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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PlasticLeague

Kayle, The Real Guardian Angel

PlasticLeague Last updated on March 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a guide intended for a supportive Kayle, and requires a pilot with extensive map sense and a basic understanding of all champion abilities. I picked this up as my first character, however, and I am nothing special, so I am sure any of you can do the same. I would advise that if you are starting with this guide, you stick to only playing Kayle for about 15-25 games, preferably with an arranged partner to lane with (having a full arranged team could help, but is less important). Your partner should also stick to only a few characters you are somewhat familiar with during this learning phase.

I am well aware that no support can match the power of some carries in the current version of this game, and as such you will have a hard road ahead if you wish to dominate ranked games. This is still a viable strategy, though, it's just going to be quite difficult. Remember that it is powerful where other strategies are weak, and weak where they are powerful. This build is one to round out a team, not to play every single game ever. And so we begin.

(Note: The stats at the top do not take masteries or Kayle's passive into account - I have no idea why. I've abandoned getting them to work, so what the hey! I threw in a bunch of item (and quint!) suggestions because I don't care that it messes them up when they were wrong already.)

Please comment and try the build and strategies before voting. Thank you. Please comment regardless, I'd love to hear what you think is great or meh about my build. :)

Last Updated: March 14, 2011
with: item changes! a new section!, a little talk about quints and masteries and stuff. Added a few chapters, talked about some things.

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Kayle - What the?

So who is Kayle? What does she do? These are important things to know if you intended to play her: in essence, her strengths and weaknesses. Some people like to call this 'pros/cons' but I dislike that name, as it implies that the things she is good at make her good and the things she is bad at make her bad. The reality is that you just need to know what those things are so you can play accordingly.

- Kayle is obsessively good at punishing your opponents' mistakes, even the small ones.
- It is highly difficult for other players to assess Kayle's power level, in other words:
- She can 'come out of nowhere' with power and damage from a seemingly passive support character.
- Ult has very low cooldown, and getting 40% CDR is easy to achieve and abuse.

- CC. stuns and knock ups and silences especially and especially combinations of the above play havoc with your ult, and Kayle has very poor escape already. This is the main (possibly only) reason Kayle is not competitive-ready.
- Requires a high level of coordination with team to be effective
- Extremely vulnerable when outnumbered, especially in 1v2 situations (again relates to CC and lack of escape mechanisms)

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The Glyphs of Focus are a must for this build, as when combined with your masteries they will put you to just short of that magical 15% CDR (combined with Nashor's Tooth this puts you just below the 40% cap) The Mana Regen Seals will also be of great assistance, as combining these feels much like a permanent Golem buff.

Marks are a different story. There isn't anything you really need here, and there's a lot of things that are only situationally good. Magic Pen seems to be the most consistent, as it helps early Q harassment as well as late game E damage output. If you know your team well, or better yet your opponent's team, feel free to substitute what you will, but stick with Magic Pen for the random games.

With the recent Health Quint nerf, I'm less certain about these being the right choice, but I haven't tried anything else yet. You may wish to try one (1) CDR to push you to the cap, or some AP, or even more Magic Pen, but it's tough. Feel free to tell me if you have any insights :P

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Summoner Spells

Tier 1

Clarity is huge here, and is a must-include if over half of your team uses mana. If under half does, check who you're laning with before slamming it, but it's usually still a reasonable idea. Don't get this if you have the nut 5v5 team with no other mana-users. It helps a lot early early game, keeping you in lane for forever, but is most important much later to give you and one or two allies a big boost during teamfights, so find one or two people who can use that on your team before you grab it.

Ghost Is the other option I usually take. It's more versatile, good to chase down an opponent or run run away, which fits perfectly with Kayle's abilities.

Flash is also an acceptable option. It's probably very slightly better than ghost here, but I prefer getting a 'free' mastery point in the first tier to the small advantage it gives. Definitely use this if you are more used to it than Ghost, however, as you want to play to your strengths in this instance.

Exhaust This is certainly worthy of consideration. It lets you not 'waste' that critical hit mastery and is just as good, or better than, ghost in most cases. The only downside is that time when Ashe decides to slow you and she doesn't have to get within Exhaust range to do it. Not fun against ranged carries. :c

Tier 2

Heal Support abilities are just what Kayle wants, and this is perfect! ... except in the case where they are just running away. You also can't waste a point on defense, so grabbing this means no mastery, and with 15% more casts, you're going to want one.

Teleport This is pretty acceptable if you have a team that can support it. Grab this if you have a Teemo or Shaco or just a team that buys a lot of wards to make it really worth it, but this is best suited to a more dps-heavy character, rather than the sorta-dps-ish Kayle. Still, okay, not perfect.

Cleanse This is a must-have if you don't want the half-cleanse boots, but really, what are you doing not taking those? Get them and leave your summoner spell slot for something better.

Ignite Is not the absolute worst, and DOT is fun and all, but you usually don't want to have to get close enough to use this, and it's no good on defense.

Tier 3

Please never get any other Summoner Spells while using this build. I will be the sad D: anything remotely good has been covered. Don't try to get cute with some kinda Fortify/Smite combo where it doesn't belong.

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There isn't much to say here. Any type of CDR is absolutely vital for this build, as is mana regen, so there isn't much leeway. Getting to the top of Utility and the Magic Pen and CDR from Offense is exactly what you want, as even when you want to be offensive, having more mana and skills up faster, etc is the best way to do so. You do end up with a few floating points, which you can use on whatever you like. Here I've taken Utility Mastery, Greed, and Haste, rather than going for Blink of an Eye and some sort of Good Hands, but build it according to your own style.

Lately, I've been considering a small change to masteries and have recently been playing more with 2 ranks in Util Mastery over the Greed but it's so painful because there's no way of knowing what type of role you'll be playing until pretty far in-game. (Buffs are better when you're getting kills with them and money is better when you're supporting and buying wards often and yes, I've been playing carry more often lately. It's just better if you can manage it, but much harder to achieve.)

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General Items / Buffs

Guinsoo is an item made for Kayle. Just buy it. Always. Any build. With this particular build, we don't really need any more CDR, so grab the half-cleanse boots and be happy with them. If you have to go back to heal, grab whichever pieces you can afford, but I've outlined what I prefer to grab if you aren't harassed much and get to be picky about it. In these cases I usually go back when I have enough for Boots of Speed + Pickaxe and then again whenever it's a good time and I can finish either item.

Nashor is the crux item here. You'll find it a bit awkward to play as Kayle before it, much like any level 1 hero. Once you grab it, though, your abilities are coming up again every few seconds, you can spam W to keep yourself always sped, and you attack fast enough to do something. (The AP plus Guinsoo means you'll actually do some damage as well) This set should carry you will through the midgame.

Note: I have recently begun buying Nashor's before Guinsoo and have been extremely pleased with the result. Build either half of Nashor's first, though the Book is much better if you can easily afford it. Grab boots and then the other half, the recipe, and then work on Guinsoo's, and it stays otherwise the same. This build is more flexible and better for early harassment.

Only in very long games will you actually need to buy any items after this, but adding Hextech gives you a nasty damage output (half magical half physical is just pokey) and grabbing some more well-rounded and defensive items can certainly help late game.

After Nashor, always grab an Oracle if anyone on their team has anything at all invisible, at all. Yes, Akali. Yes, Teemo. If you're doing at all well, you should be mainly avoiding direct combat, and should have very few deaths, and if you aren't, this can save you from getting another. It's also hard for them to target you when you don't engage except as bait, and get out at all profitably. You will learn to love it when 3 tanks towerdive you, finally successfully kill you off, only to notice a couple of carries have slowed them and nuked the remaining half of their life away before they can do anything :D This is well worth 400 gold at any point in the game.

As for buffs, I have mixed feelings. If you don't have runes yet, grabbing Golem (Blue) Buff, or Wolf (Green) Buff for the CDR is huge. Otherwise, these can help before Nashor, but actually do nothing after it. You shouldn't really be grabbing your Lizard (Red) Buff if there's a heavy AD/AS teammate around, but on 5v5, you can pick off theirs, or if everyone else on your side is dead, or if you have a mage-heavy build, you can grab it, and use it effectively with your E. The other buffs (Baron, Dragon for 3v3, Wraith for 3v3) do nothing particularly special for you, but don't hurt either, so get them if no one else needs them and/or just because you can.

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Skill Selection

There are a lot of ways to build Kayle, and they can use drastically different skill orders, but the Support Kayle is one of the easier ones. Unlike a carry-type Kayle, you don't need to level E fast for farming, so your other abilities become a lot more free.

As with all heroes, always get ult when you can. Just do. But your other abilities are more lenient. Get Q more the more you can harrass. If it's Nunu and Sona, and you can't hit Sona, Q suddenly got a whole lot less important. Same goes for getting harrassed and W. Remember that the slow and the speed boost are not affected by leveling. I have gone W/Q/Q/E, I have gone W/Q/E/W, but the order given here reflects a general build. You want all your abilities rather early, you want to level E late, level 2 Q is huge, as it's when you can really harass properly. These are the fundamentals.

As to why I get W first: (because no one. gets W. first.) W is perfect for keeping yourself and your partner from falling victim to two fast heroes waiting in your brush, etc. You get there faster, you're harder to kill. Since I like to play extremely passively early, I get this. It can lead also to the occasional game where you get to their brush first, they don't check it, and wander in at level 2 for a nice gank, but that's a side benefit. Q isn't any good until you're level 3 anyway, so what's the rush? I can see getting E first, but I don't prefer that tactic. Early any-heal+speed boost is imba imba imba :P or just, actually good.

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Skill Usage

Passive - Get things that give you AP. Get things that give you AD. They help more. Duh.

Q - It's by far the shortest-ranged of your generally quite long-range abilities, so it ends up mostly being used when you're being chased by something melee. Great for laning harassments and then running, but you don't usually want to stand around with this in range of someone. Also good for popping in from the side to stop a tank from eating your squishier team members. It will chase things down once you get it off so let the blast loose and run.

W - Use this whenever you are at base to get places faster. Your mana will regen the use before you get anywhere regardless. Also can be used on teammates if you still need to heal a lot/just got there when they are leaving. Save people who are running and *might* make it. Save people who are about to get shot by a final bullet (Kog'Maw's passive, Lux's ult, Karthas' ult) to keep them alive. Heal lots and lots of times if you want someone to actually get health total back up from a low amount. Remember that the speed is more important than the heal in many cases, so try to time it when your ally isn't slowed or stunned if possible.

E - Farm. Keep back from towers while you fight them for easier escape. Get range suddenly. Deal lots of magic damage. Remember to use splash to hit guys you can't quite reach by shooting guys in front of them when it comes up. You can hit champions without getting aggro this way as well.

R - Save people. Don't save yourself unless everyone is targeting you or you wandered off by yourself and are maybe gonna make it to tower. With 40% CDR you can use this a lot. Abuse that. Save your carries. Save your tank. Do a lot of trading 1 kill for would-have-been-1-kill-but-hahaha-ult. Get ahead. Don't save noobs who will die anyway. Remember that it doesn't stop CC so don't ult someone who's stunned unless when he's unstunned he can get away (with cleanse, tons of speed, etc). Don't wait too long to use it or you'll be saving corpses. Any time more than 2 abilities have been used on someone and they are being focused, save them. Any time they have *just* lost half their health, save them. Good players will focus you once you pop your ult. Run.

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This section begins a walkthrough of what you should experience in a typical game and ways of changing gameplay as it progresses (with emphasis on the 5v5). You can end the guide here, or read about my thoughts on in-game decision making, instead of planning (aka between-game decision making).

This tends to go very in-depth, and includes a lot of things you won't need as a beginning player, but may help you if that's what you're looking for.

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The Laning Phase - Items and Don'ts

Remember that when using this guide, you will occasionally have to abandon your support role in favor of a ranged AP carry role if the proper carries on your team are terrible or unlucky and just not making the cut. This should be a last resort, however, and most even semi-competent carries will be destroying all with your assistance :D

So! What do we do? Start off by never, ever solo-laning with this build. Find yourself a nice carry, or a tank/carry hybrid and get to work laning by their side. Your primary goal for this phase is to make them win the game. You want to under-feed on minions so they can over-feed the ones you drop for them (obviously still get some minion kills, or you'll just die, but go for a 1/3 you, 2/3 them ratio). Because of this, never engage the 2 opponents alone unless you're hugging tower. You will die so much. And hugging tower is fine. By level 4 you can hug tower for ages with E and Q and heal with W and there isn't much they can do about it until your partner comes back.

In regard to when you have to kill minions, a good strategy is to E it up and then focus the 3 melee minions, or, preferably, the 3 ranged ones, targeting the one in the middle. If you switch to a side one just before you kill the middle guy, you should pick up 2 kills from the splash, and your next hit will take out the 3rd. Don't be afraid to tank a bit of damage if you must; your heal should make up for it pretty fast as long as no champions are helping the little guys out. Also note that some players don't have much experience with Kayle, so popping your E for the first time can pick up a kill from a hero they didn't realize/forgot was ranged, but don't get too greedy - just use it E if a good time comes up, don't save it for level 18.

You only need enough cash in this phase to build Guinsoo and Boots (That is - Mercury's Treads). This will give you enough damage output and AP to at least kill things and enough running to well... run. I believe Mercury's Treads actually help against every single champion, though for a few of them (*cough* Twitch) the CC is not exactly what's hurting you, but only in the wildest, strangest cases would I even consider buying 25 Magic Pen Boots instead.

If you get a bit high on cash, start building Nashor, but you really don't want to somehow end up with anything past that and still on the laning phase. If this happens, you need to let your pal feed on minions some more o: Keep this up and we'll be on to Kayle's real strengths in no time.

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The Laning Phase - Harassment and Movement

Your first job when you arrive in your lane is to determine who you are laning against and who you should target. If they have two solo lanes, this became a lot easier. If there's two opposing champions, you have to think a bit. The general rule is to go for the squishiest champion, but that doesn't always apply. If you and Amumu are laning against Rammus and Sona, any half decent Sona will never, ever get within range of Amumu's attacks, so poking her with a stick while she heals won't exactly do much. Take into account range, healing, toughness, and your partner to decide whom to focus, and ping their face or say what your plan is, because the last thing you want is your partner to be fighting Pantheon while you wail away on a weakened Twitch (Or a weakened Twitch wails away on you - yikes!)

Because you aren't getting a lot of last hits, you want to be very active moving in and out of brush. Just walking in circles, popping out of the brush in weird places or at weird angles. Poking around to make sure no ganks are coming. It keeps your opponents constantly on their toes, and lets you get in for a quick Q to the face and get out again. Remember to step out of the brush before attacking so that your retreat turns you invisible again.

What you're hoping for here is that your opponents will get greedy, especially against your ally. Your speed/heal (W) and damage/slow (Q) can turn a battle around real quick, and you should abuse the range of your E. Always remember that the speed from your W matters more than the heal the longer the game goes on.

Level up to 6, grab your Guinsoo, and just keep fighting until the carries/ganks on your team and ready to do their thing.

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The Ganking Phase

This is not a phase that happens every game, but with some fast heroes, say a Teemo and an Ashe, or some good nuke/slows like Aniva, you can grab some assists here pretty fast. The goal is to just get in range to W/R someone (yes, it's the same insane range for both) and wait there, maybe fighting minions, maybe hiding in a bush. Your opponents will see a solo, or even just a slightly out-of-position Aniva or Teemo and jump in for the kill before he can get his abilities off, and you just W/R him to get him safe and actually moving, while he deals the damage and pop all his abilities while they watch in terror. If they start to flee, move in and Q to slow them down and save E for if they decide to turn back around.

Beware of a few things that can mess with your R, especially heavy DOT spells as you can't prevent the damage from the spell that already hit.

If things don't go as well as this, you have a few options. If you got too far away from your teammates, W yourself to catch up and save only the R for them, possibly Q'ing your opponents. If they're focusing a more tanky teammate, you can E and just stand a ways away softening them up. Never keep engaging once they target you. Just run away and force them to either let you go, or blow all their chase abilities on you, giving your team time to bail. Unless you have terrible teammates, the first one you want dead is you, so always sac yourself if it is sure to save even one of them (Be careful of sacrificing yourself when it doesn't save them - that can be a blowout game winner). With W and Boots, Kayle is annoying to chase down, so you should be able to ward them off most of the time, or even pick off a leading guy if he wastes his attacks on you with one of your carries nearby.

If you don't have a team that can sneak around in the jungle too well, you'll be skipping this and heading right for phase three.

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The Teamfight Phase

The single most important thing to remember in this mid-late game phase is map control. Have vision, buy wards, check the minimap, was that Mordekaiser running into your jungle? Did you see Ashe's bird pop overhead? Keep your eyes open, always. As a support, you will die when you are outnumbered, so don't engage then. Find your allies. Are they being attacked? Could they be? Where is your team vulnerable? Is someone missing from top? It doesn't matter if you haven't even gone to top all game, you need to be alert, and to help your team stay alert to make it to every fight possible because in even or advantaged numbers, their team will crumble from your support. Call mia's in all lanes, ping baron or dragon if they all go mia for a while, check map areas in groups. This is the most challenging and the most rewarding part of the support role. If you do this successfully, you will find a hundred ganks you can make, you will be defended much better from their ganks, you will be able to juke and out-maneuver your opponents. This is supporting.

The Teamfight is where Kayle comes into play the most as a support. They will try to jump in and gank your carry with a tank and a nuke, and suddenly a 1 for 1 (the tank isn't living through that) becomes a 2 for 0 as your carry becomes invincible and picks off their nuke while you slow the tank so he can't run. Try to save your R to draw them into a situation when they think they can pick someone off and get too greedy, or when you can tell someone is already dead otherwise (Lux is starting her ult on their head) And always focus your R for the people you want to stick around in the fight (The Fiddle who has all his abilities cooling down can get a W and get out of there).

Your E is perfect to kill them here... if they're stacking only armor, but that doesn't happen too often. It is wonderful, however, to farm in the mid/late game. Wait, farming late game? Yes, thanks to under-farming early you'll really need to feed yourself to keep up later on, and as your E levels, it does the job perfectly. The attack speed from Nashor is really needed to make this work, but you should be able to pick off around 4-5 of the 6-minion waves even with your minions getting in the way and killing things. At this point, you can also begin jungling. This is what you should be doing every second of downtime between teamfights, or pushing, or healing, or whatever. Farming gold replaces popping in and out of brush as your constant, 'at-ease' activity. Just be sure to keep your eyes open and to be ready to stop at any time, even without killing the creeps or minions, if need be.

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The Late Game Phase

Up until here, the key points have been to get your carries leveled quickly, get your butt into every teamfight and to farm every second that there's no carry around, but what happens when your carries are farmed and there are pretty much only teamfights anymore and you're wondering what to do next?

If you're playing the heavy-support role, you'll be pretty under-leveled and under-farmed for quite some time, but if the game goes long enough, the carries will all start leveling out. It is highly important to farm as much as possible once you are certain the game will be going into this stage to catch up as best you can.
Nashor's, Guinsoo's, and Boots should be finished, but what do I buy next? Well as it turns out, Kayle makes an amazing carry - eventually. She often can't do much until level 14 or so, and with a few more items than just these! Trinity Force should really be next on the list, starting with Phage then Sheen, but other than that (and sometimes before it) you have two item slots that can use filling. This is really where you have to react to what your opponents are doing in order to come out ahead, and to deviate from the core build.

The key to playing as carry-Kayle is to know your limitations perfectly. You need to know when you can pick someone off, when you can or can't get away, whether each champion on both their team and yours' life is more valuable than your own, and more. This is a difficult role to master by far, but can be greatly rewarding. Understand exactly which champions can kill you and why, and understand Kayle's strengths and you can come away leaving them wondering why things just seem to 'magically' turn out so bad, or cursing themselves for making stupid mistakes. This really puts you into carry-mode, which you'll find more on next chapter.

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I've mentioned this so many times, I feel it needs its own section. The reason this build is so powerful and viable lies on this fact: you can switch to being a carry mid-game (see second build) I actually do go carry more often than not recently, but it's very easy to go back and forth based on how much farming you can, or want to, do. You can stick with basically the same skill order since even in this mode you're a carry/support, not a strict carry, and hopefully not the main carry on your team. This version definitely require much more skill, so stick to a more support-centric role if you're new.

Kayle only really becomes powerful later game as she needs at least some good attack speed and some hybrid items to really deal the damage and still requires on-hit type items for slowing, etc, so she's pretty item-dependent, but she gets much better at punishing your opponents, especially for making targeting/movement errors. With Trinity Force, you should have a pretty good time chasing people down if they get too far out of position and spamming heals everywhere lets you keep 1-2 people constantly at full health.

You still will be pretty terrible soloing against most heroes, and all traditional carries (assuming they're played well of course), but even 2v1, or in group- or full team- battles you'll deliver a great amount of damage with useful abilities, so stick with at least one other person as much as you can, engage in every teamfight possible, and try to pick up buffs when available. Both will help you a lot, but remember to check who else is on your team, as any caster will want blue buff more than you (since the CDR is almost irrelevant) and AS/AD carries may need red buff more, depending on if they've itemized for Frozen Mallet or not.

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Carry-Kayle: Tactics - Laning Phase

- With a heal and clarity, you can lane highly aggressively against most enemy teams, especially if your laning partner has clarity as well (and even more so if they have a heal of their own and harassing techniques)

- Harass with Q and the occasional auto-attack only unless you're committing to a kill, especially if you don't have 2x clarity. Divide heals amongst you, focusing more on the lower-health member, but keep in mind that if you are taking a lot of harassment back, you may need to switch to healing your ally only for 2-3 heals as you hide in the brush/by the tower before going back to heal/shop. From the start you can spam heal essentially constantly every 10 seconds or so, but this will leave you no mana for other skills. Try not to spam Q too much while it's level 1, as the damage is small against all but the squishiest champions.

- Punish heroes who towerdive by running physically around the tower, to force them to chase and waste a bit of time auto-attacking while you heal as much as possible. Save your Q as long as you can to maximize the effect the slow will have on them as they try to escape the turret. (If you can, Q right away and save the second one for this) Do your best to save your ult until they've over-committed to grab the kill. This is especially effective against champions who are very good at tower-diving, as they are confident in their ability to survive. (Looking at you, Tryndamere)

- Even before level 6, you can towerdive (at near-full life only) very effectively by running around the turret to the back, popping ghost and then W just after the first hit from the tower. You need to be able to kill them with Q and 1-2 AAs (plus any help your ally can give) to stand a chance at getting out in time, and will usually need to B after. Never attempt this if there is any chance of getting stunned or knocked back.

- I save my E exclusively for two situations early game, either committing to a kill, or attacking a turret. When approaching a turret with a minion wave, popping E and focusing the turret is great for a few reasons, mainly because you get in some free hits on their turret unless they try to stop you. Most players will attempt to do just that, since they realize you can continue to do this with every minion wave. If they're at low life, focus them down the instant they get close enough to fight you, heal up, and back off. If they're doing better, back up about 2 steps before attacking them and hitting them with your Q. This allows you great harassment even at tower.

- By extremely passive and defensive if you are solo in a lane and there is any chance of 2v1 against you. Even staying back and only coming in for Q harass can sometimes get you killed.

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Carry-Kayle: Tactics - Later Phase

- Tower diving can be accomplished well by hitting your opponent with Q and then running, as this will not only hurt and slow them, but tank 2-3 tower shots for your team and get you out with reasonable health.

- Heavily abuse any separation in the other team during teamfights. If only one champ is chasing down you and an ally, you can usually kill them even if both of you are at low health without dying.

- Whenever you are facing heavy damage in a teamfight, retreat instantly, but then pop E and continue to engage from a distance.

- Using R too much is better than using it not enough, especially once its fully leveled. The cooldown is 36 seconds at level 3 (with 40% CDR. with glyphs, masteries and Nashor's, it's about 36.5) which is insanely short. At level 3, it is always up when you respawn.

- Don't be too afraid of a lot of damage unless it's accompanied by CC. Getting the opponent to almost kill you and then popping your ult on yourself wastes a lot of their skills and damage towards a target they can't kill.

- Remember to abuse your insane range of your W and R skills. Sometimes the best way to save you and an ally is to run to strange locations (i.e. inside baron or dragon's area) to use your skills without getting close enough to kill yourself. Nothing better than your friend killing Karthas with a handful of hp left and Karthas ulting for the kill only to have you save him from across a wall :D

- Always know whether or not you can win a fight and also whether you can take down someone before dying. Finishing off their main carry (especially one getting stacks) is worth a death, so if you have to suicide in, so be it. Know whose death is worth more gold and is just better for the game, and know if hurting them enough to B accomplishes the same feat or not.

- Be proactive about buying wards and getting the team to go for goals like dragon and baron. Be the person to ping them; you really need the gold and experience.

- The most powerful skill Kayle possesses is the ability to go from carry to support and back again. Abuse this as much as you can. When you're focusing on keeping your tank alive, consider switching to trying to kill whatever's hitting him. When you make it out of a gruesome teamfight with a few hundred hp, don't just B and let your team die. Kayle has the ability to stay out of range of essentially every character and still be in range of the person they're chasing. I have spammed W and used one R to save 3 allied champions while I stood by a tower with ~250 hp.

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I have never seen someone play an especially good non-support Kayle. I am sure they exists out there, but not in my games. Her abilities lend themselves too well to a supporting role, especially when coupled with CDR. If you have made it work, I applaud you ^~^ As for me, I'll stick to my straight support and support-carry builds.

Try this build, and tell me what you think of it :) I'm always open to suggestions. Comment me on any typos and I will cry lots and thank you. Comment me otherwise, I may or may not cry, but consider yourself thanked. :)

Good luck, play well, have fun, live long, always. <3