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Kennen, the Stun Machine

Last updated on November 12, 2011
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This is a build designed for the Kennen who just picked him up(or are looking to pick him up). The Guys who want some kind of not so squishy AP Carry look no further. You have found him.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Flash are what i run, i find them the best, but here are my opinions on the other options.
Clairvoyance, let your Support get it...
Exhaust, Decent, but you will have a slow on RC Scepter and tons of stuns from your spell combos
Revive, If you feel like you want to durp it up. go ahead and replace ignite with this
Clarity, This is amazing i don't know why people don't run it... its the best thing for Kennen
Ghost, Either this or Flash, the speed boost with your E can get you out of situations, but flash has worked much better for me.
Smite, go ahead and try jungle kennen
Cleanse, if you get CC'd your ultimate would have been canceled anyways
Fortify, if somebody is getting this, let it be the tank or the support
Heal, not bad choice either, can be used to bait opponents or just to sustain yourself. Replace ignite
Rally, wait... there was something called rally?
Teleport, Great for any Solo lane, replace ignite with this if you want the mobility.

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Haunting Guise, The reason i love this on Kennen, is with your runes you will have lots of Magic Pen early game, resulting in tons of damage to your solo lane (usually top or mid)

Sorcerer's Shoes, once again more Magic Pen, Great item on any mage.
*It does not matter as much what order you build these in, just don't rush Rabadons*
RC Scepter, Health, Ability Power, Slowing effect. Great item on Kennen.

Hourglass, One of the best items on kennen, ever, because of the ability to use it while you have your ultimate up in the middle of their entire team

Rabadons, The only bad thing about this item, is that its too big for Kennen.

AScepter, once again, lower the magic resist, gaining yourself some magic resist, why the heck not?

At this point, your haunting guise isn't worth it anymore (oh really i didn't know that) so you should have sold it. Replacing it with a void staff is a great idea because still, more magic pen.

Items to avoid: Anything with Mana or Mana Regen (dur) which will leave you with not a few options to choose from. Lichbane is the only thing that might be decent in some situations.

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Getting Magic Pen, Dodge,Magic Resist per levels,and More Magic Pen, will make you a great damage dealer, while still being able to survive yourself. Your role is to be a tanky(Sort of), stunning, damage dealing machine.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Tons of Stun, the enemy team will hate your ultimate
Great magic Pen and damage
More Durable than most other AP carrys
Using your ultimate in teamfights with hourglass will almost assure your team a victory
Large AOE
Amazing speed when Lightning Rush (E) is activated
He is a ninja

Cons: All Magic Damage
Mercury Treads are amazing against you
A nice silence can disrupt your AOE gameplan
Gets stepped on by Alistar
No sustain unless you buy Will Of the Ancients (Spell Vamp)

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Farming on Kennen is not hard at all, you have an amazing Skillshot Q for last hitting. Energy pool as opposed to Mana, so spam your Q all you want. You can clear entire minion waves with a Nice Lightning Rush (E) through minions into a Electrical Surge (W) for large AOE and lots of $$$.


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