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Kenne the flippin ninja

Last updated on April 16, 2010
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alright everyone i am going to post this build for kennen players. please i beg of u to not flame in this thread. if you want to say something about the build please post it but with no vulgar words.

Ok lets start. first start out with the ruby crystal. go to mid if mid has sivir,ashe,mordekaiser,corki,kennen,veigar, or any other solo champions. Avoid mid if mid is ryze,annie, or any other nukers. when you first start out u are really squishy as kennen so u want to avoid getting nuked as much as possible so u can stay in lane and harrass them till u hit lvl 4 or 6 depending on how low of hp u got them down to. Alright now u know which lane to pick. pick a lane of your choice. harrass and farm creeps. when u hit lvl 4-6, check for low health champions in your lane. once u locked onto ur low health champion, call for gank immediately or tell ur lane partner, if you got 1 to go around and into the bush at river. Once the gank is set up. initiate depending on who is more tankier. focus fire the low health champion till he dies then back off, if the other champion is also low health try killing him or lowering his health till he needs to recall. if you have 3/4 health then try tower diving him while he is recalling. tell ur lane partner to go infront of the tower and give u vision of him. wait till a creep wave passes if there is then tell ur partner to get the tower's first hit on him, u charge in from behind and lightning rush, electrical surge, and then shuriken. If he is still alive use your ulti if you have it, since it has a cooldown of 75 seconds i think, i dont remember. now that u got a double kill or maybe first blood or just 1 kill, you should have enough to buy either a regrowth pendant or a giant's belt. if you have enough left over after buying one of those items, buy a boots of speed, if u have more then just upgrade boots to swiftness if u can, if not buy a elixer of fortitude or agility(elussiveness) depending on what stat u need the most. then go gank or keep laning.once u get enough to finish your warmogs armor, do it. u need the warmogs as soon as possible so u can start farming hp off of creeps. with no items at lvl 18 u have 1832 health, with this build at end-game u should have 3200-3400 hp. after u got ur warmogs work on upgrading ur boots of speed to swiftness if u haven't done so yet.Work on a madred's razor, after u get a madred's razor get a phage. Upgrade the madred's razor into a madred's bloodrazor. upgrade the phage into a frozen mallet. then get a bloodthirster if ur farmed enough. if not just go for a recurve bow. then slowly upgrade the recurve bow to either a wits end or sword of divine. after that then you go for bloodthirster.

[Item Explaination]

Ruby crystal - used for becoming a bit tanky in early game
warmogs armor - used to become more of a tank + hp stack.
Madreds BloodRazor - used for damage + attk speed + hp rape.
Frozen Mallet - used for more hp and slow on the target + the damage from the mallet is worth it.

BloodThirster - lifesteal + damage and stacks.

Sword of Divine - attk speed + 100 magic damage at 4th hit plus your normal damage then at 5th hit its ur electrical surge damage plus ur normal damage.


Wits End - rape their mana along with their hp (madreds bloodrazor)


- Massive Tank+squishy champ face rape.
- more tankier than the normal ap build.
- is able to rape opponent's mana with their hp rendering them useless.


- Is easily nuked down if is focus fired.
- really hard to use.