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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BooYa

Kennen Winz

BooYa Last updated on October 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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****** At the rune page im missing Glyphs +2 Energy *********
********** And 1 Quentessence + Energy Regen ****************
******Glyps should be 7 instead of 9 Force ******************
********** Quentessence should be both 1 ********************
*********** More explaination - down ************************

(Mastery Tree)
I Choise this Mastery tree, because kennen is a very squishy champion, a little more defence is welcome on anyway, the reason i decided to not pick to o so wanted kennen "Defensive Mastery" is because you are a ranked champion the minions should be able to hit u at all..

The rest is just basic defensive masterys
And the offensive is because your an AP champiom u always can use a bit of extra ability power, and ignite because my Spells choise.

(Skill Sequence)
U start with shuriken, because the shortest cooldown and most damage output, Kennen is a midlaner, but i prefer play as up or down lane because kennen has at level 3 and extra damage stun wich is nice to let a good damage dealer to finish of kills, or your ignite wich if good plannend with teammate finish enemies of till level 5 with the kennen E,W,Q stun.

After the shuriken u gonna use W, for long range hit on tagged players wich is nice extra damage after shuriken, try getting ur passive of your W spell, ready when u gonna jump for extra/bigger stun change.

Now its time learning Lightning rush. u will be able to farm minions really fast, and if ur getting piled to run away without running at minions blocks. 3rd tag for your normal passive will stun the champion.

After that u will spam your W effect, because u will increase your longest range damage, and lowers the cooldown of it.

If u fully leveled the W spell, u go for ulti, wich gives an extra stun and massive damage to surrrounding enemies. try comby it with all your other spells. my experience is the best start is, lightning rush and hit the enemy in the start, cast ulti and straight after it your W, thats the first stun. after that ur ulti will hit the enemy champion another 2 times wich u can stun again with your passive of W, or your shuriken.

Now its time to lower all cooldowns, as you see. if ur lightning rush is level 3 go for shuriken to level 3 for extra damage with it, because after level 3 your lightning rush wont increase much damage after it.

(Rune Page)
As i told u in start im missing some runes on this page, wich are nessecery for kennen.
u buy at marks, magic penetration no explain needed i guess.
As seals u get ability power extra damage.

Now the part where we missing the runes of the site.
glyphs, time to add even more ability power,
and the 2 runes we are missing are called: glyph of acumen this gives u an bonus of 2 energy, so u buy 2 of those and u got 4 energy,

This is important to keep rushing trough, because full combo of all spells need 220 Energy, every first hit of your ability returns you 20 energy, without energy regen of quentencses and 4 extra energy u always need to way a second wich will be fatal in later battles

Quentences of Meditation: For energy regen (wich is explained in little bit above here,

(Item Build)
Buy doran shield and HP pot in start to survive till level 6 in your lane, try to have atleast 1235 cash before going back to shop so u can buy soulstealer before the ulti battles, spell combo told in spell sequence.

The items in my build wil be different build for difference enemies. the sorceres shoes will be 3rd item because the armour pen and movement speed. Void staff will be for tanker in start, rylai for much DDers. you should your preferences item formation, but this is the best combo IMO,

A nice trick is running with lightning rush into enemy team press your ultimate
they will pile u like moron for it

so when u start casting your ulti use your ring right away u will keep casting it and u wont get damage, after that u use W for finishing enemies.

on this way kennen can take solo vs 5, 3 or 5 people.
and ofc with the ring your lightning rush cd is away and u can run like moron with lighning rush again..

this was my kennen :D hope u like it