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Kha'zix - Jungling Guide

Last updated on October 3, 2012
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I've played Kha'zix for a bit now and have a decent idea of what's good on him or not. If you have any suggestions, don't hate. Just let me know and I'll consider what you say.

I'm making this as a guide to how to build him. By no means do you need to follow exactly what I have in this guide.

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Every time I play him, when I jungle, I evolve my Q, then my E, then my R. It's probably more of how you play him than what I suggest, so evolve how you want. Evolving W, though, just doesn't seem worth it to me. It's probably just me though.

I evolve Q first for harder hitting ganks, and being able to use it at a longer range is handy too. E and R are what I suggest, but again, it's all about how you play. Always get Q first though.

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For runes I take Armor Pen Quints instead of AD because they are more or less interchangable. As long as you take ArP in one and Attack Damage in the other, you'll be fine.

For the others, I take Armor and Magic Resist. A lot of people seem to like the MR/Level but I prefer flat MR for early game.

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For masteries I choose 21/9/0 for the increased damage and a slight increase of defense. I don't think I need to explain why I take each individual mastery. Assuming you have a basic knowledge of this game, I won't put any unnecessary text in that you have to go through reading.

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For items, always get Wriggles. Always. I've seen some builds use Heart of Gold, but I don't. It may be worth it, but I don't build it into anything, making it more or less just an item to sell.

For boots I get Boots of Swiftness for the increased speed for my ult. I don't use Boots of Mobility because once you hit your ult, the passive goes away making them worthless. After I get my boots, I go for Brutalizer and Phage for more damage, survivability, and a slow so you don't have to rely on red buff to slow them down.

After, depending on what the other team builds, I either get a Last Whisper (If they're building armor) or Black Cleaver (if they have little to no armor). I get Black Cleaver because I've heard it is possible to take the enemy negative in armor with the stacks (Haven't tested this yet).

After that it's Infinity Edge for more damage, Frozen mallet to finish out Phage, and Ghostblade to finish out Brutalizer. You can build these three in any order if you wish.

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Skill Sequence

I max Q first for the most damage output. After that is E and W, while getting my Ulti at 6/11/16.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I choose Smite (obviously) and Ghost. You can take flash if you want, but I find ghost to be more useful when used with my Ulti.

You can take whatever spells you deem necessary. Again, I'm just suggesting.

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My beginning jungle route is:

Wolves > Blue > Wraiths > Wolves > Red > Wraiths > Ganks

After you get Wraiths for the second time, you should be level 4. If not, then keep jungling until you are before you gank.