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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dog868cow

Kennen AP Farm

Dog868cow Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Hello and welcome to this guide for AP Kennen

First some acronyms to make things easier:

TS = Thundering Shuriken
ES = Electrical Surge
LR = Lightning Rush
SM = Slicing Maelstrom
MoS = Mark of the Storm

-Kennen uses energy rather than mana, which regenerates very quickly naturally, removing the annoyance of early game mana management that some champions face
-Good at farming
-Can often zone effectively after applying 2 MoS to his enemies
-Very quick
-Stuns, stuns everywhere

-LR requires you to often put yourself closer to dangerous situations which can be bad for squishy Kennen
-While energy regenerates quite quickly, you'll occasionally find yourself running out at inopportune times (especially late game)


Mark of the Storm:
-A very solid innate that allows Kennen to dish out stuns left and right, and recoup some of his energy costs.

Thundering Shuriken:
-A skillshot that hits the first target it comes into contact with, requiring Kennen to position himself properly in order to insure it hits his intended target.
-This skill is great for checking bushes as the energy required to use it quickly regenerates and getting a free mark on any enemy it hits is a nice bonus.
Electrical Surge:
-The active on this ability gives Kennen a great harassment tool, allowing him to zone enemies with 2 MoS already applied (or stun them if they get careless.)
-This is also one of his key farming abilities as it's capable of hitting all nearby enemies with a MoS on them, allowing him to hit every minion in a wave (provided they're marked) for heavy damage.
-This can also be used to spot nearby, invisible enemies (either using an ability or simply in the bushes) as long as they have a MoS already applied as the skill is unusable until there is a suitable target in range (so the button lights up when marked enemies are in range, whether you can see them or not.)
-Also since the lightning arcs in the direction of its target, it makes it quite easy to know the exact location of enemies struck by this (even if they're invisible or in the bushes.)
-The passive is not to be overlooked either, the extra damage is nice, and the free MoS provides you with a nice alternative to applying MoS at range.
-If the passive is activated (Kennen's shuriken in his hand will glow blue with electricity) and you attack a tower, you'll get the extra damage but the passive will remain active, allowing you to repeatedly hit the tower for extra damage and still apply a MoS the next time you attack an enemy.

Lightning Rush:
-Another great farming ability which allows you to apply MoS to a large number of enemies at once.
-This is also effectively a free, shorter duration version of the summoner spell Ghost, making it quite good for chasing or escapes if necessary.
-Note that all your other abilities usable while Kennen is zipping around while using this one, allowing you to quickly dive into range for a LS if necessary. However, you cannot use autoattacks.

Slicing Maelstrom:
-Like LR, this requires you to be right in the thick of things in order to get the most use out of it, but the rewards are often worth the risks. The damage output on this is quite nice and if it manages to strike the same enemy 3 times, it guarantees a stun, allowing you to theoretically stun the whole opposing team with just this ability.
-The relatively low energy cost also allows you to use it either at the end of a sequence of abilities or as a lead-off attack that you then followup.

Build Description

Summoner Spells:
A great escape ability that is also fantastic for letting Kennen land right into the middle of an enemy group, making it much easier to get the most out of his ultimate.
This provides Kennen with additional escape and approach possibilities.
An alternative to ghost that allows Kennen to quickly move into position to farm a wave of minions pushing a tower, or return to battle quickly should you take heavy damage (which can happen fairly often due to the nature of some of Kennen's abilities.)

The focus here is on ability power, magic penetration, while still allowing Kennen to do respectable damage with basic physical attacks. I'm considering reorganizing these into something like a 9-0-21, I'd welcome suggestions

Skill Sequence:
TS at level 1 provides a convenient bush checking tool an a bit of harassment. ES at level 2 and LR at level 3 complete the basic skills and allow Kennen to perform his full combo. After that I focus on ES due to it's great potential as a harassment tool. LR is maxed next in order farm more easily (LR into a cluster of minions followed by ES is very effective by mid game.) Waiting to upgrade TS till last relegates it to the role of simply applying marks at range if necessary with ES's passive picking up the slack.

AP per level and Magic Penetration work quite well for this build. Again, I'd welcome some suggestions.


-The Sorcerer Shoes should be rather self-explanatory in a build like this.
-Mejai's Soulstealer is good on Kennen even though he's forced to put himself at risk quite often due to him getting a fair number of assists thanks to his stuns and harassment damage. Also it's rather cost efficient even without many stacks (with items like Amplifying Tome, Blasting Wand, and Needlessly Large Rod, you're on average paying around 20 gold per point of Ability Power. Soulsteal costs 1235 gold, meaning in order for it to break even, you'll need to be getting around 60 AP from it. You get 20 AP automatically and with 8 AP per stack, you'll only need to maintain 5 stacks to be breaking even on cost, everything else is just bonus.)
-I get Zhonya's ring early as its active ability can really help to save Kennen if you move in too far to use some of his abilities. It's also a fantastic item to use in conjunction with Flash and SM. In a team fight, simply Flash into a group of enemies, activate SM (activate SM and then Flash, whichever you're more comfortable with) and then simply activate Zhonya's Ring and watch as enemies get struck by lightning and stunned while being totally unable to harm Kennen. As an added bonus, when Zhonya's active ends, most enemies should either be stunned and heavily damaged, or far away.
-The additional health and slowing effect from Crystal Scepter are great bonuses on Kennen.
-Abyssal Scepter works quite well on Kennen as it provides extra Magic Resist which helps his survivability when he dives at enemies, and its aura saps the Magic Resist of nearby enemies and conveniently, Kennen often is quite near to his targets due to the nature of his abilities.
-Void staff is there to provide additional AP though the Magic Penetration added onto the Sorcerer Shoes, Runes, and Masteries is sometimes overkill, so feel free to substitute another item of your choosing if you don't feel it's necessary.
-An Elixir of Brilliance is welcome on pretty much any caster late game.
-While this item list is rather expensive, you'll should be quite capable of making enough money for at least the essential components by quickly farming out waves of enemy minions during mid and late game.

Early Game:
-I personally prefer to allow other more competent middle lane characters take mid and go to a side lane, however this build still functions reasonably well at mid. At level 3 you'll have your full set of basic abilities and can start harassing enemies quite effectively as well as doing respectable damage to minion waves. Play it smart during this phase and try to land stuns to set up your lanemate or yourself for an early kill.

Mid Game:
By this point you should have your Sorcerer Shoes, Mejai's Soulstealer, and Zhonya's Ring and can start building up some stacks in your Soulstealer from teamfights and abusing Zhonya's + Flash + SM. Make sure to move in quickly and take out waves of minions if they start to build up in one of the lanes. With LR you can quickly move around the map and LR + ES allows you to often wipe out most or all of even the largest waves.

Late Game:
Kennen's damage sometimes tappers off at this point due to the rather low AP ratios in his abilities, but if you've been able to continue to add stacks to your Soulstealer, you'll find that you can still do a lot to help your team, and the Zhonya's + Flash + SM combo is still easy to abuse.

Thanks for reading this build. I'd appreciate any feedback and will be sure to credit any suggestions that result in changes.