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Kayle "The Shredder"

Last updated on June 28, 2012
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Kayle Build

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I would like to say upfront this is the first guide I have written so I hope to get a lot of constructive feedback. I really like Kayle as a champion. She is very fun to play if played correctly. I think she is very helpful in team fights and can escape alot of different ways. This gives her the ability to defend and clear waves if things went sour. This build is a little different then the ones I have seen. So Have Fun and Good Luck Judging all those who stand before you.

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I think this rune setup works best for me. I like the movement speed and the defense it gives. The marks could be changed for attack speed or attack damage.

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I think this rune setup is the way to go. I like cooldown reduction in both trees and I went with the movement in summoner tree. This will help you chase down some peskier champs. Just remember you have a slow and a heal/speed burst you need to keep whoever you hitting in your range. The interesting pick you may say is the three points in spell vamp. I noticed it help when you ae hitting a wave with righteous fury your health will increase.

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now a most interesting topic Items. There are very many variances and differing situations. The build I named this title after is the one I will introduce. remember other items can be used at times that will help you or your team be smart when you see who your are against. This means the other lanes as well don't build to specific to face one enemy when sometimes you may face someone from a different lane.

each of these are shredding tools.
these boots can be great earlier for the movement and attack speed
you could change them out for if your lane is a tough competition or if they have a heavy CC team
is a magic resist shredder also dealing magic damage on hit
is a armor shredder also gives attack speed and good damage
gives you armor and attack speed and damage and magic damage on hit
gives you magic resist attack speed and magic damage on hit
this item is used when your team has some auto attackers it gives you health
and your allies attack speed and lifesteal
you could use alot of different items in the sixth slot. See what your team needs.
added attack speed also lifesteal

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Skill Sequence

Here I maxed E first then Q and W together. Always choose R when you can. A tip when using R people get mad of you always use it on yourself:) not to say that it is not necessary just saying watch how and when you use it it can change a fight in your favor.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ghost Because of the longer lasting mobility to get to a fight or get away from one. You easily could swap this for Flash. Also Exhaust to keep those pesky champions close and doing less damage since we do not build many defensive items. You could chose Ignite if the champ you are facing has some life regen or life steal.

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Let me know what everyone thinks and how I can make this build better. Most is situations so use head. and GOOD LUCK