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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Kayle IS the Team MANAGER

Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros / Cons


- Can Carry while playing major support role
- Can Damage other Summoners while focusing on Creep Kills
- Has More utility then most summoner hero's
- Lots of fun when played appropriately


- Low on mana early game
- Gets focused a lot in team fights
- needs a lot of game sense
- not everyone says thank you to your epic saves t.t

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First off its lets talk about the masteries

Ghost ---- why?!? why bother with ghost when you have divine blessing. there is your short speed boost (don't forget the small heal; saved me more then once) and with Reckoning you have your own little Mini exhaust able to use on a short cool down

Exhaust ---- Look up >.>

Ignite ---- i hate to say it. But this crowd favorite only 2 team mates need and as kayle you dont need it.. did you forget about your Reckoning q.q

Clarity --- this is one that i will use on a rare night when i mid or solo top as Kayle YOU HAVE TO STAY IN LANE.. and thats any solo character until you get the advantage dont even think about it. This one is of good use because you are spamming (i hope you are) Righteous Fury every creep spawn to FEED your need to build up (i think down is the right term) your cool downs (over did it?) Use it only when you need your "q" (Reckoning) ability or the "w" (Divine Blessing)

Flash ---- Every game. you need it. A LOT. YES; A LOT. You have your reckoning to slow down one enemy but when 2 or 3 come down with the death hammer Divine blessing will only get you out in a defensive position. when your way out in jungle setting down a ward and a gank appears u need a last resort In combination with Intervention you should get out of most hairy situations

Teleport ---- You want to be a carry? sure you can be; but only if you feed your self well. if you cant or are in lane with an ally that game you need to be able to get into the team fights. you as Kayle are too valuable to be worrying about that last creep in the creep spawn. Not only can you stop the enemy from running away; you can save a mid health ally with "w" and
be the hero with your ulti "r" with someone about to be last Hit with lets say Cait's Ulti

feel free to try the other Masteries; however I dont see how they would come to utilization with the mechanics of Kayle (but hey thats how new builds are discovered)

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Greater Mark of replenishment ---- you run out of mana early game a lot. and runes help your early game a lot nuff said.

Greater Seal of Potency ---- honestly as Kayle you work great with ad and ap; however i like ap do to the fact it really improves the effectiveness of all your abilities without it. early game this takes heavy consideration but you need to work on cool downs during early game so you can spam "e" for creep kills and is your life to late game with spamming "q" on the enemy

Greater Glyph of Streath ---- odd huh? well your main damage is a fuse of your ap and attack damage; giving a critical strike chance is something at least i cant pass up. this will keep you a threat to the enemy not only by utility but by raw damage.

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Ability Tome --- If you can avoid damage why take it? this makes it easy to feed off creep from the get go (with Righteous Fury) and allows a start on some cool down in the near future.

Mana Potion --- you'll need more then one; and need more till about level 6 if you are using Righteous Fury like you should

Findish Codex --- down for Righteous Fury; ap... good stuff

Morelloe's Evil Tome --- the better version of the above ^

Ionian boots of Lucidity --- if you can start to move faster you can force more team kills/assist by using "w" on an ally then yourself and youll get more movement speed in the future this also makes it to you can ALLWAYS be in Righteous Fury at ALL times if need be.

Hexteck Revolver --- some more ap and some spell vamp; with some added attack speed and crit damage this gets nasty. you want your items to work with you and this item works best with Righteous Fury

Zeal --- here youll start to see why stacking for Righteous Fury was a great choice + the movement speed gets to the team asap crit is in the works and your saving people; and you can finally start doing nice adittion damage with the aoe of Righteous Fury. this also makes it so you can use Reckoning and still catch up to the enemy if the stry to flash away add divine blessing in there to you or an ally and you will get the kill

Nashers Tooth --- even when you want that crit/movement speed you need to remember ap is important with attack speed as Kayle using Righteous Fury as much as you can that "q" need to hit hard when you have it and heal is a saver with "w".

HexTech Gunblade --- more ap and spell vamp. This also add a nice last hit to kill in a pinch or as nuke damage.

Phantom dancer --- HAHAAHAHA yea they aint keeping up your team fights with go hard. and if you see the team falling you have the job to save them you can deal aoe to bunched up enemy with Righteous Fury "w" to help fleeing allies and "r" to make sure the enemy can focus their target be you or anyone in that team fight... us it sparingly.

Lich bane --- why so late? well you needed the build up to this point but i couldnt see myself not adding this item to the build almost everything youve been progressing toward is in here and is the finish you need to win.

on an end not i have hardly ever gotten to get even to Phantom dancer. if you can save your team and pick off an enemy you are not going to have problems

with this build you might get upset because you are getting assists and a lot of them and creep farming to hell and back; but you will feel like the team mvp at 4/1/19 at 209 creep kills regardless of the other score because you will be the one making it possible for you team to feed on enemy kills so well with you saving them every chance you get.