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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pokimoki

Kayle - Ebony & Ivory

Pokimoki Last updated on October 14, 2010
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HELLO Y'ALL! (Just joking i'm not southern.) Hey everybody and welcome to my Kayle build

This is guide of for building a DPS Kayle, not a support Kayle, so leave and check my other build you pansy! (Just joking.)

-Unparalleled pusher.
-Hysterically good at fleeing.
-Saving teammates is a snap.
-Fairly easy to master.
-Super good at harassing.
-Her passive is sexy.
-Overall a great team player.

-Not the best ganker.
-Targeted often due to your ult.
-Extremely mana deficient.
-Constant whining on the opposite team.

Summoner Spells:
What you should get:

Clarity: This is a MUST for Kayle. I've tried playing a game without it... And i just kept recalling because i was constantly oom. It is extremely useful early game, Very helpful mid game, And even late game i find myself using it! This spell is NEEDED.

Ignite: This spell is great for Kayle because her damage output is quite weak in early game. And this will be a great finisher for the enemy turret hugger. And Reckoning makes the damage ignite inflicts to the target 12-16% stronger. So this spell should be greatly considered.

Cleanse: This spell is great for just getting away. If you are stunned/slowed you use cleanse, Intervention, Divine Blessing. You will be MC Hammer! Can't touch this!

Exhaust: This spell is useful for first blood, and against physical attack reliant champions like Yi, Twitch, Olaf, ect.

Clairvoyance: I'm not very good with Clairvoyance, but if you can predict a gank or GET a gank, then sure take it!

Rally: This spell is amazing for pushing turrets, defending turrets, and in team battles. Consider this if you are a team player.

What NOT to get:

Fortify: Very useful for champs with taunt. Let them take it.

Heal: Divine blessing takes care of that. Just don't get it!

Smite: Not for Kayle at all. If you want to smite some minions play as Udyr or WW.

Flash: Very useful for OTHER champions, and one of my favorite spells, but Kayle has 2 survivability spells. And if you have cleanse you are good to go.

Teleport: Very useful indeed. But with Divine blessing, Shoes, And lich bane, You will be EVERYWHERE. (Not really, but you will be fast.)

Revive: Just... -___-

Core Items:
-Sorceror's Shoes
-Guinsoo's Rageblade
-Nashor's Tooth
-Lich Bane

Optional/Situational items:
-Berserker's Greaves
-Frozen Mallet
-Mejai's Soulstealer
-Sword of Occult
(Pick up a Mejai's or Sword of Occult if you are doing good early game)

Early Game:

Start off by buying a Meki Pendant and 2 HP pots. (Kayle is annoyingly good at wasting mana) Now start heading to your lane, try getting a ranged champion to lane with. In the beginning phase try to save your mana and harass every so often. Don't try anything dumb like turret diving or running into 2 vs 1. Try to stay in lane til you get 1.5 k in gold, then port back to the fountain and buy your Sorceror's Shoes and a Fiendish Codex and another HP pot (Recommended but not needed). Why get a fiendish codex first? Your cooldowns are reduced, so you can use your ultimate on your teammates very often, and you get more AP. After a couple minions kills and harassing wave goodbye to Early Game and lets get Mid Game started! (Finally, Early game is boring)

Mid Game:
By now you should have accumulated at least 680 so go pick up a Blasting Wand to make your Rageblade. After you have your Rageblade you should be able to push a lane quite hard, and not to mention rape some enemies' faces. Start battle's with Reckoning (Because it increases the amount of damage you do to that target) and then use Righteous Fury to hit them at a range. BTW If i didn't mention this earlier, Righteous Fury is such an amazing spell, It deals bonus damage, AND splash damage, and Reckoning increases the bonus damage!

Here is the simple combo for Kayle:
Reckoning>Righteous Fury>(If needed) Inteervention

Go and finish your Nashor's tooth and stick with your team from now on. Oh and buy your Tiamat for super pushing-ness.

Late Game:
At this time people will run at the sight of you if you are doing good. So lets go ahead and pick up a Frozen Mallet so they will have to sit there and watch their death. (xD)
And if they still haven't surrendered yet. Pick up a Lich Bane and watch the chat fill up with Surrender votes. Btw Lich bane is deadly on Kayle, On top of the Bonus Damage righteous fury adds, Reckoning makes the Lich bane Bonus Damage go up. So you are doing Bonus Damage x 4 and an added 16% and SPLASH DAMAGE. oMAIGAWD.

Remember, stay behind the tank, cast your ult on your friends, and plan what to do with your teammates. You can turret dive early with your ult also. And most important: DON'T BE DUMB. My W/L with Kayle is 49/19, i hope that helps.

Good Luck and Have Fun!
And don't minus without commenting!

P.S. This is my first build so give me constructive criticism Pl0x.