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Build Guide by oframpage

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author oframpage

Kayle Damage/Support

oframpage Last updated on July 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Summon Spells-Awesome:
Clarity- it allows you to stay on a lane much longer and you will be healing your team alot so i recommend having it
Ignite- it add additional damage plus its ranged so it helps that much more.
Not Bad
Exhaust- yes it and slows and blind, but you have a built in slow and you can heal the damage done to you instead of blind. this is if your planning to be very aggressive.
Teleport- it adds very good transportation but unnecessary late game, so if you like to care your lanes thats not a bad idea.
Cleanse- this helps you bail and dodge serious situations, but heal and ultra cover the same situations. this only helps with characters with a lot of crowd control.
Rally- this is a great support method for team battles, so it helps to replace it with ignite if your not a big fan of it.
Fortify- this helps to place defensively it you like to be calm and unaggressive but you will constantly be in enemy territory if all goes well.
Flash- this is a good combination with cleanse because you can get a head start on enemy chasers but its a waste of a better summon spell slot
Ghost- its not bad because you can chase an enemy and slow them, and useful to ult and bail but otherwise i find no use to it because your heal also ads movement so you can just spam that because it hardly costs mana.
Ah Hell NO!
Heal- you have a built in heal, you dont need it because yours has a low cool down and additional movement speed so its useless.
Revive- this is a waste, if your other teammates dont have it(i doubt they will) its useless even if its to defend the base, because most likely it will be more than one enemy taking down your turrets and you cant 2v1 at all.
Clairvoyance- yes it reveals enemies but its only good to scout, i just dont find any use to your combination of skills with kayle.
Smite- no.... you arent supposed to jungle because your support.

Reckoning- this is very useful because it lets your team chase a targeted enemy, you will be using this A LOT. Make sure to get closer to the enemies and always save this towards the end of a team battle because of the chase effect and killing blows >_>
Divine Blessing- Heal allies as much as you can with this, it can make a big difference because it adds movement, so it easier for a low health ally to run out of battle. You can spam this to have a ghost effect and it has low mana cost so dont hesitate to cast this when chasing someone.
Righteous Fury-Always cast this when you want to deal damage, it allows you to stay a safe distance from melee characters and AoE's (Jax Stun, Malphite's slam). Also spam this to attack turrets because it takes it down faster and you arent in nore danger of getting pushed or pulled towards the turret(Blitzcrank, Alistar, Gragas, Singed,).
Intervention- Be wise when you use this, try not to use it on tanks unless the dps is safe, damage us more important than a tank because the tanks job is to initiate and die.

Deathfire Grasp- this items helps A LOT because it take down the enemies faster and you need damage to help the team get this ASAP! so you can start killing early.
Hextech Gunblade(optional)- now if you like kicking *** and taking names, stack this with deathfire, it gives good AP and Dmg and help to nuke the enemy.
Nashor's- The reason i got two of these is because it helps spam you abilities and gives additional damage, the AS is just awesome. You can replace one with Rageblade but that depends on your play style.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter- this is late game, by this time you need some heal for more survivability you can get zhonya's if your feeling sexy and want to do damage(also helps to stay safe when your ult is on CD)
Rod of Ages- it give good ap hp and mana. this is just to stack those stats. you can replace it with Innervating Locket or Lich bane. the locket helps for more support and lich bane give more damage so its your choice.

PS: this isnt the order to get it, if you feel ***fy with another order feel free to do so.

Early Game
Get Amplifying tome and 1 hp pot, after get Kage's Lucky pick its important to be able to get Deathfire because its a big hit early game. Try to keep your laning parter as healthy as possible until you get deathfire and sorcerer's boots its time to kill. Make sure you start off with reckoning and then Righteous fury, this way the CD on reckoning is on cd by the time the enemies run and you can slow them if they do and then hit righteous.

Mid Game
By this time you have your Nashor's teeth, start grouping together and use Righteous Fury to its maximum potential, you will damage all of the enemies at the same time if theyare clustered together. USE IT TO TAKE DOWN TURRETS!!!! try not to stay in front of the line because you are a valuable champion in the battles. Dont be afraid to spam heal because it doesnt cost a lot of mana and you have clarity if you do go oom.

Late Game
By this time to can manage yourself. If you are losing try back dooring the turrets or defending the base. Its still best to cluster up with your teammates regardless if you are winning or losing. I dont have much more to add because late game is very unpredictable.

Thats the end of the build, i dont guarantee a win, because you greatly depend on your team. Hope this build works for you guys too and thanks for reading it. Good Luck on your games =]

PS: I'd love your comments and look for any flaws. This will improve my build and my gameplay,