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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Happalula

Kayle - The armored Angel

Happalula Last updated on January 7, 2011
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This is my first build so please first comment before downvoting it!

Kayle is a lovely Supportchar with tons of qualities: She can carry a team, keep a team alive, leave a 1on1 against most chars victoriously and many more.

She is like a termagant and burns her enemies in her holy fire for their sins and enforced her own way of justice for already more than 10.000 years and has no intention to rest in order to save her race...

NOW its your time to help Kayle obliterate all evil. . .

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Pros / Cons

-Dual damage char (normal and magic)
-Supporter (heal, movement speed increase and invulnerability)
-Can carry your team late
-She's part of the Season One Trailer
-She's an Angel

-Low survivability when stuck
-Hides her beauty behind her armor :( (probably cause she's too beautiful)

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Summoner Spells

I take Igniteand Claritybecause Ignite is the best way to give enemies the last bit of damage to spare them from having to bluepill back and clarity for mana since you'll be spamming your skills like crazy.

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Marks:Magic Penetration cause Kayle deals massive amounts of magical damage and this build mainly concentrates on this.

Seals:Manareg/lvl because theyre better than flat from lvl4 on.

Glyphs: Here im different from almost all people: i go for 6 runes with cooldown/lvl(which i will explain later why) and 3 runes for AP/lvlsince they're better for games u get a higher level that 6(which should happen everytime^^).

Quintessences:Flat AP so your Q-Spell deals some damage in earlygame to prevent your enemies from farming.

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I go 9-0-21 as most mages do but my focus is getting the 9% cooldown reduction from your masteries

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Skill Sequence

Passive:30% of her Attack Damage is converted into AP and15% of her AP is converted into Attack Damage.
Reckoning:Damages and slows the target and increases the Damage Kayle deals on it.
Divine Blessing:Heal+movementspeed increasing (perfect for fleeing allies and hunting enemies).
Righteous Fury:This skill makes every melee jealous: it increases your attackrange and lets you deal magic damage on your attacks with splash!!!
Intervention:2-3secs damage imunity...explains itself.

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Your best lane up-partner isnt anyone specific (stuns/slows/chars with a jump/hook to an enemie are as always best^^) since you got a nice slow, but if possible try to evade laning up with e.g. Gangplankcause he can't catch up to an enemy like Xin Zhaofor example.
When farming with Righteous Furykeep the splash in mind so switch to a near target to save time on your skill and to get more creeps.

Early Game
You start with Dorans Ringand a Heal Potionand farm creeps while harrassing your enemies with Reckoningsince you'll need gold as fast as possible since Kayle starts being fun and good with Guinsoos Rageblade(if you cant affort Guinsoos at onceis to be priorized). Remember to heal your ally on your lane and if possible leave the kills on your lane to the carry since its all in all a fast way to your boots and Guinsoos and after getting Guinsoos you'll get kills just buy attacking with Righteous Fury.

Mid Game
While teamfights start you should be able to finish Nashor's Toothvery fast cause Kayle is an amazing farmer and with the attack speed you're dealing great amounts of damage.
When teamfights start you should always wait at the sidelane and advance "into" (you can keep a save distance thanks to your advanced range^^) the fight when its already running at full blast and with your great range heal and ulti your team.

Late Game
Around now you should have finished at least Rabadon's Deathcapand be working on either Hextech Gunbladeor Zhonya's Hourglassand be able to half a squishies livebar with your Reckoningand a few attacks with Righteous Fury.

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-Your heal increases your targets speed so you can even help your carry chasing an enemie with ghost to faster catch up and get the kill.
-With this build you've got low cooldowns on all of your skills, so use them and heal your allies ***es wound.
-Keep in mind that you can slow and enemy and increase your speed to chase or flee.
-Always harass to show you're no sweet angel but a shinigami ("angel of death" jap.).

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Thanks for reading

I finally got to an end and I hope you took your time to read my novel-like guide and at least act fair enough to give Kayle and my build a chance to earn glory this new year.

I'm looking forward to constructive criticism

ps.:didn't get the pictures of skills etc. to work like all other guides got them but i'll work on it and i'm hoping for help^^