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League of Legends Build Guide Author Macab3r

Kennen: The art of Blitzkrieg

Macab3r Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kennen is one of the more fun characters found in LoL. He is arguably the only mage (yes, MAGE, more on that in a moment) that has his mobility. The most important note about Kennen is that he is a MAGE, not a tank or a dps. I have seen the builds and they do not work for a character like him. Kennen is fast, aggressive, and very very hard to kill if you play him right.

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Kennen does not benefit much from a small amount of AP or armor, but the magic penetration can come in quite handy, especially early game. If you wanted you could swap our the quint for moves speed, but I recommend keeping the pen to maximize your thundering shuriken early on.

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Everyone has their personal preference, and many of you may not be me. I know 21/9 is so much more appealing. 5% extra damage is definitely not to be scoffed at. If you prefer that it would work, but your abilities as an assassin would suffer for it. The low cooldown and extra movement provided by 9/21 make you perfect for racing across a lane and flashing in with your ult, usually resulting in the loss of a tower.

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Summoner Spells

Ok now I can actually tell you, for the first time since I started this ramble, that you have some flexibility here. Flash is a MUST HAVE. Your second choice is slightly less important. I prefer ghost or exhaust, but Ignite would also be an option. If your playstyle fits try heal or clairavoyance they both have the their use for a character who does so much.

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Ok so now you have the character built, your ready to jump into a game. First, a few things you need to know about Kennen.

He is squishy. Not just a little bit, I mean twitch squishy. Let someone execute a proper combo or catch you by suprise and you have little hope of coming out alive.

He is fast. Again, not just a little. Short of an ulted yi following you down a lane, your hardly in danger of being run down...or run from in that matter.

Your going to quickly learn to rely on 3 things with Kennen.

First is your innate ability to stun anyone, and to do so multiple times in quick succession. 3 stacks of your lighting seems like a bit much to build up on someone at first but its actually suprisingly easy to stun someone twice before they have an opportunity to deal any significant damage.

Second you need to abuse the range of your Q ability thundering shuriken. The actual attack flies farther than the projected range, which is already quite large. Hit people with it every time its off cooldown. Throw it towards them even if you cant get a good shot. Any champion who values his hit points will steer clear of you if your aggressive with this, which means they don't get the all important gold from farming creeps.

Third, lighting rush. This ability has 3 uses. Offense, Defense, and Farming. Obviously offensively since you can literally run a champion over, do damage, and work towards stunning him all while moving at peak speeds. Defensive since you can hit it both to flee, and to reduce the damage of an anticipated strike. Don't forget that it adds to your armor and magic resist, and by enough to change the damage by up to 20% at times. Farming because if you run over and entire wave of minions and follow it with your w ability, electical surge, you can potentially kill the entire wave in one blow (well two technically, sue me) and push a lane faster than trynd and yi can.

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So, most of the items on that list are filled with expensive pieces that you cant start the game with. Where to start? Initially start off with an amplifying tome and a health potion. Go mid if possible you are far more useful there because you can kill the enemy mid and get a good gank in all before the lanes hit level 6. After that build your boots and, if things are going well, go ahead and upgrade to the soulstealer. If not leave that tome there and focus on getting the hourglass, that will help greatly in team fights if you are slightly underfarmed.

Mid game you should have soulstealer, sorcerer shoes, hourglass, and deathcap. The last three items are circumstantial. If you having trouble bringing down tanks or people with the annoying flash like abilities such as tristana and tryndamere get the crystal scepter. The slow effect will quickly alleviate that burden. Lich bane is the ideal last item, as it gives even more move speed, some magic resist, and an VERY nice attack bonus. The mana bonus is lost due to being a ninja, but sometimes sacrifices must be made. If the enemy team is stacking mres then switch to the abyssal scepter. It will make your ult hit significantly harder in team fights.

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Creeping / Jungling

Don't. If you REALLY want to jungle you could im kidding. Just don't.

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Kennen must be played very aggressively at all times or you will find yourself little more than food. However; some players seem to think aggressive means stupid. Do not go forward without a plan. This character IS capable of pushing a tower when the entire enemy team is MIA, but only if your team is working with you and pushing another lane or prepared to gank. Yes, you can ping the enemy team for damage before initiating a group fight, but not if it means getting close to ryze or stepping in front of morganna. Be aggressive, from level 1 before minions spawn play aggressive and start harassing, but please, PLEASE, for the love of god be smart about it.