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League of Legends Build Guide Author RangedSnipe

Kennen Ap/AS

RangedSnipe Last updated on November 5, 2010
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Alright guys, this is my first build here on Mobafire. lately I've been messing around with kennen, testing him out with different styles. I found that attack damage and speed is nice, but you're really too squishy to sit there wailing on them continuously with auto attacks. Then i tried out a couple of ability power builds, which were alright, but they didn't compare with what i tried next...

Welcome to the Kennen ability power / attack speed guide. it turns out that since Malady got changed to boost more hybrid champions, it has become just the item Kennen needs to rape face.

Early game

Start off the game with an amplifying tome and a health pot, and try to get the middle if you can. The goal here is to harass the living hell out of your opponent (or opponents if you got stuck in a dual lane). Simply focus on last hitting minions, while looking for openings to throw your shuriken into, which you will max out first, seeing as it's your most powerful harassing tool and one of your greatest abilities. It's a skillshot, so it does take a bit of practice, but once you master it, your opponents will tremble in fear.
When you hit level 3, you can either put the point into the shuriken, if you can consistantly hit people, or put it into Lightning Rush for quick escapes. Push your way towards that turret and take it out as fast as possible without being reckless.

Now lightning rush has several uses, which is what makes Kennen rather difficult to master. You can rush behind your opponents minions to get a shuriken in their face, use it to avoid snares and back away from attacks, or use it as the finisher to your stun.
However, most people tend to back off once they have the 2 marks on them. They know the danger of being stunned. Come level 6 or 7, you should be able to go in for the gank, especially of people are getting cocky and think they can kill you. however, before you gank, you should head back to base and pick up a Sheen and Boots of Speed. These are both important items to have in the early stages of a game because they Sheen basically doubled your damage output every few hits, and the boots help you catch people and survive ganks.

Your general skill order is Shuriken, Electrical Surge, (Shuriken or Lightning rush). be sure to use a normal attack after every ability, to get the most of your Sheen. This is an excellent way of last hitting minions as well.
If you believe you can kill them there and then, rush up and pop your ultimate on their face. If **** gets too dangerous, you always have your flash.

Mid Game

Come midgame, you should have your shuriken maxed out, the enemy turret (hopefully) destroyed, and you can concentrate more on coordinating ganks on the other lanes than pushing. You should also have your Gunsuo's Rageblade, which will make your auto attacks more and more deadly, while giving you a nice boost to your ability power. Depending on how much you've ganked, you may also have Malady. When ganking, start from a bush, head out and pop lightning rush, throw a shuriken, allow an auto attack to hit, and activate electrical surge. Barrage them with auto attacks and spam your shuriken on them. If necessary, your ultimate will easily finish off the job.

Now that your in midgame, you're going to be using your skills alot more, so you should probobly try to grab some of the neutral buffs whenever you can. The golem buff is amazing with kennen, allowing you to majorly boost your shuriken spamming. The red buff is also very good, because as of right now, you have nothing to really slow down your enemies. That's where Rylai's Crystal Scepter comes in. Hopefully before you hit endgame, you will have acquired most of the items necessary to build this baby. Continue to gank and push with your team, annihilating turrets and wiping out the opposing team.

End Game

Now that you've reached endgame, your placement in teamfights becomes vital. Sometimes you will have to initiate, which can easily result in your getting bursted to hell, but in most cases, you want somebody else to initiate. try to position yourself behind your enemies, and once the fight breaks out, pop ghost and/or lightning rush and instantly use your ultimate on the group of them. choose a target quickly (preferably a squishy or a carry) and target them for your barrage of auto attacks, once your ultimate wears off, or shortly before it ends, pop off your electrical surge, this will stun most if not all of the enemy team. Be sure to keep throwing off shurikens at weak targets, and do not use lightning rush again unless you need to escape. it costs too much energy and can easily result in the loss off a teamfight. besides, it's not your main source of damage anyways.

Anyways, that concludes my Kennen build. I hope you guys have the same success with it that I do. I usually end up with scores like 9/2/5 and 14/5/2. Above all, just remember that you are squishy, and that you need to stay out of range as much as possible until you rush in for the killing blow with your ultimate.