the magic resist blue runes, and hate elixirs(hate winning) you can grab a couple percent from there. Or you could just live with slightly sub-100% uptime and make sure not to run forward in fights during the gap. Beserker's Greaves: They are boots, and they have attack speed: victory! Mercury Treads: These are valid if the enemy team has obscene amounts of crowd control. Nashor's Tooth: A mix of all the stats Kayle needs, start here for offensive items. Aegis of the Legion: A great item, get it unless someone else on team is better suited for it. Doesn't have to be in a specific part of the build order, as long as it is finished by the midgame and 5v5 team fighting. Malady: Great for when opposing players skimp on magic resist. Guinsoo's Rageblade: Great for when the geometric scaling of attack speed begins to decrease. Banshee's Veil: Absolutely necessary some games, optional in others. This thing works ggrrrrrreat in allowing for timely Intervention casts Madred's Bloodrazor: Great effect for Kayle, since often you want to hang back a bit until you cast ult, and may not be able to focus the squishier enemy's all the time. You can move the Madred's Razor part up in the build if you want to help your jungle do a fast early dragon, but most of the time I wouldn't recommend handicapping your team fighting capabilities for the early midgame.

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9/0/21 YO! its like... effective n' stuff

Get greed, its a mathematically strong point and I promise it wont bite. Utility Mastery might be worth it in the occasional instance of Kayle being the best place for a red buff. Feel free to work it in if your team will be giving you red.