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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Kennen be nimble Kennen be quick

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on November 15, 2010
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Masteries & Summoner Spells
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Chaotic Bliss is back and this time Im adding a chaotic spin to everones favorite Yodle Ninja. Kennen.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

I have made something that is... welll different. Its a 15/0/15 build that focuses on AP based Offense Masteries, and as much of the non-mana masteries in Utility.

For Summoner Spells, I have and . The slowing and blinding to help with survival and its great for keeping people in range of . With the effects from cripple, this will boost his overall dmg output for the 3 secs its active.

I like to use as a scouting tool. Map awareness is key to any game, and with this, I can spot ganks, buffs, and check for Mias

Other spells that work well are, for keeping people close in ult or to escape, to get the kill as someone runs away, for those heavy CC teams.


I like to start with as my 3/5. Since Marks are important to gameplay, this is the best way to get a mark and deal some good dmg. The other good thing about this, is the mobility it gives you. You pass through minions and champs, so if you are running or chasing, creep waves arent an issue.

From there I work on . This is the second half of the Rush/Surge combo, so it makes sence to power this next. I prefer to use as a scouting tool. It adds a mark when it lands, but I like to power the Rush/Surge combo.

Of course I take when its up.


Nimbleness and AS are what Im going for in this build.

Marks, Seals, and Glyphs are all AS. This will make adding marks so much easier IMO. That high AS will also help with the passive of . That small bonus magic dmg is always nice. Also, this build if running percentage Mpen. That small burst from its passive will be nice to have. Also timing the stacks of the passive is key. If you can Rush/Surge for two marks, and have that 5th attack deal that bonus dmg and drop that stunning mark, you are playing right.

Quintessesnce is Movement speed. Kennen be nimble, Kennen be quick.


is the first item on the list. This is where the AS starts coming from. Plus with the new upgrade to it, this is helps him deal extra dmg. He will be able to keep the stacks up since he will be attacking quite fast. It will also help with passive. AS isnt a bad thing for this ninja.

is next. This is where the bulk of his percentage Mpen comes from. He has the 15% from offensive Masteries, but this will make it a total of 55%. There is some debate over Flat Mpen vs % Mpen, but I think that % for Kennen is best. This is a great items, and getting it early is key.

is one of the better items for the lil ninja. Each attack and skill use, will increase is AS and AP. Both are things that are important to this build. Its a lil expensive, but its worth it. Stacks will come easy so dont worry.

is a great items. AS and AP+CDR is awesome for this build. It will help with stacks for , , and . The CDR will help get things off CD faster. Its not enough to make you spam your skills, but its enought to help.

Rylia's crystal scepter is a popular item. The slowing effect+AP+health. What more can you ask for? Maybe it could be a lil cheaper lol. Its great for Rush/Surge combo. Also, it will keep people in range of his ult. Overall great item.

is used to help be nimble. He can be squishy, so these can help in a pinch. Also, with these, he will able to return to lane soon after death or recalling. These are a lil costly, but worth it.

Game Play

Early Game

You will be harassing all to hell. You will be using lighting rush to harass and farm marks. is the first item to build, since it is faily cheap and easy to build. You will be using to harass and scout brush, along with . You can use these to help your team. Dont play selfish. Play with your team, not against it. Make sure you get your boost in this game.

Mid Game

You have play carefully. You are squishy so you have to play smart. Make sure you are scouting effectively. This will cut down on ganks and make sure that your team has buff control. You will be wanting to work on Rageblade and Nashor's. These are important items to this build. You will have to play more as a support, in terms of setting up kills, harassment, and map awareness. Never over extend. You have ways of escaping, but dont over extend.

Late Game

This is where you will shine a lil bit. With your ability to slow and control people, you an asset to team fights. You will be gaining AS and AP stacks from rageblade, MR debuff stacks from malady, and Surge stacks very fast. This chaotic AS is key to this build. You will be attacking as fast as you move. Cant beat that can ya

1v1 & Jungling

When it comes to 1v1, you have to have timing. This timing will make sure that you will have stuns when you need them. These stuns are vital to survival 1v1. You will be able to get your marks and continue to keep them up. Single targets will be at your mercy.

Jungling isnt somthing that is good at, but if you change your skill order to Surge at 3/5 instead of Rush at 3/5 you might be able to do it. That high AS will help get the passive off so it might help. You will want to get over . You will be able to buff steal though. The enemies not your teams. Never steal the buffs from your team. Also, Golem is nice to have. As a ninja, it will increase your energy regen.

Ganks & Team Pushing

Of course you want to target the carry or support. That should be easy enough, but you NEVER initate a fight. You will wait for the tank or bulky DPS to go in, than you Lighting rush>>. You will want to use before you Surge. That will give you added dmg for Surge and Maelstrom.

Team pushing is like ganks. You never want to go in first, but you dont want to wait in the back. You are a ninja, act like one. In and out. be nimble. be quick.

Friends & Enemies

You want people that have those AoE spells. , , and . These will help you get your skills off without missing out on dmg.

Haters: Since you are squishy, heavy melee DPS and Glass Cannon nukers are not the nicest for you to engage. Keep them CC'd and you will be good to go.