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Kha Boom! -Solotop Kha' Zix-

Last updated on November 1, 2012
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Hello all, this my guide is a Solotop Kha' Zix guide, you can kill with ease but over everythig, you musn't go very agressive.

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Pros / Cons


*Easy killable
*Hard Early
*No CC
*Not friendly to CC


*Easy kills
*Easy farm
*No problem with ganks
*High damage on 1 vs 1

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For runes, I recommend damage, armor and cd reduction, this runes help you to face 1 vs 1, anyway, quintes are optional, you cam change that damage for some movement speed, XP or gold gain, if you are thinking of not using damage, the best is Xp, since you should last long in lane, just because your enemy will always be half hp and recall.

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Simple, these masteries are for making the max damage and take some damage.

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Items, basing on what I saw helped the most, you will often need hp, instead of sustain I prefer having loads of Hp and add some damage while you make your enemy not running from you, kha needs cool down and mana, frozen heart is what gives them both, and some defense, of course.

We have hp, mp, movement speed, cooldown reduction, some damage and armor, the base build is done, now you can ad whatever you want, I like putting occult since combines perfectly with E, jump to kill/help, as you helped, you take charges and have E again.

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Skill Sequence

My skill secuence is very strict, as almost every champion, focus on the ult, level it up at 6, 11 and 16

Then there's this priority Q>E>W

Q is the best skill for top, a lot of damage and a short cooldown, with the gift of having a low mana cost

Sometimes, you can't level Q, well, level up E, Jump into the battle or out from it, I recommend jumping out.

W... not very usefull on early, low heal, low damage, high mana cost

As you level up the ult, the sequence is Q>E>W so, at level 6 you make a lot of damage on body to body combat, at level 11 you can jump next to the turret for kill and exit jumping again
and at level 16 W with your passive helps you slowing down enemies wich try to escape.

The ult is usefull for kill, using the passive more times, sneaking behind your enemy, etc.
and... for run, of course, change the direction you run or simply use the movement speed boost.

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I love how does all the void creatures farm, Kha' Zix is not a exception, with both basic attacks and Q you can easily kill two minions at once, not losing your farm for a bad creep focus.

As you are level 13+ You have E maxed and W learned, you can do that combo on minions and easily kill +3 minions

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells are very optional, everything works with Kha, cleanse can help you with that annoying cc, ignite gives you damage on cd, tp is nice for teleport to a ward and then gank using E...

yes, everything works, I just choose ignite for the damage and flash for the offensive posibilities.

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Requests, Questions, Etc.

Every question asked will be answered (Until I get bored in... who knows, one year?) on this section of my guide, comment all what you want, every sugerence will be checked.

Hope you like this guide, it still needs some fixing like images but it's done at all.


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