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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Kayle: The Queen of Goddess.

Last updated on January 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, it's EiyuuO Gilgamesh from Eu and i m making my first guide on Mobafire. I have almost 3000 games with Kayle so i can tell you that i m well experienced to writte this guide. So before you read the rest let me explain you that i already read almost every guide for her in many site. I tested almost every items on her and almost every strategy with her.

This guide is made to improve your knowledge about the map dominance and how to dominates everyone leading you to victory.

Kayle is probably the hardest champion in the game. That's why everyone think she is bad and don't play her since the remake and in a less mesure before the remake. But the truth is if you do no mistakes Kayle is the reason why you won the game.

Kayle problems are: The build stability due to his item dependance. The massive knowledge of the game you must have in order to dominate effectivly and make constants results. The difficulty to adapt to your team and to use proper items/runes for the position you are assigned. The impossible way to find a polyvalent build in order to save your dominance.

This guide is made to beat the cons in order to have no weakness.

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Pros / Cons


-No actual weakness.

-Can perform every roles.

-Can counter any champion.


-Hardest champion in the game.

-Need extreme reactions in order to manipulate the field.

-Need high knowledges in order to analyse everthing in the game.

-Need to have a high building sence and gaming sence.

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The runes normaly depends on wich position/role and wich build you plan to use.

This build order is polyvalent so the runes are made to save your polyvalence.

Mark and quint of destruction (New hybrid penetration runes). Or AS Mark and Hp or AS or AP quint.

AS seal (better to use in yellow than in blue). (You need a little AS in conjuction with your 4 percent masteries, Kayle natural AS per level has increased so no need to spam AS)

AP per level Glyph (Better to use in blue than in yellow)

If you look the mastery tree you will see that the Glyph are making high sustainability with the hybrid pen runes.

Those runes are not made for jungling Kayle, you can jungle with them but they are not perfect for this role. And honestly jungling Kayle puprose is farming well because she was item dependant. But with this guide you have no weakness.

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Kayle possible roles and wich is best.

Like i said Kayle can go everywhere and do everything.

Kayle role depend on the mode you play.

Solo queue: (Teammates raging against Kayle no support and Cv)

Supporter position. (In this role you are the best becasue you are usefull. Actual supporter are useless and can be easy focused.) With this build you can never be focused, you are invincible, you inflict damages and you control the field. It s like they play 4.5 versus 5.5 players. Do your job well and you will dominates the game in the shadow.

Jungle. (If you manage to stabilise your build in the jungle, then the jungle viability of Kayle is ok. Like some says what she can give to the team after is interesting.)

Draft mode or duo queue: (Can speak with brain mates and learn them some stuff)

Mid/ Solo top/Carry/Jungle: You can ask for farm and ask for having a more important influence in the game. Change the skill order for the Fury first and then adapt to your opponent while stabilising your build. The build of kayle is the Key for winning.

Dominion Kayle:

The statistics gives Kayle more chances on dominion (approaching the 50 percent). This is true because in dominion you don't have to control the luck/bad luck on the field. Everyone is equal in term of xp and gold (Gold advantage don't have hard influence on someone (3 kills 300 golds (chain vest..)) (SR 3 kills 900 golds almost Stinger). So because Kayle is more effective the more the field is equal in Dominion she can dominates more violently the field.

Best Role:

Supporter: The supporter role is hard so in solo queue you better do the job you than another no brain. Because Kayle can gives more advantage to your team than another supporter and because Kayle is tagged as a supporter fighter, you dominates the true supporter (soraka, taric, sona) and the actual new false not tagged supporter (Brand, fiddle, sion...). Because you can save better than anyone your teammates while also fighting at the same time.

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Masteries are 21/0/9 grabbing one point in summoner wrath in offense in case you have to change one of your summoner's spell to adapt and all of the hybrid penetration and Ap as you can to scale with your balanced runes. Taking increased mana per level Tp increase Moveement speed and neutral buff duration.

Why 21/0/9?

Because your main phylosophy is: hate the tanky dps. Becasue Kayle weakness is the mass tanky dps you have to overcome that weakness by becoming yourself a tanky dps with the best stats and then destroy the mass tanky dps.

0/21/9 is a stable masteries for jungling as use Asuka from Eu but not to counter massive amounts of tanky dps. The defensive masteries is not the old one.

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Skill Sequence

Use reckoning in order to dominates your lane effectivly, at start, spam your reckoning and burn your mana on the right target in order to create massive pressure in the bot lane. If you have a good carry or even with the worse you will create very high kills occasion with the 35 percent slow. Take heal at level two even if you dominates in order to be polyvalent: movement speed buff for your or your carry, heal for you or carry.

Max the reckoning in conjuction with heal. Why reckoning? because no matter what others guide will says, you inflict more damages with q maxed. Maybe the only case where you can max your reckoning is when you play solo top, because you need to have fast AP and AD in order to counter the tanky dps no brains.

Your recknoning maxed in conjuction with runes and masteries will leads to a tons of burst damage. Well done there is no counter to your dominance.

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Summoner Spells

Tp and heal are very good on the actual meta. If opponent is lucky on bot lane respawn and tp to save your tower. If your no brain solo top is failing like a tard and don't come to his lane tp and save his lane.

Your no brain team is engaging a tf when they think they are good when you re not there and when since 5 tf you save them in the shadow? Tp and save them again in the shadow. Let them think they are carrying when you just changed the mark of history when you predicted the issue of the tf and ultied perfectly the one to save.

Use your tp to change the game and be everywhere at the same time.

Why heal and not cv?

Becasue if you look the actual meta, often the carry takes agressive spells like flash and exhaust. Beacsue you are Kayle a support fighter that can push everything to absolute domination, you don't need to take Cv because the bot lane will be severely wounded. If any ganks comes the jungler will be wounded too and will not wants to come again. With the CV nerf and jungle nerf there is no real need for CV for Kayle, specialy when you play Solo queue.

Your no brain carry enter a non safe brush? follow him and use summoner heal to gain massive advantage.

Someone wants to dive you? Use summoner heal and change the mark of history.

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In the build history of Kayle rework, there was no equal tanky item as Ionic spark before. kayle weakness was the mass no brain tanky dps stacking health and thinking they are good just cause they lucky that there was no real counter to that. (Madred was no match cause of magic resist)

Now that Riot and the Kiev tournament came, i m happy to find that spamming the doran's, remembering the old way of starting boots and 3Hp pot is extremly effective on her and changed the worse build stability in the kayle build history.

Ad or AP?

Now let's talk about the massive amounts of guide existing for Kayle.

Roatmas: Building Rod of Ages and Atma's empaler was probably one of the best stable build, the problem was: You sustain, but you are not tanky enough to equal a true tanky dps. And like they says, the warmog is not a good item on Kayle.

But one of the truth in that build, is: either you choose to plays her ad or ap you are not stable. Your statistics results will be too much variable.

Destroying the ad Myth: plays Kayle ad and look the most damages you will deal. Strange this is ap damages.

Kayle ratios: AD 1+0.4= 1.4
AP 1+0.35+0.2= 1.55

No matter how you look, Ap is stronger on Kayle than AD.

Countering the low AP ratios on heal and fury. To counter those low AP ratios, no need to plays her AD, magic penetration in conjuction with AP is the best you can do. That s why the new runes in conjuction with the Ap per level glyph leads to high results.

Starting boots: You are a supporter, mobility and q is the key. Fast harasment and agressive playstyle leads to victory.

Stack doran 's ring: make a test and stack 3 doran's blade in a game and the other one 3 doran 's ring. You will first realise that the stability of the doran is extreme. For Champions like Kayle this is perfect to counter the instability of the build. No matter how you will look at it: 3 doran's ring leads to far better results that 3 doran's blade. Why? Simply look the ratios: All the spell u use are Ap.

Why stacking doran's ring is stable? Because at that stage of the game for 1775 golds you have Your boots level one 300 hp 45 ap and high mana regen. Well played you can survive to a 3 men gank and almost kill 2 of them if they try to dive you. They give you the time to analyse the situation and the power to ensure kills while no use massive amount of golds. For a supporter it's exactly what you need. Because you have to buy wards. Don t forget wards for your team if they plays good, if they feed, don t help them and try to save money for items.

Why no play philosopher stone/Hog and other supporter items? Becasue you are superior to a supporter and superior to a tanky dps because you can suport yourself. Gold over time items don't gives Kayle the punch she needs to dominates and support at the same time. Don t remember that you're not a simple supporter, don't cage your potential when with just 3 doran's ring you have better chances to influence the gaem so much that your team can finish the game. Doran's ring is everything for Kayle, you are everything.

Finish your boots. Why AS boots?

The ionian boots directly taken are too heavy and you will lack of AS to finish the game quick. Same phylosophy for tanky boots. Sure you tank but you can destroy them. Why no sorcerer shoes? Because you don t stack Doran's ring to be a safe mage, but to stay polyvalent, while grabbing sorcerer shoes, you specialise into a mage burst based on Q and that s not what you want to do. If the game last and if no one have advantage a safe AS build will leads you to victory.

There you are a busrt AS Tanky dps Supporter with just 4 items.

Now it s time to analyse the game: League of legend is a luck based game, sometimes you win, sometimes you face downstairs (team failed, you failed, team bad luck, you are unlucky) that s life.

You are in a downstair: the best advice i can tell you to face that situation, is to stay calm and farm. Don't engage any teamfight and if your team is feeding your only hope is to farm enough while no falling into their no brain teafights while you want to save them from their stupidity. Continue to farm enough and hope to stabilize your build before they feeded till the end. Like i said Summoner'rift is too much lucky dependant, if you are loosing, then you have poor chance on coming back because the Rpg system of SR is against you. Even if you are the best, the rpg system is against you. On dominion everyone is equal, skill can help you more to counter the bad luck. Stay calm and play till the end while giving your best. (I generaly give advices for solo queue, in premade you can speak with your mates and try to play safer).

If you feel you are absolutly dominating the game: Your bot lane is a complete success, you overcame the laning phasis... the game is about to get finished for them becasue like i told you before: the rpg system is agaisnt them (No matter how they try, you have more golds, more xp, more tower pushing...). Time to buy a rabadon. The opponent team was in extreme bad position, but with the ap burst you will have, you will overcome the build stability of the game and anywone who stands in front of you will take half bar while the hp you have will be enough to guarantee victory. just use your spell correctly and play with upstair (You are lucky? Just don t change anything and abuse of your luck).

If you feel the game is equal: then time for the pefect dominance item for kayle: The ionic spark. Your objective now is not to make the game last too much. In SR you don't want to face a no brain nasus at 45 min with full stuff and 1200 damages on Q with Kayle. Your objective is to take advaantage now and push hard while still being extremly safe. You want the same stability that you had with your doran's ring stack. The new items in SR is perfect for you. In all history there was no such item (remember the wit's end don't counter massive tanky dps ad/madred gives not enough armor to stay tanky while inflicting damages/ Triforce cost too much and phage gives you ad (not the best stat for Kayle)). Now, with just 2300 golds, you dominates a full tanky dps team beacause you are tanky, so even if you are primary focus, use your skill and brain to overcome them (550hp 75 percent AS 45 ap AOE damages Hybrid pen) You are stable enough to take the advanatge.

The game continue to last when you have rabadons: Buy a morello/Lich bane/ nashor tooth or anything required to ensure that game finish now.

You face a high skilled team, the game is still equal while you have spark. Now you have to move your startegy for a Sustain tanky dps AOE supporter. If the game last, you will now need to have cdr for long and hard combat. Buy stinger then sell your berzerkers for ionian. Try to grab blue you have the mastery for duration. Analyse if you want more ap burst or more tanky destruction or more Mp or more tanky.

Finish nashor tooth or grab madred/void staff/Phage.

Then go for triforce/Guinzoo/wit's end.

Remember to play with the game luck, finish the game when it's required, take advantage when you have too, stay calm or agressive depending on the situation. Kayle stategic item choices are the key for winning. use your brain in order to counter what you see and change the mark of history using intervention/heal/slow/fury in the shadow.

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Team Work

Playing Kayle is playing with the stairs like i said before. Playing Kayle is manipulate the field while no one realy knew you influenced something.

In order to do that, i will gives you some general advices cause it's hard to explain every tactics you can use.

Tactical death/ waiting and sacrifice: use the vision and apparences at your own advantage. Stay the most behind as you can. Kite ennemy and simulate the weakness in order to make a violent counter-attacking while they think they dominates. (Example: if you face an alistar vayne lane that are dominating you: stay turrets and max your q eats some damages in order to protect the tower statement. When you see you are low hp back and tp for a strong counterattacking with a q heal buff on your carry fury on the nearest oppoenents and take control over the lane. You sacrified a tp for a lane dominance it's worthy). Enter combat and analyse if you will survive the encounter, if not, damages opponents as much as you can before diying in order for your team to kill the ennemy. Always analyse how much kills your team can score if you sacrifice yourself for a tactical death secure.

Continue to dominates while you dominates something: Like i already told, an upstair is when you are in lucky advantage. Don't change anything and continue to destroy what you are already destroying (If you are dominating bot lane, don't change anything for a mid gank or just a little moment. Because you risk on changing the bot lane situation and decrease the upstair that you had bot.)

Use your ultimates perfectly: I know there is many discutions about the use of ultimates. the only truth is: the more you will play kayle, the more you will understand when and on who you have to cast your ultimates. For the timing it depends on what you have analysed (The potential damage of opposite team, burst or not, what they are able to do) prevent or save is just a timing question. For who to use your ultimate, you should play with the stairs, always plays with the stairs: Tryndamere us feeded and destroy everyone cas ulti on him so he dominates more than he was already doing. You feel that you annie is unlucky feeding and will die again for a 4 vs 5 tf? Prevent that no brain from any damages babysit her till she got miracle kills.

Cast miraculous speed buff: Play with the stairs: You feel that your tank wants to engage and destroy everyone? Speed him till he miraculously recover the will to engage.

Slow them for disrupting their way: Kennen run to your low hp mate and wants to finish him? heal your mate/ulti him and slow kennen for massive damages before he reach the target.

Only ward when they do well: Play with the stairs: like you know kayle is not a pure supporter, you feel you dominated bot lane? Buy a ward. Your team is feeding? You need golds for stabilising your items don t buy wards you re not responsible for their fail. Try to babysit them and not to be taken in the downstair wave. Farm and come back for a chance to win. (Those advices are mainly for solo queue, again you can speak with brain mates when you are premade).

This was some advices on how to manipulate the battlefield.

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Unique Skills

For a summmary of the item part, this build gives you the perfect stability Kayle needed to be realy effective. The ionic spark is perfect item for taking adavantge while the rabadon completly gives you the win. The massive doran's rign stack counter the item dependance and instability of kayle items.

With this build, you can fisih the game quickly while the tanky dps have no chance to focus you well even if you face multiple tanky dps. This build is also polyvalent while you can use it in many role while just sacrificing some stability for more agressive playstyle.

If the game last your polyvalency makes you extraordinary dangerous while letting you the oppportunity to support you or your teamates exceptionnaly well.

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If you are in a early farming situation (carrying role, solo top, mid) on early game it s very easy to farm with Kayle because of your mobility and long range E.

If you play a common supporter role, you don't need farm now cause your items builds is extremly cheap, just play with your team, take xp and wait for an opportunity to score an assist or a kill. The more your mates are fed, the more the stairs are raising. When you will grab your first doran's ring you will sustain extremly hard and you don t need nothing more to be effective, the stable doran's will leads to another doran's and same for the entire build.

If you are in advantage, when the laning phase is down (considering laning phase down when the first tower is down) you can farm some creeps, that's how an offensive supporter works in the actual metagame. If you feel the downstair, then farm in the shadow while using confusion at your own advantage.

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Even though Kayle is underestimated, well played, she is definatly the best champion in game. She can do everything and destroy everyone. Just make sure the game is equal while providing assistance everywhere and by using stairs at your own advantage. Learn from your mistakes cause Kayle require a lot of experience and adapt your strategy to what you see.

Control the battlefield in the shadow and let everyone in the illusion you had no influence in the game so they don't focus you. If you feel they start to understand a little bit that they are in bad situation you now have the tools required to kite your ennemy and stopping them from paying attention to you.

Because when you are Kayle you are The Queen of Godess.