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League of Legends Build Guide Author loonycake

Kayle, on speed

loonycake Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first guide on mobafire.
First of all i am not a pro high elo player, i only play for the lulz, so plz dont flame.

This is how i like to play Kayle.

I like to play my kayle as a very quick hitting champion, who has semi-high damage along with some crit and enough AP to also do well with her slow and heal.

Kayle is a great support for the team along with being good very good in teamfights where the enemy is bunched up alot.

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Good and bad

What is good about kayle
She is a very good lane partner due to her heal and invurdnability.
She does extremely good herrasing along with being good for chases with her slow and her speed on her heal.
For teamfights her rightous fury is very good for picking off enemys one by one along with the awsome AOE effect.
With rightous fury you are able to clear a minion lane quickly and efficiently aswell as herrasing enemy champions.

Whats bad about Kayle
An exhaust or stun can esely put her out of a fight completely, as she is very squishy.
In teamfights it can esely get hard to hit the right target, this goes for pretty much any champion, unless u have a very good overview of the fight.
Even tho her heal increases speed greatly, enemys like nunu or nassus can esely outdo this speed and catch up quickly.

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Summoner spells

I choose flash because it is a very good and efficient escape spell and might come in handy in teamfights for getting away. Ghost might work just as well, especially with her heal's speed increase.

The second spell pretty much depends on your enemy team. I reccomend exhaust because it now affects casters aswell as right-click champions.
Ignite might be a good choice aswell to prevent people from healing or making sure to get a kill.

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Skill Sequence

I don't really use a permanent skill sequence. Depening on weather i do solo lane/mid or lane with a partner.
If i have a partner i usually pick reckoning to make it esier to get FB etc.
If im alone i tend to pick rightous fury to be able to get minion kills without putting myself in danger.

U wanna get rightous fury max level asap as it is your main DPS spell, reckoning u want to keep high lvl aswell and getting your heal maxed last. Taking your ulti whenever avadible.

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The reason i picked theese runes is that they are very effective early game with all the attack speed and also helps great late game.

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Theese masteries are focusing on normal ad / armor pen things aswell as mana regen and increased experience gain for a quicker lvl 18. Also the death time reduced is up to yourself weather u want that or the more mana reg. I like to take it cos i tend to die alot :)

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Theese items build around the whole "speedy" thing i like to go with. Its not so defensive, but depending on the enemy team, u might wanna go with banshees veil or something like that instead of manamune or infinity edge. I usually choose to leave manamune out for defensive items.

U wanna get some items like, vampiric scepter quick for the life steal it does have.
U wanna start out with either dorans ring or sapphire crystal, u want this for either the extra mana reg / ap for your heal and your slow, or the sapphire if u feel u have enough mana reg and u are going for a manamune or sheen quickly. If u are going for manamune its important to get it early in the game, etc getting sapphire crystal -> boots of speed -> meki pendant or tear of the goddes if ur well farmed -> manamune -> zerkers.
If you on the other hand wanna leave manamune out of your build u wanna get sheen relatively quick for the mana and the passive.

Why i choose the items i do.

Zerker's shoes are nice for the increaes attack speed, is very nice. U can go for mercury's if the enemy has alot of stuns or slows etc. Magic pen shoes might work just as well for you but i dont recomend it.

Guinsoos is mainly because of the increased AP / AS wich is basicly what kayle is based around is very nice.

Hextech is pretty much the same reason as guinsoos, AD, AP, Spell vamp, another slow spell and the life steal, its just an allround good item for kayle.

Trinity force because of all the passives is very nice, it combines some very good items for kayle, a slow for hitting wich is very good for her rightous fury. and then sheen buff is a must. If u feel like it, Lichbane is also very nice for kayle cos it makes u able to do around 1k damage pr. hit if u use your spells properly, that combined with a crit would be very nice.

Madreds is mainly because of the speed and the passive, the speed is just amazing aswell. The passive effect with increased damage deals damage with reckoning aswell, giving u a little extra nuke along with your slow. Plus with the insane attack speed u will have late game, you will just eat anyone up.

Bloodthirster is just awsome for its increased AD and the lifesteal helps u survive longer in 1v1 fights or in teamfights with alot of aoe and can pretty much keep u alive if your heal dosent do the trick.

Even tho kayle dosent need a whole lot of defensive items other than the health from trinity force etc, due to her ulti, she is a very squishy champ if u arent careful.

All and all with theese items, i get 300~ AD and a bit over 300~ AP before pots Being able to hit around 600~ every 3rd hit or so with a crit.

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So basicly.
Runes: attack speed.
Masteries: Armor pen, little attack speed and mana regen.
Items: attack damage / ap, attack speed, crit, a little lifesteal and mana.
Summoners: escape summons / effective fighting spells.
Skills: Support your team as much as possible, along with slowing your enemys and raping theyre anuses.