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League of Legends Build Guide Author sherina

Kayle, Mid Harasser

sherina Last updated on June 20, 2010
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Ok some of you guys might find it weird why i put kayle on mid. well this are the reasons why i put kayle on mid lane.
1.Kayle has heal, and even a lvl 1 heal is already annoying for mid lane characters since they cannot harass you that much.
2.Mid lane characters are usually squishy characters (ashe, tristana, heim, etc.)
3.Kayle moves fast, i mean REALLY FAST so she can gank easily bot or top lane
4.Kayle looks sexy on mid lane :P

Early game
at this point some range attackers might try to hit you bit by by with their normal attacks or skill so just simply heal it and eventually they will stop hitting you and upon leveling up you can return the favor by hitting them back using righteous fury even though they are using life steal items it'll be enough to cut down 1/4 of their life and at lvl 3 or 4 try spamming reckoning on them and let them push a lil bit to your turret and when that happens heal up to speed yourself up then use reckoning on the champion to slow it down the use the righteous fury to do some damage and chase them up to their turret but don't go where the turret can reach you since you still dont have your ulti, well if all goes well before they reach their turret its either you have slain it or they already used their exhaust ignite or heal against that attack of yours and at this point you'll gain advantage at lvl and money by last hitting the minions. by the time the champion goes back to his lane you are already 1 lvl higher meaning your reckoning is much stronger now so just do the same thing and surely you will kill him again. at this point you can already buy an avarice blade and boots of swiftness and some parts for the zeal. now you have the speed and crit hits to abuse your righteous fury. now when you get back to your lane and im sure by this point you are already lvl 6 try harrassing the hero now up to their turret since you have your ulti already and kill him again and that an easy 3-0-0 stats for you and you can destroy the turret already at this point (just pray that his teammates will not gank you at this point) or just gank top or bot lane your choice actually coz at this point both lanes have lvl 4 heroes and you already lvl 6 with a crazy movement speed.

note: just abuse your skills at this point since you also have clarity and ignite im sure you wont have a hard time ganking and killing the mid hero as well and just port back to base if you ran out of mana.(in my case i just use clarity when im chasing an enemy and i ran out of mana. mostly at lvl 7 i get like 4-0-3 which is already good enough since i also have an avarice blade)

Mid game
at this point you may already have a zeal or if you are better than me in killing the minions and farming a bf sword is already at reach too. by this time you already cannot go solo coz mostly at this point of the game is already ganking and juking. so just try to use you heal to speed up for more ganks and kill and dont be afraid to dive in turrets since you have a good ulti but also be careful coz some heroes have disables. Always remember that you are not a tank! Act tough but be wise!
at this point try to acquire infinity edge fast coz it will give you great advantage especially having the skill righteous fury)

Late game
with infinity edge at palm of your hand killing heroes and chasing them wont be a problem but pls dont go solo coz it might be a bait or you still cant beat that champion(jax, shaco, and tanks). remember dont go solo if no needed and dont dive too much. Kayle is very useful in clashes especially with his aoe damage and range attack which can pick and kill squishy character first, but also at this point with the kind of harassing you did im sure you will be the focus to prevent you from shielding an ally and using your righteous fury, coz trust me they can feel the itchiness of that skill with I.E and phantom dancer at your hand considering with high crit chance movement and attack speed, Yeah i guess your the apple of the eye in the game.

*sorry if my guide is kinda messy its my first time creating a guide or build but i hope this helps

some notes in mid lane heroes:
ashe: an easy kill but with her slow and shotgunning you with her ulti is kinda annoying.

tristana: easy kill only problem is her leap and her ulti

heimerdinger: be sure to kill his turrets as fast as possible coz that the only thing that will hinder your way on killing him

veigar: a hard one to kill in mid lane coz of his disable but nonetheless hes also an easy kill just think of a way to pass his stun

ezreal: annoying one. just let him use his tele first then go for his head

katarina: uhmm one hard *** to kill honestly with shunpo for escaping and dagger throw this will put you both on equal sides

mordekaiser: the only problem is his sheild but nontheless if you get rid of this his also an easy kill since he have no disables

karthus: easy kill one problem is his slow. but its not that big of a problem tho.

annie: easy kill trust me as in EASY KILL

annivia: i suggest you call for a help. your goin to hate her reincarnation (beat that egg)

teemo: an easy kill for me the problem is he can also deal heavy damage on you since he has blind and poison. so play strategically againts him and use your ingnite wisely

sivir: easy kill, no disables, her attacks are easy to dodge or predict

nidalee: just stay awy from her spear throw and you wont have any problem

malzahar: kinda annoying coz of his silent just spam him with reckoning then when an oppurtunity knocks speed up slow him down then use the righteous fury to kill him.

morgana: a problem one coz of her spell shield and stun. so a hard one to knock

kassadin: annoying as hell coz kayle and kasa have the same range of spell plus your goin to hate his silent.

well thats all according to my experience in game so i hope this helps and pls feel free to comment or even criticize my guide im open to it and to make my guide uch better. thanks