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Olaf Build Guide by Keshology

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keshology

Kesh's off tank Olaf

Keshology Last updated on February 2, 2016
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Welcome to my Off Tank Olaf guide!
Hi! Today I'll be giving you a guide to playing Olaf. Olaf is a tanky DPS champion which means he can have a BUNCH of health and still do amazing damage. My guide covers the off tank build for Olaf. Off tank means you have tanky attributes EX: Lots of health and armor. But you can still do Tons of damage ;).

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For runes I go for armor pen and magic resist while grabbing flat health quints. This may seem like more of a tank build but it's great when in combination with items. Anyway Olaf is still a champion who needs a lot of Tanky attributes.

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Skill Sequence

So lets talk skill sequence.

You start off with your Q

At level 2 grab your E

and at level 3 grab W

Prioritize both Q and E grabbing both one after the other getting you're ult whenever possible.

Max your W when there's nothing else left to level

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Now items are very important, let me explain why I chose what i did.

Boots and 3 health pots because extra movement speed is great also for you to rush B Greaves.

Frozen Mallet, it's a must no matter what olaf guide you see you will be getting Frozen Mallet every time.

Atmas because it Scales with Health giving you a lot of damage without sacrificing tankiness.

Warmogs for extra sustain and also for atmas.

Phantom dancers mainly because you already have a lot of damage and crit so lets get attack speed and EVEN MORE CRIT to balance it out.

I chose banshees veil because of the magic resist but that can be swapped.

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Summoner Spells

So lets do this, You want to grab Flash and Ignite but You can swap Flash for ghost or teleport.

-Never use this

-Leave it to the supports

-not for this guide

-You have your slow but its a decent pick.

-Noobs only, but your tanky enough

-Eh, you don't have mana issues


-NO!! early game but not even worth it

-Your ult

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Pros / Cons


-Amazing damage
-Great ulti
-Great in teamfights

cons :(

-Shut down without his ulti up by CC
-Only 1 good skin
-Medium difficulty to pick up and learn

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Team Work


To gank just lead in with your Q then W and the E to finish them off

If you can't kill them just spam your Q running over it again and again and also SPAM DAT E <3

Also have a jungler so you can solo top lane

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Just get last hits and try to harass with your Q, its simple then follow the Gank combo to finish them off.

Remember late game your Q can be used to wipe out entire minion waves giving you tons of gold.

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Ranked Play

I play him in quit a lot of ranked

I wouldn't auto-lock him but he's really viable.

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it's 2016 im not as ******ed now, trust me.