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Kennen - ninja, nuf said...

Last updated on January 5, 2011
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so i've been mooching off of a lot of builds on here so i decided to make one to contribute to this wonderful site. I've played kennen for a while and i feel that my build can work for anyone who tries to play as him. so here it goes.

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-great stunner
-fun to play with
-great harasser
-you just feel epic playing him
-massive AP near end
-awesome dance

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-squishy at the beginning
-people tend to target you first in team fights
-he's small

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(icon=Hextech Gunblade) (icon=Boots of Swiftness) (icon=Mejai's Soulstealer) (icon=Rylai's Crystal Scepter) (icon=Guardian Angel) (icon=Rabadon's Deathcap)

this should be your 6 items..
if your not doing well and if you keep on dying exchange (icon=Mejai's Soulstealer) with (icon=Guinsoo's Rageblade) to get your 5 attach up and ready faster (also it gives ap)
if the enemy is stacking magic resistance like mad and they are not targeting you at all then exchange (icon=Guardian Angel) with (icon=Void Staff)
if you have a lot of ap casters on your team i would change the (icon=Hextech Gunblade) for (icon=Will of the Ancients)
other than that this build should pretty much destroy epic-ly

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Item Selection/Gameplay

early game-
early game you want to start off with an amplifying tomb and a health pot, and get your first skill in shuriken. after that just head to mid and harass your enemy for a while as you get all your skills. at lvl 4 or 5 i usually go back to revolver and boots (just the basic one that's all you really need right now). once you get your ult you can go for kills if you haven't already. If you ever need to go back and you have near full hp try to kill your enemy laner that way when you go back you won't gain exp or money but the enemy cannot as well.

middle game-
now should be where the fun starts, if you haven't started ganking other lanes now is the time to do so. you want to try and always get a mark of the storm on the enemy to add up to 3 so they will be stunned making it easier for your group to kill the enemy champions. by now you should have your rylais crystal scepter and working on your guardian angel. team fights are usually common by now so what you want to do if your tank as initiated is:

Lightning Rush (try to hit the champions if they are in a group, you dont want to venture of to hit a couple of guys because your more likely to get attacked)
Electrical surge and your ult, slicing maelstrom
just hit any champion with your shuriken to get that last mark on for the stunning effect, you should pay attention to which enemy champion is attacking which ally champion, if your ally can't take on the enemy use your shuriken to stun them enabling your ally to either escape or get a kill.

by now your teammates should have killed or either brought down most of the enemies, so just chase them with lightning rush and if they are too far away for you to get them with the rush then use your shuriken to hit them and if they havent died from that use your surge to end it.

late game-
by now you should have 20 stacks on mejais and about 6 turrets destroyed, its just about time for the enemy to surrender or for you to do your last push and end it. again use the same set up and before lightning rush, surge, maelstrom then picking off enemies with the shuriken. i rarely ever get the rabadon's deathcap but if you do more power for you to end it already. the enemy should be scared of you to even attack you if you one-on-one but if they do you can laugh at their stupidity.

'The enemy team has agreed to surrender 5 for yes and 0 for no'
(forgot what the surrender actually says but you get the point XD)
great job on destroying everything!!

thx for reading and i hope you enjoy :D!!!
please comment any change that i should do or any suggestion or praise for my build (the last one is better by far o.O) and thx for any comment in advance.