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Kha'Zix Build Guide by SeniorKing

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SeniorKing

Kha'Zix: "Damn OP!"

SeniorKing Last updated on October 1, 2012
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[NOTE] This is my first build and I am not too sure of what to put in these paragraphs, so I am going to wing it.

Kha'Zix is a very OP champ that, when used correctly, can easily take on an entire team with the help of one other player. He is much like Darius, and I suspect that he will become nerfed in the coming updates.

Kha'Zix is an assassin and does more damage to isolated targets than when they are near minions or other enemy champions. Assassins already do high amount of damage late and mid game, sometimes even early.

This champion alone at the start can be very squishy against ranged champions. I recommend that you lane with a ranged champion. I can tell you from experience that Kha'Zix and a melee champion laning against two ranges is not very fun at all.

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Runes can be the difference in being fed and feeding early game. The runes I have selected I think best suite this build.

Kha'Zix's abilities are mainly AD, so the AD runes are necessary along with the attack speed runes. This champion definitely needs those armor runes, as well. The runes are much like what you would build with Jax (and this champions is a lot like Jax, too).

Armor is required, too, in the runes. Kha'Zix is a bit squishy until he evolves, so armor will help stop you from feeding.

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Though I mentioned that Kha'Zix can be squishy early game, I have chosen to go all-AD masteries. It is important to get first blood or even a kill early on, which starts the chain-reaction to being extremely OP end game. Kha'Zix's cool-down for his E, his leap, is a bit too long for my liking, so even that 4% cool-down reduction makes a large enough impact. It also speeds up his Q, Taste Their Fear, to even less than 4 seconds, making you able to get more kills faster.

I have also chosen to put life-steal and attack damage in. Like I mentioned many times before, he has to do early damage to get fed. It's relatively same for all the other points I ranked up.

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When you start, you have to be fast to either get the kill before they reach the turret or be able to run away you entered their bush. The health potions can easily stop that early ignite, poison, or incoming damage, as well as keeping you in the lane for as long as possible.

Since his E has such a long cool-down, the Ionian Boots of Lucidity are great for Kha'Zix. It also helps increase his DPS, damage per second, with his Q and W.

After that, I build a Vampiric Scepter and then a Phantom Dancer. The scepter keeps you in your lane for as long as possible and the P.D. will increase your attack speed and then your DPS overall.

Now that we are becoming OP, we will buy a phage and it will definitely help to stop running champions from their imminent death.

Soon after, you will turn that Vampiric Scepter into a Bloodthirster, allowing you to steal more life and get that extra AD.

You've already built the Phage, so the next logical step would be the Frozen Mallet. This is great because it makes you a lot more tanky and gives you that slow effect on your target.

Since Kha'Zix is primarily AD and AS, we will build a Black Cleaver, giving us both upgrades in those areas.

Finally, we can build our last item; the Infinity Edge. This will increase your Critical Stike Chance and give you all the extra damage to lay waste to your target, if they haven't already surrendered yet.

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Skill Sequence

I first get all 3 abilities, starting with my Q, then E, and finally W.

After that, I will rank "Taste Their Fear" the next two levels so I can get those isolated kills.

After that is my ultimate. The unique thing about Kha'Zix is that you can evolve your skills. At level 6, I evolve me Leap so I can either get to enemies quicker, jump over a wall to ganke, or run away from a close death. (The cool-down really helps with this.)

Then, it's two levels for Leap and then another for my Q.

Once I have hit level 11, I can get another evolution. Here I upgrade either my W or Q. If I want to farm minions very quick, I will upgrade my W so I can get that extra gold much quicker. But perhaps I am doing extremely good, racking up kills and getting gold from there. That is where I will upgrade my Q so I can do that extra damage much quicker.

Then it is Void Spike, Void Spike, Taste Their Fear, and then Leap.

AND THEN ANOTHER EVOLUTION! :D This is where I will upgrade my Q (if I did not at level 11) or my Ult (R) if I did level that up at level 11.

Finally, I upgrade my W two more times.

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Summoner Spells

For my summoner spells, I chose Ghost and Ignite.

Ghost allows me to catch up to enemy champions, running towards safety at their turret and getting the kill before even getting in range of it. On the flip side, this will allow me to get a kill in their turret range and quickly get out. Ghost is also good for running away, as it speeds you up very much and forgets unit collision, allowing a quick getaway.

Then is ignite. This Summoner Spell allows you to ignite a player early or late game and stay away from the danger of being in their turret range. It also helps to deal more damage quickly when in a difficult team battle or 1v1, either scaring that person to run away from you, making the kill easier, or simply killing them faster.

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In all, Kha'Zix is an OP champ that is fun to use and easy to get kills with. (Like I mentioned at the start, I suspect and impending nerf.) He is actually a very flexible champ and can be built as a tank and even a support if you wanted to (with his W evolved).

Again, this is my first guide, so don't be too harsh.

Thanks, for reading.