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Kayle, the utility mistress

Last updated on January 24, 2011
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This is a fun build, which is surprisingly effective, but should be only used by experienced players who enjoy supporting.

When I played Ashe, I found that I was too squishy even early in the game, and when looking for a decent survivability item, Heart of Gold was something I started to really like. It gives much needed survivability, and it eventually pays for itself. And since my build for Ashe includes Youmuu's Ghostblade, at one point I ended up having 2 different 5GoldPer10sec items. This gave me an idea. Wouldn't it be cool having all four 5GoldPer10sec items at once? It would solve the problem 5x Avarice Blade or 5x Kage's Lucky Pick have - Only giving one stat.
Then I slowly went through all champions, considering if this build could benefit them. I stopped at Kayle. Ability power, mana and health regeneration, health, armor and critical strike all benefit her, since she's probably the only Hybrid champion who is also a strong support.

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Heatlh Quints - Pretty straightforward, they are all-around great runes for pretty much any champion and any build. Although if you want to try experimenting, you could try Avarice Quints, which give +1 gold per 10 sec each. Didn't try it personally, but since this is money-making build, it could synergize nicely.

AP Glyphs - Reason why I don't use cooldown reduction is because you get so much of that stat from the items alone, it would go to waste. Even the the CDR from items goes over the cap, although I don't find that to be an issue.

Greater Seal of Replenishment Mp5 Seals - You will be spamming abilities alot, especially if you get a hard lane and have to heal yourself and your teammate.

Magic Pene Marks - For that extra damage against enemies. Remember, you are a support but a figher too.

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As you can notice, I avoid any cooldown reduction masteries, since that stat goes to waste pretty soon with this build. Take improved Ignite and Flash, mana regeneration and gold generating - it doesn't help much, but synergizes with this build, so, yeah. And this leaves us with a nice 16/0/14.

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Summoner Spells

Best choices:

Gives Kayle great escape mechanism, you will get a mini-ghost from both Youmuu's Ghostblade and Shurelya's Reverie so I find this to be a better choice.

It does more damage after casting it on a target you used Reckoning on, definitely helps getting first blood or against champions like Vladimir and Mundo, who relly on healing.

Good choices:

Can be used both offensively and defensively, great against champions like Tryndamere.

Scouting, helps prevent ganks, and is usefull late game for checking Baron. I like when at least one person has this spell in a team, and since you are the support, it might be a good idea to take it.

As I said, you will have 2 mini-ghosts from activating your items in this build. Healing yourself also gives you speed boost. With all this speed, flash is better for a great variety of escape methods it offers.

It can help you use your ultimate and save someone's life if you get stunned.

Meh choices:

It's good to have one in a team, but I'd prefer it on someone who's great on middle lane, or is a great pusher.

You can take it if you don't have runes, but even then I think it's a really meh choice.

If improved from masteries, it could offer some nice benefits to Kayle, giving both AP and AD. Has pretty long cooldown though.

Bad choices

One of your spells is a heal. I find it to be a waste on Kayle.

You won't be jungling and you can farm well enough, no point in taking it.

The bonus damage against creeps is something Kayle really doesn't need, and protecting a Turret is just slowing things down most of the time.


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Skill Sequence

This part is actually the least "core" part of guide. The only thing I want to really suggest is taking Reckoning first. Spells which can help you get First Blood should be taken first in general.
Second spell is up to situation - if you do great job at harassing your enemies, take Righteous Fury, if you are low on HP, take Divine Blessing.
Although Divine Blessing is the most supporting spell along with your Ultimate, it doesn't benefit much from adding points to it. Most of it's healing power comes from AP. Still, if you are getting harassed too much, you might aswell make it easier for you to stay in a lane and level it.

Leveling Reckoning versus leveling Righteous Fury

+ Better harassing, does great damage in a single nuke spell
+ Increases all further damage you deal to the target - Ignite, autoattacks, even deathfire grasp.

Righteous Fury
+ Farming and last hitting easier and safer
+ Tower damaging from a range

Personally, I prefer to max Reckoning first, since I prefer last hitting creeps and not using Righteous Fury for farm. But whatever, as long as you level Ultimate on levels 6, 11, 16, you can't screw up too bad.

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Since one of this build's purposes is getting lots of good items quickly, we won't be wasting precious money on Doran items and go right for Amplifying Tome. It increases your AD and scales with all you abilities, and builds into first item we'll get. Take either Health Potion or a Mana Potion, I prefer mana, since you can use that mana to heal youself with Divine Blessing.

After you get enough money for Kage's Lucky Pick and Boots of Speed, and you are not pushed to tower, I suggest recalling and buying it. The sooner you have all those items, the better. Same goes for Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold and Avarice Blade. Getting them in this order works best, AP first, regen item to help laning, then survivability item and crit chance last since it's least usefull.

Now, you should have nice stats in different attributes, but more importantly, you are now getting lots of gold. Get Sorcerer's Shoes after that. You won't be needing them sooner, Kayle's fast enough and Divine Blessing gives you movement speed aswell.

Soon enough, you will be buying Needlessly Large Rod for great boost in your stats and soon after Rabadon's Deathcap. This is also the time teamfights start happening alot, so you will get even more gold from assists and maybe a kill or two. After buying Rabadon's Deathcap, you will have over 300 AP thanks to your passive. But don't sell you money making items now! Make the most of them...

Deathfire Grasp
Most important thing first. It synergizes with Reckoning and if everything works as intended, you should be able to drop even champions like Vladimir to 1/4 HP with Q+1 combo, 1 being the spot in inventory your Deathfire Grasp occupies. It also gives you most cooldown reduction from the items. Next converted item should be...

Randuin's Omen
Just like Deathfire Grasp destroys Vladimir or Mundo, this item destroys Attack speed champions like Master Yi or Tryndamere. Use it whenever you want to chase someone, escape someone, or you just happen to be in a middle of teamfight and want to make most of it.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
After activating, gives you movement speed and attack speed increase. Gives you even more of an edge against fighter champions. Use it whenever you want to kill someone fast.

Shurelya's Reverie
More movement speed aswell as health. Great survivability, also mana regeneration. You might build this sooner than Youmuu or instead of Randuin first, but I prefer this last since it's cheaper, and with each of these items your gold-gaining ability lowers.

If you managed to build all 4 of these items, there's something you can do in every situation to destroy enemy's team. Escape, chase, kill. You now have basically 10 spells with great ballance between offensive and defensive abilites.

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Enjoy being the best supporter ever, slowing, speeding, killing, saving, healing everyone.